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Now Or never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Jon

well..i bought the cd the first day it was out...i have been looking forward to the relase of it for a while...and i wasnt disapointed at all when i heard it...ive been a big fan of bsb for a long time...i thought most of the album was incredible.there are a few songs i could have done with out...Like "miss america" and "girls in the usa" but i loved the rest of it...i think he has alot of talent and a very powerful voice i would recomend this album to anyone...i cant wait for the release of the next backstreet album...!!!

Now Or Never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Lindsay

I think Nick's "Now oe Never" CD is better than I thought it would be. It is the only CD I've listened to lately I love it. All of the songs are so wonderful. Good Luck Nick!

Backstreet Boys forever!!!! KTBSPA

Nick's Album is the BEST!

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Maelle

Nick Carter's album is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Every song on there is fun to sing along to and there is something on there for everyone. On a scale of one to ten... Now Or Never is a 50!!!! Everyone should go buy it!KTNCPA!

Now or Never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Samantha

This album is great if you have not bought the new Nick Carter album you have to run out and get it! I love you Nick!

nice album but i would prefer a bsb album instead

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: sonja

alright i bought nicks album over amazon with a bonus dvd and a bonus song called"scandalicious"..when i first heard the album i was like"oh thats nice,but that aint rock,its pop with guitars;)"its a really nice album and my fave songs are"do i have to cry for you","blow your mind","who needs the world" and "scandalicious"(its the coolest song of all).well dont be mad at me guys but i cant hear nick´s voice for a long time and well some of the songs(like:i just wanna take you home) sound like aaron carter(yikes)..though the songs are very nice and i really like this album i would rather hold a new bsb album in my hands..i miss the bsb and their music together as a group!jive should have spend some time on the other guys as well.i really miss the voices of aj and brian!over here in germany and i think in whole europe nobody seems to know the bsb reports in the magazines or on tv..thats kinda sad :'( but i hope that the bsb will release a new album soon so that everybody starts to know them for a second time..after a long time without them...ktbpa!im outta here,sonja (germany)

now or never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: babyblue

now or never is so different from the backstreet album is more fresh nick u r the best


Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Judy

Um, I love bsb and always will. Ive been a fan for many many years. And, nick, of course I love him too. But, I think the record was made with extra cheese. I was having flashbacks to the 80's. Seriously. The lyrics of each song are great, but nicks producers could have hooked him up with better sounds. :)



Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: TiFF

I am very proud of what Nick Carter has accomplished on his solo album. Now Or Never is definitely #1 in my opinion and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a Grammy or other awards for his effort. Nick rocks his heart out in songs such as “My Confession”, and sings with lots of passion in “Do I Have To Cry For You”. Not to mention his other songs including the first single, “Help Me”, which I highly recommend. Overall, I give this album 5 stars. It is absolutely worth the $$ people pay for CD’s nowadays. If you haven’t, then go buy Nick Carter, Now Or Never, right NOW!!!


Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: channe

it sucksssssssssssssssss

yyeess Nick

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Caroline

I wanna say that Nick's cd is very good

he is a great singer and we wait him in France!!

my fav songs are do you have to cry and Miss America (Why not Miss France!!!!!!!!!)

God Bless Nick!!

France wait YOU!!!!

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