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The Raptor Review of B&B

Date: Dec 18, 2001
Submitted By: Sol Carter Thorpedo

One can't help but think of *NSYNC and the whole boy band craze when the Backstreet Boys are mentioned, even though their songs seem to have more of a modern rock flavor to them. They proved this with their recent releases such as "Shape Of My Heart" and "The Call," both slow melodies, off of their new album Black & Blue.

"Shape Of My Heart" is a song about being in love and caring about a person who is on the verge of leaving you. The song includes lyrics like "sadness is beautiful; loneliness is tragical, so help me I can't win this war." "The Call" is a song about how the boyfriend is cheating on the girlfriend, but the girl does not realize it, yet it is so obvious. One song that is different from the others is "Shinning Star." "Shinning Star" is a typical romantic love song with a hip-hop beat to it.

Although the Backstreet Boys are used to sold-out concerts and teenage girls going crazy over them, they can't seem to win over *NSYNC. In fact, the Backstreet Boys sold fewer copies of Black & Blue than *NSYNC's No Strings Attached. Black & Blue was also less successful then their last album Millennium. Millennium included songs as "Larger Than Life," "I Want It That Way," and "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely." Millennium was 1999's biggest selling album of the year.

Black & Blue was released November 21. Within six weeks of its release, Black & Blue was at number nine on Billboard Charts 200. Their single "Shape Of My Heart" came in fourteenth place twenty-six weeks into its debut.

For the most part, the Backstreet Boys are a very unique group. Their music is more mature than the music of *NSYNC and 98*. Overall, the album will be worth your money. The Backstreet Boys provide a very sensual and relaxing sound that no other group does. They seem to be going for their own sound.

Black & Blue

Date: 21, 2001
Submitted By: Music Genius

After Millenim the backstreet boys had a slump in terms of "popularity" since other "boy bands" had taken over the music scene. Backstreet were not even nominated for a MTV award at the 2000 music awards despite the releases of "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" and "The One." Anyway they have come up with Black & Blue an album which poses two daunting questions: either this is the end of the so called "boy band" or the begining of something more established, something more of substance rather than cheesy bubblegum pop. Only the future will tell.

The voices of the Boys are stronger on this album than the previous albums, which shows growth. But on the other hand it lacks a killer single that rocked the world in 1999 in the form of "I Want It That Way." Black & Blue is more of an album than a compilation of three or four hits and fillers. Black & BLue is a well rounded and a more balanced album than Millenium. Although millenium did have better ballad power than Black & Blue in the form of "Show Me The Meaning Of Being LOnely", "Back To YOur Heart" etc. etc.

I felt that the boys did a good thing by allowing themselves to write and co-write some of the tracks on the album.

Now to the songs. The album sounds more edgier and rough than MIllenium which was very generic and blissful.

1.The Call

Unique intro.. catchy stomping drilling kinda beat backed by a evident spanish guitar. The vocals of A.J sound raw.. in your face and edgy, which is good and is used well in other songs. Nick's voice reminds me of Michael Jackson. He has matured well over the last year. An album opener and makes the listener ready for the rest of the album. The problem with this song is that it's lyrics seem to get repetitive at the end and ruins the great first 2 minutes of the song. Rating: 8/10

I'll be back later to finish the review..

A Black & Blue European Fan Review

Date: 21, 2001
Submitted By: Francisco aka Fisk0

I finally managed to read all the critic and fan reviews that are on this site, so I think I'm ready to give my opinion about BSB's new album "Black & Blue". First of all, I'm a male fan from Portugal. So, what you'll see here is a text made by someone who is a major BSB fan since late 1996 and has followed their first steps here in Europe, having all their four albums and that isn't interested in the boys' physical appearences (I'm straight, it's totally ridiculous to think that a guy that likes BSB is gay! They are a music group...), just their music.

About the critics reviews I only have to say one thing: I DON'T CARE!!! They have huge prejudices against the Backstreet Boys and they would never admit they like a boy-band (as they call it). Besides, I think the only ones who have the right to judge their music are us, the fans, because we FEEL their songs and they have a special meaning to us. I think it's a really cruel and despicable job to seat all day long in a chair, being paid to trash other people's hard work, specially from five incredible persons as Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie and Kevin.

Now before we go into the review I just wanna say sorry if this turns out to be a huge review, it's because I love writing and I often tend to exaggerate.

