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Chapter 1

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Sarah

I know this is probably a little late, but I just now have time to write about what I think of Chapter 1!!

anyway...what up BSB fans??? Ya'll are the best, I just want ya'll to know that!! I haven't met a BSB fan that I don't like, unlike another band's fans...but that's a WHOLE different story!! point is...I couldn't be prouder to be a BSB fan. I mean, sure, *NSYNC may be more "popular" or whatever, but at least BSB has worked for EVERYTHING that they have now! And being together for almost 10 years and having a compilations album out and from what I hear there gonna have a Chapter 2 (obviously) out sometime in the next couple years!

They may not win all the awards, but in our hearts (the BSB fan's) they'll always be number 1!!




Chapter 1

Date: Dec 19, 2001
Submitted By: Jillian

Hi, my name is Jillian, I'm 25 and I live in Wa. state. I have been a BSB fan since 1998, i have been to 3 concerts, and personally met all the members of BSB. I feel they are one of the best bands ever. I loved their new CD chapter 1 and I even ordeed it before it came out. I think i is a great combination of their songs. I feel they are maturing wonderfully. I hope they continue so grow and put out many many more albums. I have also seen Nsync live and was dissapointed by how rude and talentless they were, I am truely amazed they are even still around. :( Keep BSB pride alive everyone!!! Go get Chapter 1! Love Jillian

chapter 1

Date: Dec 19, 2001
Submitted By: Tanya Carter~


They are just toooooooo good! the main thing here is Chp 1.

Well its an AWESOME collection of all their AWESOME songs and it mainly reflects all the AWESOME years they have spent together and how hard they have worked to keep themselves pumped up and stuff!!!! They're AWESOME!!!! and the gretest hits album ROCKS!!!!

lmao.... i know.....i did sound pathetic up there!!! :)




*hey Iris...hi!!! :)*

chapter 1

Date: Dec 22, 2001
Submitted By: rackel

well i can say that the BACKSTREET BOYS is the best! other than copycats boyband! they are the original one.

well its not that they are getting older, nSINK will rule. well i dont believe w/ that! nSINK will soon 2 sink. because of what will bsb will do, they will do the same. and try 2 hear the song of aaron carter's song (the one in the pokemon sountrack) it similar to nSINK's pop. and i think aaron is the first one who made the song. huh! its not the bsb that nSINK is copying even nick's lil bro. still bsb is the best even thay are getting older! remember all of us too gets older not only them!

Chapter 1

Date: Dec 24, 2001
Submitted By: louise

Greatest Hits-Chapter One...what hasn't been said about it?? It's hard to give an original review after all the other messages, but i'm just gonna try.

See, the Boys haven't been to Europe for way too long so we (the fans) over here really needed some new material.

And it came! Kay, Chapter One doesn't offer more than one new song but it's just great.

Greatest Hits-ablums are always really okay 'cause they give you all the hits you've grown to love from an artist. And 15 BSBhitsingles on the same's great!

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a Backstreet Boys Weekendspecial on TMF (Dutch music tv station) and that was so cool! There they were: all the old video's that matched the songs on my freshbought album. Since cdplayer didn't play anything else but those amazing guys. It's driving my brother up the wall but yesterday I caught him singin' along with Larger Than Life so finally I'm getting somewhere with teaching him 'bout great music! hehe

Well I guess the message is clear: I totally love this album!!

It's about time the guys come visit this little country on the other site of the world again!! The sooner the better but 'till that day...we still have Chapter One to comfort ourselfs with...

chapter 1

Date: Dec 26, 2001
Submitted By: anna

AJ, NICK, BRIAN, KEVIN AND HOWIE....Where to start?

I love these boys with all my heart and soul, honestly. I have loved them deeply since i was 7, im 14 now. I'm obbsessed!!! i cant help it !!! how could someone not like them ?!!? They are so incredibly talented, they totally rock, their songs are the BEST and they are ever so hot!!!

I loved their concerts that I went to, but I definetly wasnt close enough...My dream is to meet them ... OMG I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH !!! OK well back on topic...The greatest hits chaptre 1, i have the cd and video.

I love every single song on it and i listen to it 24/7.

Its like.... it brings you back to when they started up until now. From backstreet boys, to backstreets back to millenium to black and blue. I grew attched to these boys, They will alwayz be my favorite band and PLEASE IF AJ, NICK, BRIAN, KEVIN OR HOWIE IS READING THIS ....PLEASE COME TO VANCOUVER, CANADA!!!!






Chapter 1

Date: Dec 11, 2001
Submitted By: Marie

By the way Mike, i am glad that you recognize the BSB as a great group, don't be ashamed, I wish I could see them, I am from Guatemala, Central America and I am not able to see them I just enjoy reading and watching on TV and Internet about them. We love them too and we love their music! Chapter 1 is great and love to hear all their greatest hits! I have all their music and all the videos recorded for my friends and I to enjoy them whenever we get together!


The Hits Chapter One

Date: Dec 01, 2001
Submitted By: Debbie

The new Backstreet Boy's album: The Hits Chapter One is incredible. These songs truly reflect the first part of the amazing career of these five guys and show how they have grown through the years!!! This album demostrates to everyone what real musicans are. BSB is the only group that creates real music for fans to listen to. They have the best fans and the BSB show their support through their endless love and dedication. These five guys are absoultely amazing with beautiful harmonies, incredible talent, and creativity. Each of their songs are unique in their own way and all have their own special meaning. Drowning is absolutely incredible....I could listen to this song forever it. It may be the last sing in chapter one, but it definatly is just the beginning for them. Their harmonies are what make them who they are. No other artist sings like they can. Many other groups try to...but they are far behind. This is a Backstreet world...all the other wannabes just live in it. All other groups have a long way to go before they get to where BSB stands. They have opened many opportunities for so many people. We owe our thanks, love, and support to them now and forever. They are #1 and will always be... we must keep them on top where they belong and deserve to (especially on TRL!!!!) and KTPSPA peace and love......Can't wait for chapter two!!! (In the mean time after Dorowning, I know I and many others would love Get Another Boyfriend as their nest single....just a suggestion:)<<<3333!!!

Greatest Hits - Chapter One

Date: Dec 29, 2001
Submitted By: Walter

For your information, I'm from Malaysia. As for Backstreet Boys latest LP 'Chapter One', which contains 16 songs including 'Drowning' and many more big hit singles. I know some countries, they don't have some songs such as 'The One' and 'Anywhere For You'. But, don't be disappointed. I know you guys are good and loyal enough as the Backstreet Fans when you've bought their Chapter One. I love this album and the latest single as well. I hope by next year, they will be at top of the world again with their latest efforts and i just can't wait to listen to one of their new songs, 'Happy' which wrote and produced by AJ. Lastly, Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive...and BSB 4 EVA!!

Be cool, Be real & Be Prepared!! (AJ)

Chapter One

Date: Dec 27, 2001
Submitted By: Des

Hey! I bought Chapter One the first day it came out because I support all BSB stuff! I think the CD is wonderful and every fan should own it. But I am thinking that it may sell a lot more this month than it did the first week. Some people didn't get it yet because they are getting it for Christmas and Hannukah. I mean its not NEW material so people can wait. And another thing...I noticed a lot of people want it to sell more and want to show BSB how much they support them. WELL if you wanna do that I have another way of showing your support. Visit! It's a campaign we started trying to raise money for their charities AND by signing the decleration you are showing that you are a fan, you support them and you will always be there for them. The guys are going to get all the names and stories/poems you send to us in a big scrapbook and all the money will go to their charities so PLEASE tell everyone you know and JOIN our effort today!! Thanks KTBSPA and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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