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the CALL video

Date: Dec 02, 2001
Submitted By: macy

The video of Bacckstreet, The Call was pretty cool. First, when Aj called up the girl and say don't stay up 4 him coz they're going 2 a place nearby. Well, at 1st I was so confused why did the girl run away after"kissing" Aj. And suddenly all the Boys came, chasing that girl. (how lucky she is!!!?:-)I liked the part of the video when Kevin jumped to the other building. It's like an action movie!

At last all of them came together where the girl was running. Maybe the ppol there were the Boys' fans. Am I right!? I hope there's always another new video from Backstreet Boys. Gotta gO!

BSB's Newest Vid "The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Beverly

"The Call" is, in my opinion, the best video they have ever done. They just keep getting better & better. And just when you think they can't top themselves again, they do, & SHOCK! You're amazed! "The Call" is a hot video, with a good concept behind it. Teaching guys (& girls) you will never get away with cheating. All of the guys pulled off a fabulously hot look, & great chase scenes. If you want to talk about amazing, talk about this new BSB video! I see this as getting MAJOR, I mean MAJOR MTV air play! I've only seen it once or twice, & I stll can't get it out of my head. :)

Backstreet's "The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Kerri White

I believe that BSB has done a great job with their video "The Call"! The coolest part of the video is when Nick and Howie are in the hotel and they are entering the lobby area and then all of a sudden they show "Howie" getting a cup of coffee--I think this part is so cool cause they some what tell you that the Howie getting coffee is not the real Howie cause if it was then Nick would be with him-- I loved the "morphing" effect that was so totally not what most would have figured BSB to be doing-- or so I think-- personally this video shows all the guys at their best in all ways actually i think that out of all the guys Howie looked hotter than ever! (and this coming from a 100% Nick gal) Even though I still am not sure exactly why they had Brian go into a supermarket its still interesting! The scene at the end when they show the "girlfriend" with all the other people in the back-- well she reminded me of Kirstin Kev's wife! This video took the whole boy band idea to a new level! They set the bar for boy bands higher than any other group ever has! NO OTHER BSB VID COULD EVER BE AS GOOD AS "THE CALL"

"the call" (or should we say "the game"?)

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: marie @

Hmm let's see. Interesting video, I might say. Though I have to agree with my bro, stepmom and everybody else who saw it afterwards, it's WAYYY too friggin complicated. Too much happenning makes the video hard to follow, and it is only after a couple times watching it we finally get the point of the whole video.

Anyway. No offence to anyone, but I thought the guys were hilariously non-credible in their acting, but that is why we love them so. And why do everyone keeps comparing it to "the Matrix"? Okay, the shot where kevin leaps through the window. And... that's it. Nobody noticed the small (read : big) ressemblance to "the game"? From the taxi to the jumping off the car, to even the graffitis all over the place, and to the whole general feel of this video, it just screamed "The Game".

And how appropriate is it that this whoole chasing around mistery turns out to be nothing more than a "game" played on them by none other than the cheated-on girlfriend? The fact that everybody was in on it is just another ressemblance to the movie.

Okay, whatever. An all-around surprizing and different video, props to the guys.

(note : where the hell is Outkast?? or the remix? The different endings? all this cool shtuff they'd promised us?? Awwwwwwwww)

"The Call"

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Alondra

First of all... I gotta say I didn't like! I absolutely, positively, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thought it was the best BSB video ever, and the best premiered video ever to premiere on TRL. I also thought it was one of the best videos ever, up there with "Thriller" by Michael Jackson but maybe that's cuz I'm a HUGE BSB fanatic/stalker/psycho/maniac. j/k. I loved the whole thing. The effect from this video that I like the most is that BSB fans are coming together to support the video. Meaning that almost everyone loves this video. I've only seen like 1 or 2 messages of people who don't like the videos. This is a big improvement from "Larger than Life" when people either loved it or hated it. (I for one, loved it while my friends didn't really like it.) The whole video was AMAZING. Each guys' scene was done with perfection. I like how the mood of the video was so dark and dreary throughout it. It was almost scary-like, especially with Brian in the grocery store. I loved Kevin's scene where he's in the room. Besides reminding me of "The Shining", it also reminded me of "The Blair With Project" in the house at the end. It's really creepy. Keep voting for it on TRL to keep it at #1 and beat "The Shape of My Heart"'s record at #1. I went go further into detail cuz ya'll saw it. I loved everything!!!!!!!!!!!