I will give you my personal view on each track and give it a rating from 1(bad song) to 5 (excellent song). Remeber, this is only MY opinion...

The Call - Now this is a total SMASH! It is a great album opener and it's one of those uptempos that really get into you. The concept isn't very original but it is totally new for the Boys and puts them on the bad-guy side, wich is awesome! The beat is incredible and the lyrics are also pretty good. I agree that this Max Martin-type of sound is getting a bit tiresome but he still knows how to make great tracks. Its Latin and R&B feel gives it a bit of an edge, as well as the Boys' voices. When one of my friends heard it, he didn't believe it was them. It will really make a great 2nd single and I'm hoping it to be a HUGE HIT...

Rating: 5

Shape Of My Heart - The first single from the album. As lots of other people said, I wasn't really sure about this one when I first heard it on the Net, but each time I heard it, it got better and better. The harmonies are very good (as usual) specially on the chorus. It's really a classic BSB mid-tempo and it resembles a bit I Want It That Way, even if I think it has better lyrics than the Millennium hit but isn't as catchy. It's a good song but since I also didn't like IWITW that much, it really doesn't say too much to me.

Rating: 4

Get Another Boyfriend - Well... I just can't totally make up my mind about GAB. I liked it a lot at the beggining but now I don't like it as much. It has a bit of an hip-hop edge and the Boys' perfomance is really great. The lyrics are OK, but what really doesn't grab me is the resemblance the chorus has with Britney Spears "Oops... I Did It Again". You can almost sing the two chorus at the exact same time! I really hated that Britney Spears' song (well, actually I don't like her at all so I may be biased) so it annoys me a bit, even tough BSB's vocals really give it a totally different feel. Still, it's a groovy uptempo and I think it also would make a good single.

Rating: 4 (Ok, I admit it, it is catchy)

Shining Star - I always wished that BSB would team up with Rodney Jerkins (he's one of my favourite producers) and I got what I wanted. Great R&B track with a very nice beat and cool lyrics, but it wasn't as good as I was expecting or wanting. I guess that's what happens when you have very high expectations... It's good but could have been great!

Rating: 4

I Promise You (With Everything I Am) - I've always had a great liking for ballads over uptempos, so this is more my type of song. It's really tender and it has very heartfelt lyrics, making it a very nice song. But (I bet you knew it was coming... I'm very picky in terms of music, I like almost everything but it takes me a lot to LOVE a song) it didn't grab me as much as previous BSB's ballads, maybe because back then I related more to them (you know, special relationships that I don't have right know). What really takes the song to an upper level is the harmonies, specially on the final part of the song when they do that doo-woop style of singing.

Rating: 4.25 (because of that final part, otherwise it would be 4)

The Answer To Our Life - All of the guys did an excellent job on writng this one, the lyrics are really good and optimistic. Many people can't understand what this song is about so I'll clear it up: it's about the world we live in and our society. It's nice to see it isn't always about love... The rhytm is cool and the chorus very catchy, reminding me of "The One". It would make a nice single and it's really one of those songs you wanna hear when you're feeling down!

Rating: 4.5

Everyone - One more song dedicated to the fans! It's always cool knowing that they really care about us, even if it wasn't written by them. It has a very danceable beat and an almost urban feel. The only bad thing is that the everyone part in the chorus gets a bit annoying after a while. This will be a true anthem on BSB's world tour and I'm sure it will be the concert opener! I can already imagine the hype and the adrenaline... (I WANT BSB TO COME BACK TO GIVE A CONCERT IN PORTUGAL!!!)

Rating: 4

More Than That - So we've come to MY FAVOURITE B&B song! It's a beautiful mid-tempo that I've already noticed is also one of everybody's preference. The lyrics are very meaningful, the Latin feel is very romantic and their voices sound GREAT (I must say Brian stands out, he's the singer I admire the most). The part when the music stops and Brian starts singing the chorus on a very high note is AWESOME!!! I don't have any doubt this would be the song I would like to hear with my girlfriend, staring together at the sky on a starry night... (I know this sounds way corny but I'm a romantic, what can I do?) Definitely, this must be a single! It's already my 2nd all-time BSB song (If you're interested, "Show Me The Meaning" is my #1). They have to keep working with Franciz & LePont...

