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Now or Never

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Ashley

I really love Nick, I bought this album and can't stop listening to it. I really enjoy the CD, I love all the songs, especially "Miss America", "To All The Girls In USA", "Blow Your Mind", those songs are AWESOME. I'm happy for Nick because he had done a great work, but I also feel sad because it's been a long time I didn't hear the Backstreet Boys' voice, I really miss them. I think that Nick would go back with other guys and Backstreet Boys need to released their new CD so the fans wouldn't forget about them. I think that Jive need to pay more attention at the Boys, they had forgotten the Boys since they released their "The Hits - Chapter One" (Jive kinda supporting N Sync more than BSB)...... I hope that someday soon I will holding a BSB's new CD in my hand. But I have to said that Nick's solo "Now or Never" is one of the best album and for all of the fans around the world, ya need to buy this Nick's CD immediately.


Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Johanna from Sweden


I think Nick's soloalbum is GREAT! He makes the beats so hot with the little touch of rock. His voice fits better to this music then to the Backstreet-pop... He really shows the fans who he REALLY is, without the BSB. And love the songs!

Blow your mind, I just wanna take u home and I stand 4 both qute, hot and wild!!! Maaaaaaaaaaan he's great!

...Too bad he hasn't written the text and music himself, cuz if he had, it would be more honest...u know?! ye ye...

Hey, send me an e-mail now all u guys!!!!

HUGS!!!///a girl from Sweden <----yeeeaaah!!!

My review on nicks solo album

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Ali

I love nicks album "Now or never"! its awesome! i listen to it everyday and cant get enough of it! i think nick did an awesome job with his promoting of his album and songs. I enjoy the rock edge that it has instead of the R&B and pop stuff that we usually hear. Its different and very unique. I hope that the backstreet boys new album has some of the rock edge to it too but also the regular bsb music that we all love.Anyway though with nicks album if anyone hasn't bought it yet i recommend you do because its truely a great album!


Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Lazy

hmmm... what can i say... it is a good album,i wasn't expecting that. i think that it could be more rocky...perhaps more edgy like himself...i should develop more but i'm lazy...(tomorrow maybe) byebye*

It' s definitely NOW!

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Martha

I think that the album is great!!!

I"ve waited for it for a long time and I finally have it!!!!

I"m a bit shocked hearing that he has totally changed his style So fast

The ballads are just work of art!!!

He"s extremely proffessional in what he"s doing!!!

I love it!His voice is the world"s greatest (except for brian"s Of course:)

Take care to all the bsb fans!

Keep the backstreet pride alive:)

Now or Never

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: RNgivetlc

I think it is Great, I really like the songs, it has a combination of several music types.

It ROCKS!!!!

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Ashley McInturf

Nicks new album is the bomb and im glad that he finally gets to express himself in a different way! My fave song is either Blow Your Mind, Miss America, or DIHTCFY...the slow songs on there are sooo sweet and from the heart and only he could pull something like that off that good....

i loved it

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: brokbsb12003

i loved it and the songs really good, i can't stop listening to it, my favorites are "do i have to cry for you", "i got you", "miss america", "blow your mind", and "help me", nick carter rocks with his album and more success on his album.

Better explanation to nick isn't nick any longer...

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Rodrigo

some people after reading my review, sent me some stupid messages and now i decidedto explain better what i had said about now or never...this is to you, who don't agree with me...

