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My Fabulous Lupus Cruise

Date: Nov 28, 2003
Submitted By: Brandi

First off, let me begin by saying my trip was hell!

We missed our outbound flights from Phoenix to Tampa, and had to go through security EVERYWHERE we went. We hit massive turbulence on the connection flight and I got sick.

Our bags got lost everywhere we went too. We flew to Tampa on American, our bags flew on Delta to Huntsville, go figure. They ended up in other people's staterooms on the cruise. They were separated when we went to get them after the cruise and our bags beat us home on the return flight.

The return flight was just as bad, if not worse, as the outbound was.

So what was the good part? Howie and his family! I have actually gained more respect for his family, if that's possible. I met Angie for the first time and she was a lot of fun. Mama D is still the sweetest, most passionate lady you could ever come across. Papa D is a lot of fun too, and I hope he feels better soon. I never got to meet Johnny, he was a little ill, but Pollyanna was another crackup! She does a great impersonation of her mother reaming her out! (Accent and all)

I never did meet Howie's Aunt, but I heard lots of stories about her antics on the ship.

Although I was injured and could not attend the onshore functions that were arranged, I was able to attend the karaoke night, the board games, Howie's DJ antics and even won 2 lunch dates with Howie and Pollyanna. I was very impressed with the Broadway Meets Backstreet concert by Howie and Pollyanna and wish that they would consider doing a special cd of that music. (I like the twist they gave it.)

I was able to purchase Polly's cd and am VERY glad I did. I love it.

I'm ready for this year's cruise NOW! Only thing is, unless it's a cruise from the west coast, I won't be able to go again. The flight travel these days just isn't worth it.

If you have EVER considered taking the Lupus cruise, do yourself (and the DLF) a favor and go. It's so much fun you'll never want to leave. It's really a special time, just you, Howie and his family and friends.

Lupus 2002

Date: Dec 24, 2002
Submitted By: Michelle

just got back from florida about an hour ago. heres my review.

We (me, James, and my father) got to the hotel at about 6 on friday evening. I proceded to take all potential outfits out of my suitcase and try them on for some opinions. Well i didnt like any of them so i began to flip out. So at 8 oclock me and James went shoppin on International Blvd. fun fun. James baught me some shoes. and i got a new pair of pants to go with my white top i just baught. So outfit problem solved. Went back to the hotel went to eat and went to bed cause i felt sick.

Sarurday.... We got up and went to have breakfast. I began to get ready at about 12:30 when all of a suden it began POURING RAIN. I was flipping out it was going to screw up my hair sooooo bad but anywho left for the arena at about 445. Got lost on the way but end up finding it lol park and walk in the rain to the box office. I turned the corner and there was the line of people. It was raining so we went into the Hard Rock to have a drink before the meet and greet. We were all lined up at about 5 30 when they moved us to the other side of the building then at about 6 they moved us again. We stood at the top of these stairs for about 20 minutes. People from the Foundation kept coming out saying how sorry they were for the wait. Finally they said they were ready. We were secong in line i was very nervous. I was hoping howie would remember me. We walked in and there he was looking as fine as can be. He kept looking up at me soi thought he remembered me. My dad and James went first and had Howie sign the picture of me and him and a picture i took of him in Kentucky last year. Howie laughed at us about how it was a hundred and 50 dollars for an autograph i told him the cause was well worth it. He gave me a hug and told me how good it was to see him again. He asked if i wanted to get in between him and Pollyanna. I said YES MAM!!! CAN YOU BEILIEVE IT I CALLED HOWIE A MAM (SP?) Pollyanna laughed and made fun of him for it i corrected myself fast now feeling like an idiot!!!

I always tease about how im gonna call kevin sir everytime i see him from now on to make him feel old and i try to be polite to howie and screw up lol. Anywho got the picture taken and steped off to the side and took about 2 more rolls of film lol. they were very sweet to everyone.

CONCERT.....well it started off good howie introduced his family and got the check from kraft. Then him and Polly sang the "Fly to heavan" song. She sang then. i loved the wet song about you make me wet you make me sweat lol it was great! Then 3LW came out. They lip syncin but they danced well although 2 of them kept fallin out of their tops. They need a better double sided tape lol. I think the tyrones came out next. i didnt like them much and they went on FOREVER lol. Then came survivor they got the crowd going! Everyone was pumped. Then David Clayton Thomas with blood sweat and tears came out. He was VERY excited to be there. He cracked me up.m He was very into it lol. Then REO Speedwagon. They were very pumped up. the lead singers pants ere a little much he had a better body than i believe any other girl ive ever seen and im certain those pants came out of the jr section in some mall lol. but i was surprised at how many songs i knew EVERYONE was into them.