Rating: 5+++

Time - I was already hoping this one to be great, because it was written by the Boys and produced by Babyface. Since the first time I heard it, I was able to relate to the song. It's about their careers and all they have been through and it makes me proud of being a part of the Backstreet's family. I started remembering their first appearances here in Europe and it made me realize how much they changed but still they are getting better and better, in other words, growing and developing as persons, musicians and singers. It's a beautiful song with a even more beautiful message that will surely be one of the favourites of BSB's longtime fans. Their vocal performance on this one is truly outstanding! Please, keep giving us such great songs... The team they formed with Babyface is one to keep on their next albums.

Rating: 5 (I won't deny that my emotional attachment to it makes the most of the rating)

Not For Me - I must confess this does remind me of "Bye Bye Bye". But it's normal since it's from Kristian Lundin, Jake and Andreas Carlsson, who also did that song (I won't say the name of that other band :). Anyway, the lyrics are far better and the metaphores they use are very clever. It's a good uptempo and very catchy, but as I said, uptempos aren't my favourite. Still, it has the potential to become a hit...

Rating: 4

Yes I Will - AJ, Kieruff and Schwartz did a really good job making this one. It is a great R&B ballad (I love those types of songs, like Joe, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight and others) with really meaningful and more adult lyrics (I'm not saying that because of the family Honestly, there's only one thing that doesn't allow it to be an excellent track: the verses are far better than the chorus and that's a pity. One more thing, FINALLY we can hear Kevin's voice on this album ("I can't get enough of", "My heart, my soul, my everything" and "I will" at the end) and he sounds really good. Can't understand why he doesn't get to sing more??? Overall, it's a quite good song...

Rating: 4.5 (I would give it a 5 if it wasn't the chorus)

It's True - Ok, ok! I know many of you like this song a lot but it is my least favourite from the album. I usually love ballads but not this one. I first heard it on the Net when it came out on the summer in the Burger King promotion. I actually quite liked it back then but probably because I was eager to hear new BSB songs and I thought it was going to be the first single from B&B. Now, I'm really tired of it and I don't thing it has anything special about it. I know Kevin wrote this song, I loved "Back To Your Heart", but... Well, you can't always be great! Besides, it suffers from the same synthom as "Yes I Will", verses are much better than the chorus. But hey! It's Backstreet and so that you understand my position, it is my least favourite from the CD but I like it a lot more than many other artists big hits. That's the reason BSB are my favourite band... Even their not so good songs are great compared to others!

Rating: 3.5 (Maybe if I wasn't already tired of it and if the chorus was better I would give it a 4)

How Did I Fall In Love With You - The last song of the album is one of their all-time bests. It was written by Howie D., Calum MacColl and Andrew Fromm (another one of my favourite songwriters, remeber "I Need You Tonight", "Spanish Eyes" and European fans, Westlife's new "Puzzle Of My Heart"?). They really deserve the credits, 'cause it's a soft and romantic ballad that gives you a feeling of both sadness and despair. The lyrics are also very easy to relate because it's about two friends falling in love. The Orchestra gives this song an epic touch and Brian and Howie performance also turn it into an immediate stand out. The only reason I don't give HDIFILWY the maximum rating is because I prefer ballads with more strenght...

Rating: 4.75

If you manged to read all this, you deserve a PRIZE! Sorry, I didn't intend to make people sleep...

My final thoughts about this album are that this is their best so far. I know some of you prefer Millennium. It's true it had more and better ballads (Show Me The Meaning, Back To Your Heart, No One Else Comes Close and others), but as a whole, Black & Blue is better and more diverse. They can come out with better individual songs, but overall, I think it's quite hard... Even a guy like me that's isn't that much for uptempos, liked the ones in this album. And you must not forget Millennium was almost a Max Martin album (seven songs out of twelve, and the others had little writing from the Boys), each song sounding a lot the same and B&B is much more personal, Max Martin is only involved in four songs, while the Boys are in six. They obviously can't come out with instant perfect songs, after all it's their first steps at writing. Even so, I think they did a great job and for all of you who say they must leave the writing for others and just sing, I don't agree with you! If they want to gain respect within the music industry and truly show their feelings and thoughts, the only way is WRITING THEIR SONGS!!! I'm not saying they should leave all their songwriters, I'm saying that with each album they should be more involved on its production. That's what musical growth is all about!

There were only two not so good things that I have to point out. The first is Kevin not having a single solo! All of the Backstreet Boys are talented, so all of them should sing! I hope they do this on their next album. The second is that they haven't worked with Gary Baker and Wayne Perry, two of my faves songwriters who wrote such great songs as "Anywhere For You", "I'll Be There For You", "Back To Your Heart", "If I Don't Have You", "No One Else Comes Close" and "You Wrote The Book On Love". I hope they have them on the next one (at least in the thank yous, Kevin says "Gary, we'll get one next time.") as well as Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs.

