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Now Or Never Review

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Becky

I give the album a B. The music was great, but some of the lyrics were not impressive. I just cringe when Nick starts singing about Aaron Carter and Jerry Springer. It just doesn't sound right with the song! *Sighs* The chorus was great though! I'm glad Nick is trying a hand at writing though. I think it is a good experience. The slow ballads are amazing! They remind me of Bon Jovi and Brian Adams! :) I am a BIG Bon Jovi fan! LOL! Still, I prefer all 5 boys instead of just one! LOL! COME BACK TO US BSB! THE SPRING IS TOO FAR AWAY FOR ANOTHER ALBUM!!!!! :)

Nick's Debut Album 'Now or Never'

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Jessica

The album is really cool, even though it is nothing like the backstreet boys past albums, it's really good.

my fav songs are 'ive got you', 'do i have to cry for you', 'blow ur mind' .... well practically all of them lol


Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Kate

This album is awsome. Its rock and roll and has an awsome vibe.


Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: JNElly

Hi everyone! I just want to say that I absolutely love Nick Carter's new cd "Now or Never"! His artistic ablility gets to shine through and all his fans get to know his TRUE style! I love the whole rock influence. However, it seems like he really wants a GF...Well if you need a girl Nicky.. I'm right here. I could blow your mind:)

Nick Rox!!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Torrey

I bought Nicks CD the day it came out and I just want to say that it is completely awesome, Im so proud of him. All of his songs are wonderful and they mean so much to me.

Now or Never

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Katie Withers

OMG..this cd is i still love all the BSB albums but this has more of the rockier sound to it..and i think that BsB should do more fast songs! i still love em' all though!

Keep Up the good work..Congrats on the new baby comin and Kev and AJ with their wives...Howie with his foundations and Nick..keep giving us that side of you we all know and love!


Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Cynthia

I thought the CD was eclectic and certaintly showcased Nick's vocal ability. His voice has always impressed me greatly because of his range and the ability to sing just about anything. As a mature fan I personally didn't care for the lyrics in Girls in the USA and Miss Amercia. I thought they were a bit cheesy coming from a 22 yr old man. But, the younger audience will probably love it. Musically and lyrically my farvorites were Help Me and Blow Your Mind. If you are a NC fan, you'll like the album.

It's amazing!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Valerie

I personnaly think that Nick's album is amazing! I really like all of the songs... altough even Canadian girls rock :P But I really think that he did a great job and he is a great star even without the rest of the Backstreet Boys. I want to wish Nick all the best of luck and to keep on doing what he does great: Great music!!!

Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive!

Valerie -xxxxx-

I stand for you

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: Brittany

'I Stand For You' is an AWSOME song, it's one of my favorites on the whole album! I love the beat and Nick sounds really good! well gotta go ! ktbpa

i love nick!!

Date: Nov 05, 2002
Submitted By: suzy

OMG!! "Now or Never" totally rocks!! I LOVE THE WHOLE CD! I can't wait for his next video!!! I LOVE YOU NICK!!!

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