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Never Gone

Date: Jun 22, 2005
Submitted By: Melissa

Wow!!!!!!! like all of us i have waited a lonnnnggg time for this album and i have to say that I am not disappointed. As soon as I got it i put it in my cd player and pushed play. The first song I heard was "just want you to know" - i love it, it was a great up beat tempo song that nick sang very sexily on, it was great. Next song was up "Crawling back to you" - the boys harmonies and brians voice at the start made me melt, it was very heart felt and very backstreet with a twist, i love it. "Weird world" is awesome, i love the piano at the start and how it's just a little bit different to their old songs, don't get me wrong i love their songs but i think this album is so great because it's a more mature sound from the boys and takes it a step up from their old stuff. "I still" made me smile and cry at the same time. I didn't think i would like "poster girl" but it has definantly grown on me and makes me think about life. The rest of the album is great, what more can I say. I have to say well done howie, kevin, brian, aj and nick. You guys should be proud of what you have done. I love it soooo much! I've been a dedicated backstreet boys fan for 8 years and have never seen them in concert, but they are truly great legends! A backstreet fan always and forever KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE! YEAH BACKSTREET'S BACK!

Backstreet Boys -Virgin Mega Store- 06.14.05

Date: Jun 22, 2005
Submitted By: Anduela Laho

June 13.2005 (11:15 pm) Me and my parents were at Virgin Mega Store

June 14.2005 (3/2 am) The security counted the people to be in baricades ..only 3 baricades made it (the fans from 4th baricade tried to get in the 3 baricades but security and police didn't let them)there was solders lol they gave us all american flags (it was cute)

June 14.2005 (8:00am) Virgin Mega Store finally opens and i got the cd and the pass at 8:35 (i think)

June 14.2005 i took a break and stayed at Mc Donalds with some friends i made untill at 3:00 than we went inside virgin mega store stayed there and security came and said they have to make place ready for BSB :) so we went outside (it was about 4:35) there were people already staying in the line (the boys was at TRL at that time,Media came and took us in interview hehe also there was z100 (they gave us posters of bsb,t-shirts of z100

The security didn't let fans to take pics with the boys.I was geting closer and closer to the desk where BSB was sitting wwwoooowww finally i saw the 5 boys.Brian Said hi with smile and i asked him about baylee.Nick kissed me on the cheeks and hugged me and said i was like aawww .Aj gave me hug also did Kevin,when kevin wanted to hug me my rose hitted him i was so embarresed i said to him -are you alright i am so sorry-but he putted the rose down and hugged me again (he was so sweet)i also got hug from howie.They asked me how long i have been waitng in line i said to them -since yesterday 11pm-

They are hotter than in TV or pics,they are sweet

BOSTON SHOW- March 23, 2005

Date: Apr 29, 2005
Submitted By: Courtney

I went to the Backstreet Boys "Up Close and Personal" tour in Boston on March 24, 2005!! I drove two and half hours from connecticut to boston to see them and let me tell you it was worth!! I got to the club around 4:00 and there were already tons of fans waiting. I got to see the boys arrive and of course got pics!! The show was awesome, the boys came out in regular street clothing with white jackets and hats, they looked amazing and sound better than ever! I really loved all their new songs and enjoyed hearing the older songs too!! After the show me and my sister waited with everyone else outside waiting for the boys to walk to their bus, which I didnt think they would walk, I thought they were taking one of the cars from the back and I got to see each one of them walk to the bus and they were not even 10 feet away, I was freaking out, then we were all standing by the bus in front of it and Nick came in the front seat and sat by the driver right before they left, he looked so hot! This was definetely one show I will always remember and I cant wait for the new album "Never Gone" on June 14th! and I cant wait for their summer tour! IF ANYONE WENT TO THE SHOW IN BOSTON OR ANY OF THE SHOWS AND WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT OR JUST BSB IN GENERAL E-MAIL ME AT


"Up Close and Personal Tour"

Date: Apr 23, 2005
Submitted By: K Scoggins

I had the honor and privilege of going to see our boys again last night in concert and one thing is certain, Backstreet IS back. There harmonies have never been cleaner, their voices have never been stronger, their choreography has never been more appropriate for the music, their look has never been so cool, and their personalities have never been so prevalent as they were during this concert. It was the boys we all love without all the flash and commercialism. They sang all of "Chapter One" and 5 songs off of their new album "Never Gone".They even included a phantastically phat and rock riddled rendition of "Shout". It was the highlight of the evening! The "boys" were themselves and their objective to reconnect with their fans has certainly been met, with this fan at least. The performance was incredible. If you get the chance, GO SEE THEM...


Date: Apr 23, 2005
Submitted By: Kali

I saw the boys last night APRIL 6 at the rock club in station square, Pittsburgh, PA!!! It was an amazing show, all their new songs sound great live and I can't wait for the cd June 14!! I met Brian for the first time last night. It was pure luck and with a little help from my AMAZING boyfriend!!! I was walking out of Hooters because I had to pee, and we could hear the boys doing a sound check right next door in the venue. My boyfriend walked around onto the deck and opened the door to the stage so we could look in (there were 2 other girls there). I started to scream "come say hi" and out pranced Brian. He was the sweetest guy ever. All i could manage to say was "OH MY GOD!! I have loved you for 10 years" he playfully smiled and was like "10 years?!?! thats crazy.. thank you" he then gave me a hug nad started to walk away. I was like WAIITT can i have a picture and he was like YEAH SURE!! Not minutes later I met Bonics from the radio station. I got to give a shout out on the radio and he kept referring to me as "10 years". During the show AJ crowd surfed and the boys looked like they were having more fun than ever. They seemed to enjoy the smaller venues, because they got more one on one time with the fans. They sounded and looked amazing. Towards the end of the night I threw my one shirt on stage and Kevin picked it up and rubbed it on his face. Then threw it back.. after a struggle I got it!! After the show we saw their bus driving away and I ran across the highway and pounded on the window. Howie was sitting right there and I said I LOVE YOu and he smiled and said "thank you i love you to" and blew me a kiss. This was by far the best BSB or any show I have ever been too

BSB 4-4-05 show in Columbus, Oh at Promowest

Date: Apr 23, 2005
Submitted By: Dani W

The show was awesome. The guys came out wearing "street clothes", and white trench coats and hats. Their new songs, are awesome! The next album is sure to be pretty big at very least. Their dancing was awesome, even Kevin's since he's hit the Big 40! He doesn't even look it, he can pass gor 25! Nick hair has grown back since their asian tour in '04, and they're preformances of all the material was amazing! If you have a chance to see them at a club tour it's worth the money and the bruises. If you can't see them, definatley try to get their new cd 'Never Gone', on June 14th, for the songs, b/c their still awesome, and their not using metaphors to talk about "the nasty" anymore.


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