Finally, a message to all the fans. Keep supporting the Boys 'cause they really deserve it and it's up to us to ensure they will be here for a long time. Remeber, KTBSPA!!! And to those who haven't got the album: HURRY! IT IS REALLY A MUST-BUY, EVEN FOR THE NON-FANS!!!

If you want to e-mail me to give your opinion about my review, talk about BSB or get to know a new person, go ahead! I love making e-pals...

Black&Blue-a MUST get!(look behind SOMH)!!

Date: 23, 2001
Submitted By: C@ndy

Comeon, let's admit it, Black&BLue rocks!!! It's SOoo the BEST album of all time! I personally think it's even better than Backstreet's back.(--which is also stunningly phenomenal!)

The boys have REALLY matured in this brand new hit album.(which I think deserves a billion times more attention and appraise than it has got!!)

And as I'll be totally objective and honest here, please, anyone who is reading this, regardless if you're a fan or just an onlooker: BE unbiased, and DO look beyond the fine single of 'Shape of my heart'! GIVE Black&Blue a go!!!

It's 100% true that it's not the BEST song of the INCREDIBLE album. But wait till you hear the will-be smash hits 'Get another boyfriend', (Especially this one) & 'The call'(which has a good idea--it's on a guy cheating on his girlfriend and lying to her on the phone when going some place nearby with another girl.-it's cool) 'Shining star'(candy for nick fans), 'Everyone'(which has the rhythm & lyrics), 'Not for me'(full of attitude)..

Not ONLY these songs have attitude, pop edge and sure to debut number one(-Get another boyfriend.But the lyrics are unconventional(esp.compared to those chessy corny yucky mundane words of other artists)together with its fresh melody and rhythm. IF the backstreet boys had released 'Get another boyfriend' as their first single, their album would've not only outsale 'nSICK a million times, but it would be a worldwide phenomenal. As it is true that albums need smash singles to sell.

So it's not like what u think, Black&BLue have very fresh new ideas and rhythms in them, the lyrics have meanings, the songs have potentials and are much better than Millennium's. DO look behind Shape of my heart, you'll find urself (apart from the already listed)More than that, I promise you, 'Time', 'The answer to our life' and 'What makes u different makes u beautiful' songs for different moods and occasions.

Black&Blue GIVES U MORE THAN U EXPECTED AND EVEN MORE. So run to get it. Backstreet has start a new phenomenon..again!

Black and Blue.. (Ok, so it's pretty late giving out a review, but does it really matter?)

Date: 12, 2001
Submitted By: LJ

How many b&b reviews have you guys read already? What makes me think you're gonna read mine? Well, if you're a true bsb fan, then i guess handing in a late- and i mean REALLY late- review won't matter.

THE CALL: This song is so cool. It's got this sorta... umm.. thing about it... it makes you wanna stop what you're doing and sit down to listen.. (It made me do that!)

SHAPE OF MY HEART: To be honest, i like this song and all, but it took me a while to really get the feel of it... but it's still pretty good... brings a nostalgic feel...

GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND: This song is definitely... cool. I can't think of another word for it. It kinda makes you wanna say, "Huh? Are those the Backstreet Boys?" What can we say? BSB's back!

SHINING STAR: This song makes me laugh, especially Nick's part... ok, i'm weird... we covered that topic already...

I PROMISE YOU: This song reminded me of N'sync's "THIS I PROMISE YOU" when I first saw the title, but when I listened to it... it's BSB all over

ANSWER TO OUR LIFE: Catchy... need I say more?

IT'S TRUE: The boys are back with a different flavor... the song just grows on you

EVERYONE: It's sorta another "LARGER THAN LIFE" but with a twist...

MORE THAN THAT: This song caught my attention when i played it... listen to the lyrics, and you'll see what i mean

TIME: It's like they're describing their experiences... it sort of contradicts with the whole 'boyband' idea.. you know, when they say boybands gain success overnight because of a cute single?

NOT FOR ME: This is really different from their past songs... it's like they're still pop, but they're leaning towards edgy

YES I WILL: This song reminded me of Boyz II Men.. it's definitely got a r&b sound to it... not your usual 'boyband pop'... i especially like the part when Nick sings.. "As God is my witness i will carry this through, till death do us part, i promise to you..."

