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Aarons Summer Tour - Opening Night

Date: Dec 12, 2002
Submitted By: Beth

Ok, ladies here it is...all the details!

Just to let those who dont know, this was in Antioch, TN on August 6, 2002. It was opening night of Aarons Summer Tour!

My day started at 5:15 am. I was so running behind. I had to finish decorating my car, and make sure I had everything. You know the concert survival kit (money, tickets, poster, camera, etc).

I think I drove everyone crazy at work yesterday. I was so excited. They let me leave at 4:30 pm. So I left work and went straight to pick up Keisha, Chelsea, and Ashley. We all looked so cute in our matching outfits and hats. We got right on the rode and headed to the venue. We got there about 5:15 pm. There were not that many people in line. While we were waiting some people got off of Triple Images tour bus and started passing out posters and flyers.

Ashley looked at the ticket and said, "it don't say that we can not bring in cameras." So she went and asked and they said we could have them. So we went back to the car and got ours. Time we got back they were letting us in. They would not let me take my poster in, it was too they say! It was kool. It said AARONS FUTURE SISTER IN LAW! LOL!

So we got in there and bought some souveniers. They did not have all that much to choose from. The March concert had better souveniers. Then we found our seats. On Ticketmaster it looked that we would be on the far right, but when we got there we had center. The seats were amazing. They were 7th row, but felt way closer.

This man and a younger guy behind us had meet and greet passes on. They told us they had met Aaron and got an autograph. I was like can we have those and see if we can get in. They were like yeah sure! So me and Keisha went to see if we could. I say this was a little before 6 pm. Well, it turns out we went to the wrong place. I mean come on we never had meet and greets before. So we came back to our seats. They let us keep the passes. I felt kool wearing them...LOL! Well, after 6 pm a lady and two girls came to sit beside us. The two girls tried to use them as well. They went to the right place, it turns out that the circle passes had expired and the were letting in people with square ones. I am thinking that if we had went to the right place we would have gotten in. So we missed that chance, and it was our fault.

Well, after all this we were sitting waiting for the show to start. We see the red headed dancer that Chelsea is in love with. She waves and he waves back. Then out of nowhere Leslie Carter comes down on the main floor. So we ran over there and got our pics made with her, and Chelsea got an autograph. It was so awesome to be standing there. She was so nice and she is very pretty. We also saw Jane and Bob!

The first opening act was Triple Image. They are like 12 or 13. I dont know much about them. They were good. They did a remake of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I loved it. I will be getting their cd when it hits stores. Then Jump 5 (Keisha got Libbys autograph) performed. They said there hometown was Nashville, which I thought was great! They were also good. But, not as good as the other opening acts. Then came No Secrets. They were really good. They had on awesome outfits. The opening acts were on from 7 pm to 8:20 pm.

Then came the main act, Aaron! It started with a fashion show. You could see Aaron through the curtain singing while the girls modeled for Steve Madden. The main model looked alot like Angel, but I am not sure. The concert was amazing. He sing several new songs. His new album is going to be even better than Oh Aaron. He did sing several of my faves...I Want Candy, Baby It's You, I'm All About You, and some more. He did not sing Oh Aaron, I was a little bummed bout that. I mean No Secrets was there that would have been perfect. His stage set was two big sets of stairs. He had double the dancers from the Winter Party. We got silly string sprayed at us and water thrown on us by the man himself. LOL! I was like he threw water on me. I know I am a dork...LOL! At the end they had glitter falling everywhere down front. I mean we were covered, and you should see the inside of my car. Aaron was only out from 8:30 pm to 9:40 pm. I know just about an hour and ten minutes. But, it was all still worth it. He is an amazing singer. Not to mention to be his age looks pretty damn good.

I will leave all the details to outfit changes and so on to the pictures. They will be up Friday night! I have to get them developed onto a cd to donwload to the net, since my scanner is broke. But, I do have regular copies already and they all took great, except the pics of Jane, Bob, and the young lady we thought was Angel. They did not take at all.

Well, I know several of you are wondering, and the answer is there was no sign of Nick anywhere. It was still great, and we did catch a glimpse of him on the screen with some clips.

Well, I guess that is all. I hope I did not leave anything out. If you have any questions please feel free to post or email me at!


Aaron Carter concert

Date: Dec 16, 2002
Submitted By: Crystal

Since I saw someone else wrote in about her Aaron concert, thought I would too. I just saw him in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Yes, I live in this boring state and someone finally came around here.

Anyways, this concert was very spur of the moment. I was planning on taking my sister awhile back because she's a big fan, but then we went somewhere else, so I didn't think we would be able to go to this concert. But, we were listening to the radio and the radio announcer said that someone had Aaron Carter tickets but was unable to go so they were up for grabs. We called and they were free! They were balcony seats, but they were free. So we picked them up and a little while later, we were on the road. We live about an hour and a half away from where the concert was. We got lost for a little bit, but we found our way.

Triple Image was the first act. I think for their age, they were pretty good. Girls just wanna have fun was pretty good. I didn't like them as much as the other opening acts though. Jump 5 came on after that. I thought they were the best opening act. They had the crowd going pretty good and they were doing all kinds of flips and stuff. It was really cool. Then No Secrets came out. I didn't really know anything by them, but they were pretty good. They did this song about having a girls night out and they had pajamas on and were playing with toys. It was cute.

Then of course Aaron came out. As the other girl said, it started out with a fashion show. I was freaking out for awhile because one of the backup singers looked a lot like Nick. So I thought maybe Nick was there. But, it got to be awhile into the show and Aaron never introduced him or anything, so I figured it wasn't Nick then. Then he sang Not too young, not too old and Nick never came out, so I knew he wasn't there then. Aaron was really good though. He even pointed at me and my sister once. As I said earlier, we were up in the balcony and not many people were up cheering and dancing up there besides me and my sister. Aaron must have seen us dancing up there, and he pointed to us. He drove a car onstage at one point. I thought that was cool. He played the piano as well. The end was cool. A bunch of glitter dropped down and Aaron was on a harness swinging above the crowd.

So overall, I thought Aaron's concert was really good. I was really hoping Nick would be there though. I think other people wanted him there as well. I wore my Backstreet Boys Black and Blue tour shirt, and I had I love Aaron's brother written on my cheek, and one girl said she liked my shirt because Nick was on it, and another girl said she loved Aaron's brother too. lol. But, Aaron put on a good show and I'm glad we went to it.

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