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Aaron Carter

Date: Dec 22, 2001
Submitted By: Emily

I went to see Aaron Carter on June 22,2001 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I met him last year while he was on the Britney Spears Tour. He was so sweet! I was hoping I could meet him again this time around but I didn't. Although I did meet Myra and Ricky from No Authority. Anyway, Aaron puts on such a good concert! He is made for the stage. I had great seats; I was eyelevel with Aaron. Like he promised there was alot of interaction with audience. All in all it was a GREAT experience and I would definetly fly anywere to see him again!! (I'm from Texas.)

See ya!!

Aaron Carter in Cincinnati, OH

Date: Dec 22, 2001
Submitted By: Katie

I attended an Aaron Carter concert at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 15. It was the best concert (next to the Black and Blue show) that I had ever been to. Aaron is an awesome performer and has so much engery to keep the crowd going.

Before the show started, I was able to meet Leslie Carter at the autograph tent and get a picture with her. She was one of 5 opening acts that night along with Nonny (Aaron's dancer/chorographer), True Vibe, Myra, and the A-Teens. I thought Leslie was the best and was so glad to FINALLY see her perform live.

Aaron's show opened with video footage of him when he first started singing. It showed different interviews and past performances he had done. I thought it was very well done and has shown how much he has grown. He opened with "Life Is A Party", which really got the crowd pumped out. He sang a few other songs including his next single, "Not Too Young, Not Too Old". In the middle of the song, Nick came out and starting singing the chorus!! I was so shocked to see him there! I couldn't believe he was standing 2 feet away from me! While he was singing, he pointed right at me and smiled! I couldn't believe this was happening! It was a dream come true! He left the stage after the song was over, but he was to come back to sing, "Oh Aaron." Before Aaron was to sing, "Thats How I Beat Shaq", they had a basketball hoop set up and Aaron insisted that Nick shoot some baskets. He didn't want to at first, but then agreed. Unfortunatly, he didn't make any and blamed it on his broken hand. Jane came out and tried to shoot some as well, and made one in. Aaron was the last to try and also made one in. Before Aaron was to sing the final song, "Aaron's Party", Nick came out with an oversized cowboy hat on, a tambourine in his hand, and did this crazy dance to some type of country music. He was dancing all around on my side of the stage, turning around and shaking his butt towards the audience, lol. It was very funny, but yet very cute, LOL! After Aaron's final song, Nick came back out on stage and took a bow with him and his dancers.

That concert was one of the best nights I've had and I'm so happy that Nick decided to perform with Aaron. I took some pictures there and will try to send them in for those of you interested in seeing what the concert was like. Those of you who are going to an Aaron concert this month, be on the look out for Nick! He just might be there!

Aaron Carter in Detroit - July 10, 2001

Date: Dec 13, 2001
Submitted By: Linda - a fan in Canada


The album is called Aaron’s Party, and what a wonderful party it was! On July 10th I had the pleasure of watching Aaron and a few of his friends and family members perform at Meadowbrook Theatre, near Detroit. This show was all I expected and more. In light

of the recent BSB crisis, we sure needed something to cheer us up, and this night was

just perfect.

Although there were no less than 5 opening acts, the pace moved along quickly , and there was no ‘down-time’ in between them, making it quite enjoyable. Each of them did a good job, especially True Vibe, who were well-received by the sold-out audience of almost 8,000 people. Leslie Carter was also a crowd favourite, and knew just how to pump us up for her little bro! The only time we waited was just before he performed, and at that time, we were shown some old video footage of AC performing and being interviewed at age 8, 9, or 10 (?) You could almost hear all of us saying “Aww, how cute.”

Once Aaron hit the stage, the energy and excitement really started to roll. He looked so comfortable, like he was meant to be his ‘element’. His dancing was wonderful, as was his singing. There were some theatrics during the show; an alien spaceship type rig, a little basketball net and some hoop-shooting, etc, which I could have done without, but it went over fairly well with the crowd, the majority of which were children and young teens. Since his voice has changed a little lately (puberty will do that to you) he backed off of some of chorus singing, and let the back-up vocalists cover the higher parts of the songs. I did notice this, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment in the least. He would do some extra dancing, or gymnastics, or costume changes so the skipped vocals could be forgiven. His choice of repertoire ranged from his very early work, through Aaron’s Party, his miscellaneous sound-track recordings, and a few numbers from the up-coming CD.