Howie was adorable as usual. He changed seven times i think. TThe onlything i didnt like was the row of screming girls that was about 3 rows behind me they wouldnt let him talk for ANYTHING. everytime he came out to introduce someone they professed their never ending love and how they wanted to marry him at the top of their lungs. I wish someone would have said somethin to them. He just blocked em out which was best i suppose. but it made me very mad. it wasnt the time or place. went to tabu afterwards had fun and went back to the hotel and crashed i got some kick butt pics. i took 5 rolls. I am getting some developed tomorrow i will try to scan some and post them.

Sorry it was so long. BUT WE HAD A GREAT TIME.

oh and we all got goody bags that contained a signed program a lupus pin hehe

Lupus 2002

Date: Dec 24, 2002
Submitted By: Courtney

Hey all! Well, the concert started a little after 8 pm with Howie introducing his family, and receiving a check for $100,000 from Wal-Mart (I think). Anyway, he and Pollyanna sang beautifully...then Pollyanna sang a couple of solo songs. Howie did a woredrobe change and introduced 3LW. They were pretty good. After them I lost interest in the bands, because I didn't know their music. But for each introduction of each band Howie did woredrobe changes. At intermission they raffled off a jacket that he was wearing. The person that won decided to action it off and give the money to abused families. The night ended with REO Speedwagon singing, which was around 1 am. Howie then invited people to go to Tabu for the after-party. Being too tired, feeling deaf from the loud music, and knowing some one was coming over to the house early in the morning I deceided to go home. I enjoyed the show, mainly do to Howie and his family, but also because I knew it was going to a WONDERFUL cause! God Bless you Howie (friends, family, and fans).

Lupus 2002

Date: Dec 25, 2002
Submitted By: Susan Mistina

I attended the Lupus Benefit at the Hard Rock Live this past Saturday. It was awesome. REO Speedwagon rocked, not to mention they are my all time favorite band for the past 20 years. There was quite a bit of time spent setting up the stage inbetween acts which made the show last late into the night and I did not get home until 1:30am. All in all though it was a great show, raised awareness of the seriousness of Lupus and Howie D was a great host and a cutie pie. I would attend again next year.

Lupus 2002 review

Date: Dec 25, 2002
Submitted By: Sandy

The event was great.

I first went to the Meet and Greet. It started late but that was not Howie's fault. The sponsors had him doing media stuff. They lead us up to a private in the Hard Rock and let a few people in at a time. I was lucky to be near the front of the line because once you were in the room you could stay and mingle. When it was my turn I first gave Pollyanna a hug and gave her a present. She said nice to see you again because I meet her the night before at a dinner. It was so cool that she remembered me. Then I got a wonderful hug from Howie. I told him that I did not have a present for him this time. He would get his on the cruise. He just laughed. I had him sign a picture. Howie looked so hot and is a great hugger. I meet Momma D and Angie and gave them both presents.

I keep taking pictures of Howie between people coming up so I got a lot. At one time, a lady came up with her little girl who was probably about 4. Howie was so cute with the little girl.

Then it was time for the concert. I had front row seats, that was awesome. Howie and his family came out and accepted a big check from the sponsors. Then he talked a little about the evening. Howie said that he had a lot of costume changes and that he was saving the most outrageous for last. Pollyanna and Howie sang Fly to Heaven and then Pollyanna sang by herself. She is really good and her male dancer is really cute.

Next was 3LW. They were alright but I think it was the wrong kind of crowd for them because of the other acts like Survivor and REO. Then came the Tyrones. I didn't really hear them because I went to buy some DLF stuff.

Then came Survivor. They really had us rockin'. Hardly anyone was standing up and clapping so some of us in the front row tried to get everyone standing. Boy did that bring back high school memories.

The next act was Blood, Sweat and Tears. Then the DLF had raffle for a DLF leather jacket that Howie was wearing. It turned out the Rob Thomas's (from Matchbox Twenty) mom won the jacket. She was going to donate for an auction for a home for abused kids. Howie tried to do a little stripping thing when he took off the jacket. He was so cute all night.

Finally came my favorite REO. Howie surprised everyone and came out to sing with them on a song. I can't remember which one though.

OK now for the last outfit. Howie came out to say goodbye and thanks he had on a white jacket with different color green diamonds. It was hideous. He made some joke about having Nick's fashion sense.

I had a great time and I hope to go next year. I took over 80 pictures.

Lupus 2002 Review

Date: Dec 25, 2002
Submitted By: Anne

i loved it; i didnt realize how close i was till we got in we had 3rd row seats but ended up in front row; it was amazing pollyanna and howie did so awesome .. i think that they and 3lw were my favorite acts of the night not to mention it was the best for the best cause

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