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Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Karen

Nick's new album is great. It is a fantastic mixture of music and I enjoy listening to it over again. Keep on recording great music for us to hear. Can't wait for the next album.


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Patrizia

I think that Nick's album is great. It is very different from what he sings with the boys. He did a great job and I am proud to be a Nick Carter Fan.

Now or Never

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: linda McTag

The album is great! All of the songs are different yet they fit together well. Most albums have only three or four songs that are good and the rest are fillers. This album doesn't have a filler in it. A great album a definite must to have.

NoW oR nEvEr

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Krissy

ITS AWESOME!!!! I knew it would be a wicked record! Just by the way Nick writes and with his amazing voice, the album will forsure hit #1! GREAT JOB NICKY!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Review of Nick's CD

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Zoë

I think Nick's CD is very good. I love the song "I Got You". The two songs I don't really like are "Miss America" and "I Just Wanna Take You Home" I think he sounds really sexy and much older. On the cover, he looks so hot, not like the little boy we used to know! The only bad thing was, obviously, that the other boys weren't on it, and that I wasn't a new BSB CD. I kept waiting for Brian or AJ to join it, and I kept thinking that I heard Kevin and Howie in the background, but of course it wasn't them. I also think that Nick's dedication to his boys was so sweet! Overall, it's a good CD, and I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it! I can't wait for the next BSB CD to come out now!!!!! KTBPA!!!


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Sue

Nick's new CD "Now or Never" is the BEST!

If anyone of you have not buy it yet, you should because it is really good!! There are more Nick's singing than the musics, which is a very good thing. The lyrics are good too!! It is worthy to buy it and listen and listen and listen all over again. I listen to it everyday at least for 2 hours!! Guys, go to the store and buy one on your own, you will then know it is worth it! GO NOW!! It is NOW OR NEVER!!!

i stand for you

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Dawn

i bought the album listened to it and liked every song on the cd and i think hes gone past just teenie boppers to a broader audience and hes definitely become a big super star your album is awesome nick!

Nick, you ROCK MY STEREO!!!

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Katie

I think that nick is so fine...And his music is no different!!! I love his album, and it followes me everywhere and I got it the first day it came out!!!

So great job nick!!!

Love always,


Now or Never..... Definatley Now

Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Jen

I listened to Nicks new album... and it totally rocks. It's the best. Diffrent than the usuall backstreet boys material but still awsome. I especially love, girls in the usa, and miss america. I also love blow your mind... i kinda think it's about willa though .. LOL.


Date: Nov 13, 2002
Submitted By: Cistina

Hi, How are you? IŽwant say you congratilations.

IŽlove you.

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