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT: it learning to accept who you are... and learning to be different... that says it all...

They definitely lifted my spirits..

HOW DID I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU: I'll admit it.. i wasn't really a big Howie fan... I sure didn't know he could sing like that! He sounded amazing... The song made tingles go through my spine... it was just so... realistic.. not your usual.. "Ok, i'm in love with you..." it really made you think about relationships and friendships.. An awesome finale

Overall, Black and Blue is a great album. Definitely one of the best... The Boys are back in town, and they just won't quit... as long as there'll be music they'll be coming back again! (They said so themselves!)


ArtistOnTheRise.Com Review of B&B

Date: 13, 2001
Submitted By: Sol Carter Thorpedo

Written by Nikki B

Black and Blue, the latest release from Jive A list recording artist, Backstreet Boys has sent the music world spinning with all of its recent certifications, awards, and various accomplishments.

With the Boys' being certified gold, platinum and eight times platinum, according to Billboard, I'm not sure my humble review is going to make much difference. Like it would've before all this, but its fun to dream.

Admittedly, I'm an 'N Sync girl. That's right, I am. However, I do enjoy some of BSB's music, and thought it would be fun to review their latest release. To all you BSB fans out there, this review is fair, and done with an open and honest heart. So save your hate mail.

The BSB rose to stardom with their catchy pop tunes, and bluesy ballads. They haven't strayed too far away from that formula on their latest effort. The melodies, harmonies, beats et all are tight, as you would expect from seasoned performers. Honestly, I've never really enjoyed their uptempo's as much as their ballads, and Black and Blue has done nothing to change that.

'Shape of My Heart' gets a big thumbs up from myself and my nine year old son. Its the only uptempo or midtempo song, besides 'Shinning Star' that I enjoyed. The Boys have an over abundance of talent, especially AJ McClean. The raw, edgy, animal sexuality of his voice makes you just want to do any freaky little thing that he asks. The poppy songs just don't do him, any justice. Brian has an equally soulful voice that would do justice to an uptempo R&B song, as well.

The ballads rise beyond their usual perfection, and literally reach out toward your heart strings. 'I Promise You,' the first ballad on the album has an eclectic mix of musical instruments which compliment the lyrics beautifully. This song should be interesting to hear live, and I'm sure will be used at someone's wedding, whether the groom likes it or not, in the near future. 'More Than That' and 'Yes, I Will' are two fast ballads that caught my ear. When I listened to these tunes, I noticed that they totally felt what they were singing. Which along with the strong acoustic feel, gives so much more to both songs. The Boys collaborated with Babyface on the song 'Time', and without a doubt this song is the best song Black and Blue has to offer. The rich soulfulness, and the philosophical, inspirational lyrics tells where the guys are at in their lives, and in their careers. It's eloquent, soulfulness makes it the number one track for me.

Though I was not impressed with the mid or uptempo's, I was very impressed with the individual growth of Nick. Ladies, finally the last Boy has become a man.

Another stand out, was Howard. 'How Did I Fall In Love With You', is a beautiful well written song, on which Howard finally showcases his beautifuly, sweet voice. Congrats to Howie.

In the category of things to never repeat, for any reason, at any time, regardless of the situation.....1) 'Everyone'. I'm sorry, the absolute WORST song on the album. 2) Kevin not singing any leads. Let him sing, please. Too bad, his hauntingly beautiful voice could've added to the album.

If you're a BSB fan, you're going to love it. If you're not, this won't change your mind.

Black&Blue honest review

Date: 30, 2000
Submitted By: Closet bsbfan

Well the backstreet boys have come a long way from entertaining 12 year olds to maturing into a Male vocal group and now entertaining women in there 20' and 30'year olds but still managing to keep hold on the Teen pop audience and with there new releases Back&Blue they plan on smashing a few records and taking the spotlight from the competitors.