I don't know if you've ever seen any backstreet boys video...if you had, you wouldn't have said all this bullshit...nick gene carter, was always the beautiful, the dramatic, the romantic..he was the kind of guy who used to break down and cry, on his knees, and raising his hands above, asking GOD not to suffer you remember drowning?he cried, he put his head against the wall, showing how it was hard for him to keep drowning in love....he sat, he thought, he begged, he concluded he couldn't help falling, and falling in love traps...and shape of my heart..he looked into the woman's eyes and said : i'm here, with my confession, got nothing to hide no more, i don't know where to start, but to show you the shape of my heart...what about i want it that way? he showed his feelings by saying he didn't want to fight and argue any more with his lover...and he did it with charming clothes, such a romatic style ( hair and way of looking) and his dramatic type...i can also point quit playing games with my heart..while all the other boys were showing off by doing that gay dance, once agian nick carter showed us his romantism...and more than that?he kind of stood in front of his lover and said to her how he loved her, need her and that he couldn't see her suffering any longer..he exposed his pain, he almost lied down on the floor begging her for a chance....i could apend all my life by telling you this is NICK least the nick carter loved and desired by lots of girls and admired by me....and i can't really see any rock marks , trends or whatever in all backstreet boys you remember nick singing you wrote the book on love? i can quote songs fromm his own album...i do love heart without a's perfect...but...concerning i stand for you, blow your mind, is it saturday yet, girls in the usa, i just wanna take you home and scandalicious..........nick really disappointed must be used to spread, to scatter must be used to teach how to deal with hard moments, to express jjoy and happiness.....have you ever listened to unbreakable from westlife?it's perfect....nick should hear it and try to learn something....unbreakable is just perfect...another good song is could it be any harder from the calling.....that guy alex band sings very well and this lyrics is fantastic...i suggest you hear both songs and compare them with is it saturday yet...if nick carter is still a child and really has problems with acceptance in society, or if he wanna combat osama bin laden and put an end to palestin conflicts , or even show us he's not gay, (i think we already know it) he should ask george bush to go fight in'd be more effective than singing : ''is it saturday yet, coz i wanna get up..or...yeah yeah, we can live forever if we try , it's up to you....''nick has talent...he has such a good heart..he's a good boy...he's intelligent....beuatiful....sensitive....but i think he doesn't want to be loved for it.......but respected for being a bad boy..the one who fucks all the girls and tell it to his friends...and the worked up citizen who has attitude...or, who's to know, everyone thought he was a person that he just isn't...if so, i respect him as i do to all the rest of the world...but i wish nick carter would realize love is the only way and road to happiness..he should learn it and put this in his songs...alex band is also upset about all the starvation and suffering in the world...but he didn't say that his mom is knocking on his bedroom door...or that his nintendo is on the floor...or that he needs to ease his mind...he wrote a song called forgiven which tries to make us aware of all that's going on..that there're lots of people dying due to hunger, to violence and that we simply ignore them...and he says: ''if we kneel right down and just repent, don't tell me we're forgiven...''..for me, this is to have attitude...and not to sing i stand for you....what about unbreakable.....MY GOD...that song is's about ture unbrekable, untouchable, unmistakable feeling whoch exist inside of each one of us....can you compare it to bolw your mind???what's music for????????if you are a bit intelligent, you'll agree that nick could really have done something indeed very very very much much much much better...and if he needs, he'll have all the fans supoort, including mine...see you..and think about it.....

Bought on a chance

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Peta

I was browsing the CD's and I knew what I was looking for, and I'll admit right now that Now Or Never wasn't it. But I picked it up on the off chance that I would like it. And, it's gonna take a lot to get it out of my CD player!!

It's new, it's different, it's fantastic. He managed to re-invent his image and chance people's opinions about his talent with this solo album. On my album, I have two bonus tracks (I'm in Australia) and they were Scandalicious and Forever Rebel. They were great as well! Reading through these posts, everyone has their favourites and I know that I have mine, but there isn't one song on this album that I would skip, unless it was to get to Is It Saturday Yet? (can identify with that one :D)

Unfortunately though, no matter how much we like it, there will always be people out there who will bag it because Nick's a Backstreet Boy. Who cares?

He's done a solo album that's completely different and shows that he's got what it takes to appeal to a variety of different audiences. Give him a chance, listen to the music and don't focus on the singer and you may surprise yourself!

Congratulations on creating a great album Nick.

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