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Meeting Kevin and Krystal at KIIS FM!!

Date: Dec 04, 2001
Submitted By: Seleena (BSBgirl11984)

I went to the KIIS FM breakfast Tuesday morning (July 31) in Los Angeles so I could meet Kevin! I got there at 2 AM with my best friend, and we camped out. We were about 30th in line or so. Then when morning came along, and it was 7 AM... the time "BREAKFAST WITH KEVIN" was supposed to start, everyone was really anxious. Sadly they just gave us Del Taco Breakfast burritos to eat outside while Kevin was in the studio with Rick Dees doing his interview. So we didn't really even know if we were going to meet him or not, but we stayed and prayed. Well, finally they said that Kevin would be out in about 5 or 10 minutes to sign autographs and take pics. Make that at least 30 minutes. Finally Rick Dees came out, and soon after that Krystal and KEVIN came out!!! Everyone was screaming. So my friend's dad happens to work for a news show called "Good Day LA" and they were filming there. So she was asked to come up to where Kevin was and be on TV, and I wasn't. So I was seriously balling, and thinking I wasn't going to meet Kevin. So I was crying and everyone was like it's ok... and all this stuff. Then my friend told me to come where she was, and I was right where the press was... right next to Kevin! So I asked him for a pic of us with him. He told me he had to talk to the other fans further down so he couldn't, so I asked for a hug!! Well, he bent over and hugged me!!!! AHHHHH!!!! The man is fresh smelling and solid as a rock!! He is also absolutely stunning in person! His eyes are so green and his skin is perfect! Well afterwards I kind of got in front of him again further down the huge crowd, and he signed an autograph for me on my Hottest Guys in Music Issue of Teen People. Then I got a pic with Krystal and my friend too, and an autograph from her also. WOW!! She was such a sweetie and so little!

So my dream finally came true. I've always wanted to meet BSB, and especially my favorite boy! It was honestly the best day of my life, and he couldn't be sweeter or better looking.

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