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Nick Carter isn't Nick any longer

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: Rodrigo

Nick..i've always been your # 1 fan...i love your work...i've never seen a singer who may put all his feeling in what he's singing like you do...and're so nadsome...since i was 12, i try to look alike you..when i see you on the tv, or in pictures, i try to do something to be just like're make my style..always wqhen you cut your hair a way, there i go do the same were elected the most beautiful man in the used to impress and to move people with your feelings, phrases and way of performing..but i have to tell you's the deal with your new cd?it's just unrecognizable..there're some songs like scandalicious, i just wanna take you home, blow your mind, i stand for you, and mainly is it saturday yet and girls in the usa which are really really bad and nonsense..i think all of your fans expected something romantic, dramatic, beautiful..then you just cut your hair in such a strange way, make 100 tatoos on you and start to sing preppy and worked up you want to have an atitude, talk about unconditional love and not about teens date..waht do you want, Mr Nick Carter? you don't have to disappoint us to show how unexpectable you are...of course there're great songs like heart without a home, who needs the world, do i have to cry for you, heart without a home, you touch everybody through your beautiful voice and romantic way of defined love in such a simple way , that i really think you kinda shown to the world that true love defition isn't in complicated and paradoxal sentences... and ''who needs the world'' shows exactly what a person who is in love may think and do...but i have another not so good thing to new video ''help me'' is just don't take part in any idiot and superficial rock band who wants to show how crazy they are a intelligent, sensitive, good-natured and hearted guy besides being so beautiful..why do you wanna get away from it?whyyyyy?why didn't you put end of forever in your album?you should have recorded songs like drowning and shape of my heart...they're so deep and you read this e-mail, think about this what you really want?

it is the best

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: lynn

man it is way to good number 8 is one of my fav songs now

if you dont have the cd then go get it it is so worth the money

oh ya nick is the hottes


Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: BEATRICE

Ithink itīs an excellent cd.

I mean when i first heard it , i just felt like dancing.

Itīs really good and fresh.

The songs are great, and i love 'em all.

oh ! and wunderbar stands for amazing in german.

Now or Never

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: Missy

I thought Nick Carter's solo CD was great. He did a really good job. The video for "Help Me" was great & it was cool to watch it on MTV's Making the video. It was really nice of Howie to come to Nick & the video shoot.

Nick Carter Now or Never

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: Brandy

Hey everybody! I'm a fan of Nick's and what I think of the album is that its' real good so far there are some songs I like beter than the others.But I haven't listen to it that much yet but in time the more I listen to the album the beter I will like it.It took some time geting use to the new BSB songs,and at first there was some I didn't like but now I do.So evently I might like the other songs of Nick's album but right now there is only a few.His album is still good thuogh.I really like Help Me,My Confuession,Do I Have To Cry For You and there was one song of his was not on the album that I heard on the web and its called Love to Love and I love that one a lot. Well that's all. Forver BSB& Nick fan!

Now or Never-best CD ever!

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: Elisa from Holland

Man! Nick's CD 'Now or Never' is really the best CD ever! It just keeps on going in my head, every single song has something amazing and his voice... especially Miss America I find surprising, but incredibly good. I am sure Nick will make it as a solo artist, but I still hope he will continue his membership of the BSB!! Both would be the best I think. The others have time for their families then. Great deal I think.


Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: beba

its cool i liked it, its just nick it represents him well!!!!

Good Stuff

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: Keri

Not bad at all for a 1st attempt, and hey, the fans knew he had a fantastic voice, and now the rest of the world gets to enjoy it to.

I think that this album will be at its best when it's performed live, and I can't wait for that.

Just make sure you use your frequent flyer points Nick and make your way down to Australia. :0)

superb & amazing

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: aliesha

i think now or never is simply great . i just love nick .

help me is awesome as well as amazing specially its lyrics .

now or never

Date: Nov 18, 2002
Submitted By: felicity

i bought now or never the 28th,it was my 18th birthday and the cd was the best present that i have.I think it's so cool,the lyrics are funny (like in "Is it saturday yet?")and lovely.My favourite songs are "I got you" and "Do i have to cry for you"."Blow your mind" makes me jump like a rock fanatic and i think people should forget that he is a backstreet boy before listening his songs.

finally i wanna say that nick has done his best to make this album and i'll support him because this step will make him and the backstreet music better.

God Bless the BsB and the nick's solo career!!

(sorry for the mistakes,i'm from spain ;) )

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