The Call video

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Jacqueline

Wow!!! The video for the Call was so awesome! I gotta say that all the boys look really hot in the video, especially Nick. I LOVE the part where he's in the car on the way to the hotel and he looks directly into the camera for just a second or two...OMIGOSH!!! That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life!

I think that this is the best BSB video ever! Way better than Shape of My Heart. It has a plot, and it's not just their handsome faces the whole time! Good job boys!!! I love you!

'the call' video

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: kristeen

is it awesome or WHAT??? its one of their best videos. most of my friends say it IS the best. arent they so damn right? ive been waiting for it and finally i saw it. what else can i say:they all look HOT (especially aj...:) oh and im so jealous on howie's hair its actually a little longer than mine and it so straight (mine too but still not that long)!!!..hehe

well this i all i guess

luv and cookies


The Call

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: kate

Okay first of all I loved it. Is just me or does it look really expensive. My only problem with the video is Howie. He just had to be the women! Me and my friends watched it together for the first time and we had a support group to talk about our feelings on Howie. Other than the the video's cool. They shot my Brian though! His pants were very interesting. One last comment, as my friend pointed out (this is very scary) Howie in drag looks like Marilyn Manson.

The Call Review

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Rachael

I loved the new video "The Call" by the Backstreet Boys because it's soo different to see them from their old song I'll Never Break Your Heart" to the new video. It's really cool how they made this video.It's really edgy and suspenful. When it was first on it was hard to think what would happen next.. It's great to see the Backstreet Boys back at the top. With this video they will be still #1 and they always have been #1 to me.

I like that each of them as a different part in this video. This video was like watching a good movie. Anyways A.J. looked damn hott in the video as he always does. I like how he called up his g/f and said that he was going out with the guys and don't wait up he'll be late. I liked how that girl tried to get away all the time. The part when AJ and that girl were in the cab well, i wish i was the one he was kissing lol. Well it was cool anyways.

Well with Brian and the bullets that was cool. But i wouldn't wanna see Brian really have bullets flying at him! I liked how he was running through the supermarket. That was funny when he was trying to find the girl.

Nick i felt bad that he could never catch that girl!LOL It was funny when he went to find Howie and then how Nick was driving and Howie was giving him the look. Then Howie ripped off his mask he was the girl. That was a classic moment. Howie plays a great vilian.

They with Kevin jumping through the window in the building across the street that was cool and then when he looked up at the ceiling and saw those bad names up on the ceiling. Then finally at the end that was cool when all the guys reunited agian and saw the g/f around all of these people who knew. It was by far the best video soo far. It's getting away from their sweet side to the rebels in them.. But in reality that's not true they would never hurt their wives or their girlfriends. The are very true to the ones they love.

You guys are the best and will always be in my heart !! Love Ya :-)

The vid ever!!

Date: 19, 2001
Submitted By: Justine

The new video "The Call" is an amazing video! I love it so much! The concept was original and great. I was very surprised, I thought it would be a dance sequence thing ( not that I mind) but this was much better then I expected! Nick actually looks gorgeous in that one! I never really thought he was that hot before (still cute) but now I'm going KARAZY! And AJ... Wow no words can explain what a god he looks like. Wow... Wow... Wow! Well good job guys! Very well done! And GREAT vid to the creator! See ya laters peeps! ~KTBPSA~


Justine ;-)

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