Well Black&Blue whats there to say about the album they mixed alot of catchy tunes and soft ballads and to top that off they added a little R&B flavor to there work. Well the first song is a stompy dance number "The Call" which is very catchy and is about a mn who cheats on his girlfriend but on the very next track begs for forgivness on "Shape of my heart" but this one was supposed to be the new and improved "I want it that way" but its not they didn't write a song that was good straight foward music theres nothing wrong with "Shape of my heart" but honestly I feel the backstreet boys could of done better to create one better then "I want it that way" but what makes this album strong is that the backstreet boys have done alot of writing for this one with the most Likely 4th single and babyface produced "Time" The guys relect on whats they've been as a group and the very catchy "The answer to our lives" where this one is very meaningful but also fun and catchy well whats missing from the backstreet album is Stronger ballads the Dan hill written "I promise you(with everything I am)" is strong but too plain the worst two tracks on the album "Its True" and the very poor "Yes I will" add to the poor ballads department but very strong "How didd I fall in love with you" and "More than that" stand strong but don't make up for the week ballad.

Well this album can't be said better then "Millenium" but can't be called worse. Whats missing is very strong ballads that backstreet are known for(such as "Back to your heart "Show me the meaning of being lonely" and "Don't wanna lose you now") and another"I want it that way" that 1 song the backstreet boys had to duplicate well now the question stands is will the Backstreet men ever do anything as great as "I want it that way" theres always next album

Black and Blue's Judging from a Viewpoint of a Fan

Date: 30, 2000

Hello fellow fans!

I thought the album was a very drastic change from boys to men (no pun intended) but it is a very good album to buy and good for easy listening. It shows how the boys have matured and shows what they are interested in making the fans grow up listening to. I hope that their fan base is still as strong.

I give the whole album a A+100, 100%, a 10! Thank you the BSB for busting your butts only to make your fans happy with the music.. we give you everything you deserve (for those who dont.. they're not the true fans). And I am not giving you a personal review for each song because my opinion differs from alot of people... but I sure hope that so many like it! And for those who say that the songs sound like NSYNC... do me a favor get your butt up and get your CD player and put no strings attached and listen to that for an hour and then listen to Black and Blue ya get me now?? Only the TITLES sound similar... such as Not For Me (BSB) It's GOnna Be Me (NSYNC); I Promise You (BSB), This I Promise You (NS) etc. Email me at if you still dont get what I mean and I will shove it in your face hun.

Black & Blue

Date: 30, 2000
Submitted By: Destiny

*~*~*Black & Blue*~*~*

~*~Ok as you can see this is long but if ya don't wanna read press <~~ Anywho I'm a HUGE Backstreet fan and also an older fan and damn proud of it. I have much 2 say about this album so bare with me please!~*~

~~~The Call (Max Martin/Rami)~~~

Ok.....WOW kickin' it up a notch Backstreet. Now why in the hell didn't they release this as a first single?? Doesn't anyone else besides me wanna kick those other guys back to their make-believe ghetto? Ok back to the song, I love the beginning, I could so see AJ doing that conversation in real life. LoL It's different for them and I like change so I give this one a thumbs up =)

~~~Shape Of My Heart (Max Martin/Rami/Lisa Miskovsky)~~~

I remember the first time I heard it on the radio, I had to stop and go "Who the hell is that??" Then the DJ's all "BSB's new one shape of my heart" Lordy..did anyone else mistake Brian for AJ in the beginning? His voice got deeper..rub it off on Nick..please. I love AJ's verse, him and that damn sexy voice..whew. The lyrics are pretty and the song flows really well, you can tell it's a growth for them. I like it.

~~~Get Another Boyfriend (Max Martin/Rami)~~~

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG...I love this u guys. Their coming to NJ the end of this month and if they don't do this song I'm walking I swear. Luv Nick's verse..he sounds almost angry..and towards the end when Bri goes "Playing in the name of LLOOOVVVEEE" Luv Luv Luv it!!

~~~Shining Star (Franciz & LePont/Nick Carter/Howie Dorough)~~~

I was cracking up the first time I heard this..Nick is a very naughty boy..ooh to only be a fly on the wall when they were recording this YUM. But the lyrics are sorta repetitve and it reminds me of "It's Gotta Be You" on the last album. Take it or leave it.

~~~I Promise You (With Everything I Am) (Dan Hill)~~~ pretty is this? The lyrics are beautiful and the strings in the backround are totally kickin it. AJ again..him and that voice...some give him a's gotta be better than "I Need You Tonight" right?!? Anyways..their ballads are always hot and this falls right into that category.

