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The Jompy Times

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Jompy

If you love old Bryan Adams and old classic one-hit wonder songs, this album is for you. This album shows with great maturity that Nick Carter is growing as an artist, co-writing some of the tracks, growing toward a more pop-rockish theme. If you would like to talk to me more about what I think (cause I don't really feel like writing it all down right now) email me at or IM me on AOL at KTBSPAforBSB.

Please talk. I'd like to talk.


It's off tha chain=:)

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Lanese

O.K. people i hope you all bought "Now or Never" , if yall' did'nt yall' crazy but dont be ashamed just go get it now cuz' u missin' a lot of GOOD MUSIC. You got ur rock ur little pop ur r&b and yall reggae lovers better check it out cuz there's a hot reggae star guest get it and u'll find out who. Big ups to all the BACKSTREET LOVIN' JAMAICANS. So u wanna get the cd, ok peoples!!! On a more serious note guys, i'm soo proud of my Nicky, his voice is getting stronger and better, he still got that cute screechy thang going on though hehe, but his voice is maturing and he look's sooooo happy. It's like wow when i see him performing, he's all over the stage. As he said he's finally getting to do things 100% his way he doesn't have to worry about how he looks and how what he's doing is gonna affect other people for example when he's with the guys he has to respect them by keeping some stuff in cuz' u know when ur with a group you have to compromise(ofcourse). People i'm just basically saying if u haven't already, get the cd and support Nicky (dont download it) cuz u gonna hear some GOOD MUSIC.

Adios yall' and God Bless Love you NICKY!!!

Now or Never

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Susan Z.

I love Nick's new CD!!! The fact that he has alot of edge to some of his songs is amazing. I'm so glad that it's nothing like the BSB style of music, that's just not his personality! He's a true rocker and I hope he does another CD with more rock songs on it. Don't get me wrong, I love BSB's music, but Nick's style is much more my tune. I have to make one comment though, I am both a BSB an NSYNC fan. I enjoy listening to their music, plus they are all really talented individuals. The thing I'm very upset about is how the press is giving more credit to Justin Timberlake. I also bought his new CD, because I was curious about how his style would differ from NSYNC's style and Nick's, but I have to say that Justin's CD was terrible! Nick's CD is so great with alot of very good written songs and his voice is amazing on all of them! Why can't the press open up their ears and actually listen to both of their CD's and see that Justin's CD sounds like Michael Jackson throughout most of it and Nick's CD has all types of different sounds to it, which is awesome. They need to give Nick a chance because I think that he's is going to go far with his type of music he likes to sing and listen to. Just because he sings pop style music with BSB dosen't mean that's who he is! Anyways, I wish him the best of luck in the future!

Now or Never

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Eunicia

Excellent....several variety of music forms-rock, pop, alternative, even a little rap...("Is It Saturday Yet?"). Nick's voice was not repetitious-he played with it in so many different ways. It was interesting to hear that-he could be sulterous like in "Miss America" and heartbroken in "Who Needs the World." ***** (five stars).

One in a Million

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Krissi

Every song on this album has a different and special meaning to it. If you never listen to this album, then you are truly missing out! I've listened to this album over and over again and I'm afraid it will burn out my CD player LoL! Mostly all of my friends LoVe Nick and either have or plan to buy Nick's album.When he goes on tour, I know me and my friends will have the biggest row of people lol..chrissy..dee..kris..bsb luvers for lyfe mwaa bffae..

Mwaa xOxO* ktbspa!!!


Nick Rocks Out

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: KELLY

It's AMAZING!! I AM really impressed!!

If you don't have it, GO BUY IT!! Your missing out!!

It's the BEST CD I've had since Black & Blue!!!


I love it!

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Carmina

Nickīs cd is awesome!I canīt stop listening to the cd!"Scandalicious","Girls in the USA" and "Blow your mind" are such great songs!


Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Liz

Now Or Never is great!I love it!"Scandalicious","Girls In The USA" and "Blow Your Mind" are my faves!

Now Or Never

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: Janet

let me start off by sayin i live in NYC and i have seen Nick a few times since he started recordin the album!! Nick is soo dedicated and hes soo much happier since he did his album!! He put in such longgg hrs at the studio and to see it finallly pay off is the best part!! The album is soo amazin!!! Nick really did an amazin job co-writing and his voice on the cd is the best ive heard it ever!!! He displayed vocals i didnt know he had in him!! I'm sooo freakin proud of him and glad he has a chance to do wat he does!! My fav tracks on NON are def. Blow Your Mind, Who Needs the World, I Got You and Help Me!! I can really relate to some of these songs and i feel such a connection to Nick in a way....The album def. has a different style and flava unlike any album out now!! Nick i love you and Congrats on makin your dream a reality!!!

real bad

Date: Nov 07, 2002
Submitted By: yerdua neyugn

i only like one song that's it. a total waste of money

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