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now or neber

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: sheila mae parcon

nick's album is definiteky the best album ive even seen. and all of the songs inspired me a lot. all i can say is "nick's album now or never will hit the billboard chart in the year 2003!!!!!!! Keep up the good work nick. and hope there is always another hit album to come.

Nicks album

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Nano carter

I like Nicks album very much ,really it`s great ,all the songs in it very cool & I`m very happy 4 Nick sucssesfull & I also want Nick to come back to the band & never leave them .

Nicks CD with me in every where I go wow u have a great voice Nicky

Carter Boi

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Elizabeth

I thought it was great!!! It could have been a bit better though. I agree with that person who said that the producers or the melody writers could've done a better job becuase some of them sounded sappy (No offence) and sounded like a copy off of another song that i've heard from an 80's song. Anyways i liked it a lot despite some shtuff. "Who needs the world" is AWESOME!!! KTBSPA! xoxo

Now or never

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: kewlchick_bsb

Well, some of my friends and music reviews always say that "Now or Never" of Nick is a really bad album. Most of them said that he shouldn't have thought of being a solso at first. On the other hand, Justin's album is so rock! As for me, always consider myself as a big 1# fan of the greatest "Backstreet Boys". I just got this album for New Year's present from mom. When i first listened to it, i thought

"Man, i shouldn't have waited till New Year's" It's a very very good record and i undoubtedly fall for its simple but beautiful lyrics (Who needs the world/ Heart without a home...), arousing melody in some up-tempo songs ( Scandalicious/ Blow your mind/Is it Saturday yet?...) Basically, i love everything in this record. I don't care what other people say about his album, we dont think alike. That's a fact we know! But i wonder whether people who are not BSB's fans, critics and such.. will be more open-minded to consider "Now or Never" as a brilliant trial for a blonde guy from one so-called boyband. Finally, He got to reveal the real him! He didn't choose to imitate somebody's style and put it in his first solo album like sbd did.

Although, "Now or Never" isn't the best album of the year or of all time, "Now or Never" definitely rocks my world!

My Review of Nick's Album

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Desiree

*NOTE: I burned a copy of the CD, along with some bonus tracks...I'm not sure if a couple of songs I heard are on the US CD*

When MTV announced that Nick was going solo, I must say I was curious to know what he'd sound like. My friends and I have discussed what each solo album from the boys would sound like and I wanted to see if we were right. We figured the album would be a rock album, lots of drums,'d be a complete 180 from BSB. But it wouldn't be so weird as to alienate his prior fans. I heard 'Help Me' and I liked the direction he was taking, I heard, 'My Confession' and really liked that song...and so I deduced that the album would be pretty boss. I burned a copy of it and tuned in...and I must say, if Nick put this album out in the 80's...during the hair-band era, it would have done MUCH better. Alot of the songs have a Def Leppard meets Richard Marx feel to it. He's trying to be true to his rock roots, while staying somewhat pop...but his album, in my opinion (comparing it to Justn's solo CD) is strictly for fans. There aren't enough strong original hits to break him out, but there isn't enough pop singles to at least get airplay. I did like alot of the songs...but that's b/c I'm a fan anyway. He could remake "Three Blind Mice" and I'd own a copy. :) But overall, the album really wasn't that strong of one. For fans it should be a real treat to see what little (or should I say big) Nicky can do...for people looking for him to reinvent the wheel...I'd look elsewhere.

Go Nick!!

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: ~Scandalicious~

Nick's solo record is sooo amazing ... he's really put in loads of effort to make it soo good !!! Three cheers for Nicky !! but when i just sit and think abt Nick continuing as a rock star it doesnt sound right !! i mean , i dunno abt u guys but personally i think Nick was better off with the band. ok so he's real talented and he's gonna be a huge success (inshallah) as a rock star but the what abt the band ?!!! BSB will not the same without nick .. infact BSB wont bethe same if any member leaves ! I hope Nick is wise enough to realize that he should stay with the band and continue his rock star think side by side instead of leaving the band all together !!! i love Nick better as the youngest band member of BSB than as a solo artist !!! but that doesnt mean that he sux as a solo artist he is really awesome and his album is THE BEST and he sounds soooo seductive in some songs i almost melt !! hehehe

well thats all ...

peace !!

Nick's album Now or Never

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Nancy


At first I was wondering what the album would be like. Nick said that he wanted to make rock music and i have to admit it that ik don't like rock. But Nick's album is great. He's got a great voice and i really love his music. People have a lot of comment on his music but they don't know what they are talking about. Nobody could do a better job on a solo album than Nick. And All of the REAL Nick fans know it.



Now or Never

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Anjali

'Now or Never'...a rather aptly named album for the youngest member of the Backstreet boys. Recently the activities of our favourite band have been rather more family oriented than we are used to....weddings, babies, low key family events,etc. So it seems only natural that Nick Carter should seize the opportunity to branch out and experiment with what he loves best - music. I bought this album, because I heard it was more rock orientated, however I think a more astute term would be 'pop-rock'. The album starts of with a great track - 'Help me' has an awesome bass line, and the lyrics are more thoughtful and mature than we have been used to. The other stand out tracks for me are 'I stand for you', a true declaration of independance, and the more indie tracks like 'Is it Saturday yet?' and 'I just wanna take you home'. 'Miss America' has a sultry, rhythmic sound, but some of the borderline cheesy lyrics let it down. All in all, I think we're seeing a different side to Nick, however I think he has a lot of potential. Hopefully we will get a see a stronger rock side to him than this predominantly pop, transitional album has revealed. 'Now or Never' is a good start though - nice effort.

Finally got IT!!!

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Dylan

I finally got this album as a christmas gift ( I would have gotten it earlier, but Im a poor college kid who lives off $75 a month) It is way more awesome then I expected, and I GOT YOU is definatly the BEST song on the album.

The CD rocks

Date: Jan 02, 2003
Submitted By: Alicia

I think the solo album really rocks, even if it's so different from all the other BSB albums. I loved all songs to be honest and Nick Carter rocks my world!!!

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