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Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Craig

I was expecting a lot more after hearing "Help Me." I was expecting rockin' songs and rockin' ballads ala Journey. Unfortunately, this album is just disappointing.

I'm not trying to trash Nick, the man has talent. It's just the songs, some of them are just unlistenable. Many of the lyrics are very bland or make me cringe with displeasure. It seems like he's trying to market to the Radio Disney audience instead of the general public.

"Help Me" is great. "I Got You" is simple and enjoyable as is "Who Needs the World." "I Stand For You" is very catchy and uplifting with a highlight for me being "Blow Your Mind."

"Do I Have To Cry For You" and "Heart Without A Home" are both goods ballads but have a lot of similar qualities that they don't carry too much of their own identity. (The problem with some of the Millennium tracks). The same goes for the many guitar driven songs.

"Girls in the USA" is plainly not any good.

"Miss America" has a cool vibe but the song does nothing for me. The same goes for "My Confession."

"I Just Wanna Take You Home" has a nice solo and "Is It Saturday Yet?" has a great melody for the chorus. But the lyrics of each of these tracks are very immature and, maybe if you were 12 or younger, they'd seem really cool.

In the Justin vs. Nick battle, I tip my hat off to Justin. No offense, I have been a Backstreet fan for quite sometime now, more so than Nsync fan. But I have listened to both albums and Justin's album shows his growth and skills vocally and lyrically. Nick's, however, sounds for lack of a better word, empty.

Now or Never review

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Despina

Now or Never is an incredible album. Every single song has its own great qualities and they all show off Nick's amazing voice. A couple of the slow songs remind me of BSB music so I like them...and then the fast songs are just WILD! My favorite are "Blow Your Mind", "Miss America" and "My Confession" but the slow songs are great too especially when he belts out those high notes. "I Got You" is also a great song...definitely something different. I am so impressed by this album that I can't stop listening to it. Nick DID it!

Nicks cd rocks

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Linda Sanchez

Nick Carters cd rocks.The songs R great and he sings from the heart.the whole album is terrific.

The Cd Rokz!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Amy Zimmerman

I think the cd rokz! I love it!!!!!!!!!

Impressed and Extremely Satisfied

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Jessie Klein

I was nervous about Nick's solo debut, but I knew he was a awesomely talented singer and this reminded me that he could pull out a good album. So, during my lunch break from work, I purchased Now or Never. I stuck it into my car's cd player and was thoroughly and wonderfully blown away!

I had already heard "Help Me", and thought it was good, but WOW... I didn't expect the quality of the other 11 tracks. I am a huge 80's rock fan, and this cd of Nick's is the epitome of that wonderful sound. When I heard the traces of Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi, I knew this was a great musical experimentation for Nick. It's just Rockin'!

"Help Me" comments above. Grade A.

"My Confession" The lyrics are very personal and I find myself relating to them. The sound is alternative and different from anything I've heard before. Grade A.

"I Stand For You" I could sing along to this song all day. It makes you feel good and want to have a good time. The guitar is great and the beat, right on the mark of greatness. Grade A.

"Do I Have to Cry for You" Bryan Adams influence is evident, but it's still very Nick-esque. Beautiful sound and execution. Emotional and deep. Grade A.

"Girls In The USA" God Bless America... and this wonderful song! This one reminds me of Bon Jovi, especially in the chorus. The Mr. Vegas addition was a perfect touch, giving the song an especially unique sound. Grade A.

"I Got You" I LOVE this song. Nick's voice is so pure and smooth is gives you a warm smile of pleasure at the sound. The lyrics and beat hold enough power to grasp your attention and keep it. The whole package is as perfect as the voice singing. Grade A++.

"Is it Saturday Yet?" A very NICK song. You can tell he had a hand in penning it. It's personal to him only and a blast to listen to. Time to party! Grade A.

"Blow Your Mind" This one kicks major a- Umm... booty. Everything is there. The sound--amazing. The lyrics--very cool and happen to go perfectly with the lifestyle of the person singing them. The chorus on this just... Da-yum! Grade A++.

"Miss America" Okay, honestly, this one threw me a bit when I first heard it. I didn't expect it, but after hearing it a few times, I'm starting to really groove to it. It took a little to pull me in on this one, but another good one from Mr. Carter. Grade B+.

"I Just Wanna Take You Home" Party song! Goes great with "Is It Saturday?" Fun and a rocking sound wins the good grade for this one. Grade A.

"A Heart Without a Home" Lordy... This is my Number One choice of this album. I identify with this song so much it's almost scary. I can't describe the way I feel about this one to put it to justice. I just really FEEL this one, folks. Grade A+++(If there was a letter higher, I'd give it that. Superb song)

"Who Needs the World" Now this one you can just sit back and enjoy. Its easy listening in the swinging melody and beautiful lyrics. The chorus seems to embrace you with its simple words of love and devotion. Grade A+.

Overall Grade: A++

I highly recommend this album. It truly is a great buy and Nick proved himself in the best possible way. Enjoy it and let it tide you over for the new BSB album. Have a great one all and God Bless.

Now or Never is awesome!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: bsbroks

I love the new album! If I had to pick a favorite song off the album, I would have a difficult time doing so, because the diversity of every song is what makes the album so amazing and unique. I admit, when I first heard some of the songs, I had to stop and think what is this? (Is It Saturday Yet) sounded like something Weird Al would sing, but you know what Nick...I'm glad you did it, because it made me laugh, and really, I enjoyed the song...

Also...what is up with all these reviews that are being posted on this site? Nick deserves a lot more credit than he is getting, he has GREAT songs, AMAZING vocal range, and they (the critics) just don't know what they're talking about!

my review of now or never

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Shannon

I bought Nick's cd the first day it came out and i love it. I think he's done an amazing job and I love everyone song on the album.

Nick's Cd is awesome

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Amy

I think that Nick's "Now or Never" CD is awesome. I loved all the songs especially "Blow Your Mind" and "Miss America." I think Nick is a terrific songwriter. His songs are so passionate. I think that it is a major step in his career. I hope that he does well in his success as a solo artist and continuing with the BSB.

Nick Carter Number #1

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Trista

I think Nick Carter's cd is just absolutely kicken ass. He is definetly a great entertainer. I just want him to keep doin his thing. I just hope he doesn't leave BSB. Rock on Nick!

nick's cd

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: morgan

omg i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove nick's new CD!!!!!!!! there isnt one song on that CD that will make u wanna skip it. it is awesome!!!!! i think nick should bring in some of that sound to the BSB, even tho they're awesome anyway lol. i cant believe all the critics that are dissin thatr album. i understand that its they're opinion, but y shuld we care? y do they hafta post it up all over the place? i think nick's album is awesome

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