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Good stuff...

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Lisa Littrell

Well i think "now or never" is a pretty good CD! Nick did a great job with a lot of the songs and his voice is still so amazing. I personaly like "do i have to cry for you", and "blow your mind." He has different flavors in all the tracks. All in all i think its a good album, im very proud of him!!! I've seen him go from a 16 year old boy, into a man, and this album reflects that. Good job Nick, i love u!!

now or never

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: heather

It was awesome i loved all of the songs.Nick has an amazing voice.

Nick Rocks

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: FrinknFrack06

I just bought Nick's cd today and it rocks!!!!! I have it cranked up right now, I'm sure I am making my neighbors seriously mad but I don't care! When I read Nick's dedictation I was so touched. He really loves those four guys! Thanks to Nick I have new hope! Now bring on the BACKSTREET BOYS! KTBSPA!!!


Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: KATIE


NICK I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh Yeah!!!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Andrea

I think the album is great and my favorite song is I Just Wanna take You Home because i think it's the greatest song on the album!

Now or Never Review

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Gaby

Nick's c.d. is awesome! It shows a new side to him! It shows that he is not only a popstar, but also a rockstar. The songs are off the hook! People can realy relate to the songs! Well that my review of NOW OR NEVER! BUY IT NOW!

nicks now or never

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: mary

I love the new nick CD its soo different then backstreet boys but its kinda weird not hearing the other guys in the backround i kinda miss it i cant wait untill they get back together but i am sooo glad nick did this because it gives the fans something new instead of the same kinda music like the other groups but i still love all the music they do and i cant wait to hear the new bsb CD

Who bought the new Nick Carter CD?

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Meaghan

Hey there BSB fans! I bought the new Nick Carter CD on the 29th. And I LOVE the CD! It's really different, but really well done. You can tell through out these songs how he really feels, and what he went through! Way to go NICK! You did an awesome job. Keep up the good work! I can't wait till you tour next year.

Luv Meg,



P.S. I also can't wait for the new BSB album next year too.

Now or Never is awesum !

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Kellianne

I bought nick Carters new cd Now or never the first day it came out and it is so worth the long wait !I had to choose from 3 cds i wanted that came out the same day nick,eminem, and christina A and i chose nick . of course im a bsb fan and i love nick but i love rock music myself and that motivated me to get the cd even more . Nick is soooooooooooo awesum and the way i see it their isn't much that nick can't do . hes got an awesum voice he can play guitar and drums and hes hott! what more can we ask for? nick did an awesum job and i hope he continues writting and making his own music ! hes good with the boys too and he should stay with them also but he has proved he can definately do it on his own ! Even though we all knew he could ! I love the whole cd nick keep up the good work !!!!! Does neone know if hes goin on tour ? if ne1 knows nethin email me u too nick if u ever read this!

luv Kelli

aka nicks miss america

Nick's c.d

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Heather Eason

I bought Nick's c.d. on the day it came out, right after school. I bought it at best buy, and once I saw it, I was very suprised to see an almost empty shelf. But, I was very dissapointed, becuase I thought it came with a dvd, but turns out only the ones that overseas come along with it..

I came home, and listened to it, and just thought.. WOW!!! this c.d is completly amazing. It really is a different sound of music than the Backstreet boys. I will admit, that my 2 favorite songs are "Do I have to cry for you", and "Girls in the U.S.A. I picked "Do I have to cry for you", becuase this song is a slow ballad, but yet it's very beautiful!!! It seems as if all of Nick's emotions go into this song, and you want to cry with him. It's a romantic song, telling this certain person how much he loves this girl. And how much she means to him. I love "Girls in the U.S.A. becuase I absoulutly love that guy in the begginning. And this song definatly sounds like a old rock song from the mid 80's. I do have to say I have a least favorite song. And that is "My confession". Now the reason why I say this is becuase this song does not sound like Nick at all. But what I can say is it does sound like an up-tempo backstreet boys song.

If you don't like the Backstreet boys, then I very much think you will like Nick's c.d. It is very different from the Backstreet boys, and it does have some rock in it! Very great c.d! I reccomend this for everyone!

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