Some of us (like me) were hoping to catch a glimpse of Nick, knowing that he has shown up at Aaron’s concerts in the past, and his voice is on the song “Oh Aaron” but unfortunately we only got to hear a recording of it. That’s understandable, though, because he has bigger issues to deal with at the moment, doesn’t he? But near the end of the concert, Leslie was hanging out in the audience, just enjoying the show, and she even starting talking to my friend and I. We naturally got her autograph, and were just thrilled about our Carter encounter! That’s just ONE degree of separation from both the exciting for such devoted fans like us.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening, and I know that any fan, young or old, will thoroughly enjoy the show. Aaron is just magic on the stage, and deserves all the success in the world. I’m rooting for him!

Aaron Carter / Charelston, WV/ 07-14-01

Date: Dec 18, 2001
Submitted By: Kimberly

Oh, my GOSH! Okay. First of all, we got to meet Leslie at the autograph booth!!!(A Carter!!!) We gave her a stuffed beanie buddie rabbit with three notes attached from each of us. While we were standing in line, we began to talk, as we often do, to the people in front of us. They had met Aaron and much of his family before(not Nick) and had seen Nick backstage at the sound check. We totally started freaking out knowing that Nick was in the same building!

The concert started with Nonny Aaron's coreographer. Then came on Truev ibe(I think that's how you spell it). I missed them for buying merchandise.:( Then came on Myra (sp). Then Leslie!!! Then A-Teens, which during we were yelling "Backstreet is not 30!" Then came Aaron!

He started with "Life Is A Party." During one of the songs we were able to go from our seats (which by the way were on the floor, hehe) and take a stuffed beanie buddie lion with a card and notes from each of us attached, to the stage. We also were able t take pics while we were up there. (They are definately not as strict as BSB, hehe)

Well, during a slower song, Aaron told the girls on the floor to come closer to the stage. We all did. This is when we think that they snuck Nick, Jane, and BJ, to the sound booth. Later, after we were back at our seats, a little girl, whom I didn't see again, just out of no where, (I mean had nothing to show I was a Nick fan) came and tapped me on the shoulder. She pointed and said "Nick Carter is sitting in the sound booth. He's wearing a white T-shirt." I heard Nick but couldn't understand the rest I asked her again and this time I understood. I turned to tell my friend and we rushed back to where Nick was. I never saw the little girl again. If your out there thank you sooo soo much. I probably wouldn't have noticed Nick(how sad is that). I seriously think that she was an Angel, because earlier I had prayed something along the lines of it was in God's will that we might meet or at least get close to Nick. Whew, if there was ever any doubt, God does exist and does answer prayers. It's happened way too many times to be coincidence.

Well, we tried to get back to Nick, but secerity guards as we all know suck and would not let us through. So, we or least I, pretty much watched Nick the whole time. I feel so bad about Aaron, but I just couldn't forget the fact that Nick was like 10 feet behind me.

During, "Aaron's Party", I turned to say something very quickly to Ashlee. It couldn't have been more than a couple seconds, but when we looked back, Jane, BJ, and NICK were gone. Goodness they must go fast. Well, Ashlee and I weren't going to let the love of our life (hehe) get away that easily! We left (sorry AC) and went to find Nick. Well, we never found him, but had fun trying.

After the concert, we came back down to the sound booth. There was a trunk sitting there where Nick had been only minutes before. Still sitting there was his Gaterade bottle, with Gaterade still in it. We asked ifwe could have it and they gave it to us. We were holding something that Nick had touched. This may sound very pitiful, but we even drank out of it to say we drank after Nick. (Hey it's probably the closest we'll ver get to kissing him) Ashlee and I held on to it fo dear life. Darla(who was never before interested in the Carters) was now even wanting to hold it. I could not believe it!

This was definately a night I will never forget. Now that it's over and I'm home at 12:24 AM. It's hard to think it wasn't a dream. We were like two feet away from BJ, Jane(I worship that women, lol), and NICK!!! We own his Gaterade bottle now, and even drank after him. Heather if your out there we thought of you and Laura during all of this!

If anyone has any questions, if you have an experience you'd like to share, or just want to talk about Aaron, BSB, Nick, hehe, email or im me please!! Thanks! :)

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