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Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Martina

Ohh I like that! Nick's done a cool cd, but very different than the BSB's ones. It's rock, not the pop we used to listen, but i like very much this sound and i think Nick's showing his real mind with this cd. Go on this way, nick! But you can't forget the BSB, we want them back!!!

Now Or Never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Bryanna

I thinnk Nicks album rocks, its one of the best albums that i have heard in a long time. It's oneof those album that I can just put into my cd player and listen to over and over again. I think its the best and it rocks.


Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: BSBFreakforeva!

it is so cool,i love it but i would love to know if the album that bsb are recording is the last if so pleaes email me so i may find out.


Now or Never Review

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Stephanie

As big of a fan as I am of the Backstreet Boys and Nick himself, I wasn't really expecting a great cd from him. I was quite pleasently surprised though! The songs are all fantastic, I can't name you one that I don't like. The fact that Nick had a hand in writing most of them is also great, good for him! He has obiously shown that he's not just a pretty face and does have some real talent that maybe people didn't notice before this cd, but it's pretty hard to deny it now- the boy has talent! If you like Bryan Adams, or even if you don't but just know his style, you might agree when I say that some of his songs sound like Bryan Adams' songs, which is a great thing in my opnion! I highly reccommened that everyone check out this cd if you haven't already, it's well worth buying! Plus you get a dvd with it, you can't go wrong!

NoW Or NeVeR- the best album I own

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Gemma

I bought Nick's Cd the first day it came out and I was NOT dissapointed.

Nick's solo effort is the greatest CD I own it's one of those "can't skip a song CD's"


Why Nick, Why??

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Chanira

i'm a huge fan of bsb, but Nick's album, Now or Never lacks a lot of things. Rock is not actually in a the moment, i think he should have waited longer. Some songs on that album make no sense. Nick could do better than that.

Now or Never Its Now

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Virginia

I love this album. he's got all the elements of all the styles that he claims that he loves. I knew that this album would be awesome just by virtue of the different styles that all seem to flow real well together and yet all the songs on that album could on first listen and can still stand out on their own twelve individual albums with 144 other tracks. Every song on their makes me feel some thing different and I also love the fact that its not overly guest ladden like some of the other albums that have been put out this year.

Now Or Never

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Sara Catalanotto

Nick I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU. You did a great job on the album.I love Help Me because I can relate to the song. I Love My Confession,Do I Have To Cry For You that song is the most passionate on the c.d. I Got You, Miss America is the other side of you. I always knew you were romantic but this is the SEXIEST song I have heard Besides If You Want It To Be Good Girl Get Yourself A Bad Boy.I Also love Heart With Out a Home and Who Needs The World. You got so grown up and Handsome.I hope you never stop doing your job because you touch me in a way I can't explain. And I know you have said this over and over that you and the boys will not break up but I hear from an article that A.J. says the album you guys are going to do will be your last.I pray to god that is not true.Beacuse I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.ALWAYS AND FOREVER.


Sara Catalanotto

Loved It

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Penny

I listened to Nick's CD "Now Or Never" and I just totally LOVED it. I loved it so much that I just listened to it over and over again.

Miss America

Date: Dec 05, 2002
Submitted By: Camila Tamico Ushiwata

I love it!!!!!

Nick is a wonderful singer. And he improved a lot your talentous and showed your other side that the fans didn't know....

I love the Backstreet Boys, and I love each backstreet boys!!



Camila Thomas Littrell McLean Carter

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