~~~The Answer To Our Life (Nick Carter/AJ McLean/Brian T. Littrell/Kevin Richardson/Howie Dorough)~~~

Our fine boys put their heads together and came up with this?? Jesus..lock them in a padded cell for a week and we'll probably have a Broadway hit on our hands. This song is sooo cute and I love how it's not fast..yet not makes me wanna dance. Beautiful!!

~~~Everyone (Kristian Lundin/Andreas Carlsson)~~~

What the hell is Nick saying in the beginning?? Some tell me it's driving me nuts. Ok boys we know you love us fans but please stop writing about it. I mean look at "Larger Than Life" and that stupid ass video where did that get you? Besides Chris Rock calling you Crackers Wit Attitude..NOWHERE. This song is way stupid and really cheesy. UGH!

~~~More Than That (Franciz & LePont/Adam Anders)~~~

I saw them on TRL singing this a capalla and I liked it then...but to hear it on the album is's such a sweet song, and it's got a really good message...only if every girl had a guy like this..wouldn't the world be great =)

~~~Time (AJ McLean/Brian T. Littrell/Howie Dorough/Kevin Richardson/Nick Carter)~~~

"Time..look where we are and what we've been through..time...sharing our dreams..time goes on and on everday..time is what it is..come wit me." <~~ Speaks for itself!!

~~~Not For Me (Kristian Lundin/Jake/Andreas Carlsson)~~~

LMAO this is wicked right here. "Na..Na..Na..Na" Kevin baby love that part. Couldn't you just see them grindin wit the dancers (How do you apply for that job?!) during this song? =) It is sorta like "Don't Want You Back" but it's better and a total step above. Did anyone notice in the sorta breakdown part where their like "Yeah yeah I said no way" who laughs in the

backround? Whoever it is sounds very sexy. YUM!

~~~Yes I Will (AJ McLean/Brian Kierulf/Josh Schwartz)~~~

Awww....AJ sweetie how cute r u? This song is by no means weak at all people what are you deaf? I luv the lyric that goes "You complete girl that's why..." it reminds me of Austin Powers..LoL my girls and I say that 2 each other all the time...yea..AJ thinks like us =) Is that song about Amanda? 2 words babe: White trash..but I don't mean that in a bad way. Hehe..sorry had to say it. The song is purdy, he should write more!

~~~It's True (Max Martin/ Andreas Carlsson/Kevin Richardson)~~~

No No No No NO!! All wrong people...the words are weird and truly complicated and it just is not good. At All.

~~~What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) (Howie Dorough/Steve Diamond/Andreas Carlsson)~~~

Howie! In the words of Rosie "WOWIE!!" LoL....Brian the white Babyface? Think not people this song is soooo so so touching. Now where in the hell do you find guys like this? He's writing words like this and people are calling him a troll??! Hmm..sumthing's are so wrong. This is an absolutle BEAUTIFUL song you go babe!!

~~~How Did I Fall In Love With You (Howie Dorough/Calum MacColl/Andrew Fromm)~~~

Dawson & Joey: That's the first thing I thought about, the second was OMFG how gorgeous is this song. Is he speaking from real life? What a story inside a song..I was loving the simplicity of it all seems to be just their voices. This is the best ballad on the question. I never realized how much of a voice Howie has, let me tell you he sounds better than Nick. Spectacular =)

~*~Black & didn't sell as much as what's their names..but it's still better..way better..I'm proud of my boys..Go out and get it if you don't have it already NOW!!!~*~


Date: 30, 2000
Submitted By: Ash

First off I just want to say that I was quite apprehensive about the new album coming out and all, because so many people were dissing it in the press, and those people praised Millennium, so I was thinking to myself, what da dilly yo? I mean I knew when AJ said in Teen People that Black and Blue was 10 times better than Millennium there would be no reason for him to exaggerate, and he didn't, if anything he was quite modest, because this is BSB's best work to date, they just keep getting better and better, and I was upset at first that they didn't break the US sales record, but I don't even care anymore because the detail and quality of Black and Blue is extroadinary!! I haven't put the cd down since I bought it on Nov.21st, everywhere I go, it comes with me, and another testement that it is a great cd is the fact everytime I listen to it, I have a new favorite song!!! Right now it is Get Another Boyfriend!!! I think that this album is not just for BSB fans it is for everyone (that is a awesome song by the way)no matter what kind of music you like and listen to Black and Blue should be an addition to your collection. So everyone out there Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive and all of those peeps talkin bad about our boys can just kiss my *** because BSB are #1 and will always be #1 4-Ever!!!

Until Next Time, I'll See You Kids at DA Concert!!!

See Ya,


P.S. Keep up the great work, Street Team, and Caitlin!!!!!

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