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Lupus Cruise 2001

Date: Dec 02, 2002
Submitted By: Brittany

Hey Everyone,

Well to start off, i don't know about all of you but i had a blast on this years Lupus 2001 cruise!! You may remember me because I am one of the "WE DISSED DISNEY TO CRUISE WITH HOWIE D." girls!!!! (and i am almost positive that ALMOST everyone saw us somewhere on the ship) Well I also attended the cruise last year and as soon as i got home i compared the two and it turned out that I liked last year because there wern't as many people, and we each got like 5 minutes to talk to him and he was seen more often on the ship!! Last year we even got to have what WE wanted signed and this year we got a "pre" signed poster that was from a different event!!! Don't get me wrong because I had a BLAST on the cruise and will HOPEFULLY be attending next year!!! And all of you have to agree with me that Howie is like the SWEETIST person in the WHOLE world and i dont think that the "miss understandings were his fault!! Well i betta go so HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!!!!


The Lupus Cruise

Date: Dec 02, 2002
Submitted By: Anne

Wow! I have not read the entries in a while. Thank goodness that the selfish little twerps who were moaning about the cruise being disorganized and Nick being a NO SHOW are finally buried beneath great reveiws. I didn't go on the cruise, but I was interested in what it was about. Some folk gave great pieces of information, you could almost imagine being there. Thanks for the detailed reports. It was nice reading your daily events.

I wish the CHRONIC COMPLAINERS would shut up about having to pay $20.00 for a picture of themselves and Howie. What a load of codswallop. Most folk would pay thousands.

Also please let the CHRONIC COMPLAINERS shut up about how the events were poorly run - blah blah blah!

The event was for charity, theorectically that means to give generosity towards the needy, without having notions or expectations to personal profit or gain. And, folk should have felt self satification that they contributed to a charity and not complain about events and what-nots.

As for Nick not showing up. Whatever! If you were selfish enough to go on the cruise for the sole purpose to meet Nick then you are not only a horrid and ungrateful person, but I am happy to write, You got what you desered. NADA!

To the Dorough family I can only write that I am ashamed and embarrassed by these disgruntled folk who probably not only drove you NUTZ but also blatantly bashed your annual charity event without cause or concern as to how their wicked words could upset you in any way, shape or form. On behalf of those rude individuals I do apologize.

Like I wrote earlier it's refreshing to read the positive feedback from the cruise has slamdunked the negative. And to all you little petty misfits, remember one thing. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! So please think twice before you write something nasty, because when you act in haste, you repent in leisure. Are you actually proud of yourselves after having read your absolutely beastly entries? I would be ashamed - and I hope with all my heart that deep down inside yourselves you regret all the bad things you wrote.

To Jennifer I think what you wrote was brilliant and truly wonderful. It's obvious that you care a lot about issue's and that's always nice to know, so thanks for being a caring, sharing person.

To - I think you have a fabulous site and I do thank you for allowing me the priviledge of writing this submission and the viewing of your website.

To everyone else - Have a great year in 2002 and keep the BSB PRIDE ALIVE.

Later, Anne

Lupus Cruise

Date: Dec 02, 2002
Submitted By: L.M.E.

I think that all of the events have already been covered so I won't repeat all of that. I just wanted to say that for people who "weren't" there to be commenting on how those who were should feel and act is unfair. I am sorry if some of you could not go, but don't tell me I should be grateful simply because I can afford it.

For me, I had a great time because I chose to make it the best it could be for myself and because I didn't go just because it involved a backstreet boy.

Keep in mind that this was my vacation and I paid a lot more than the Carnival passengers who were not included in the DLF events,(we all did) and yes it was disappointing in many ways because those of us who did go were enticed by many things promised but not delivered. I am not talking about Nick because that was the one thing that they were upfront enough about to say hey we are not responsible if he doesn't show. Although while I am at it I would like to say, although I don't know personally what Nick's reasons were for not showing up, I think as a friend, Howie deserved a lot better. (that comes from the fact that all of the DLF people I spoke with said Nick did not inform them that he would not be there, and that makes me not respect him and his decisions).

Again, please keep in mind that these are our reviews, based on our personal experiences, good or bad, we are entitled to our opinions and this is simply a forum where we are allowed to express them, and we shouldn't be made to feel ashamed if our opinions do not match your own.

I thought Howie and his family were the most gracious people I have ever met, and I had a great time playing with Howie and the boys til the wee hours of the mornings.

Lupus Cruise

Date: Dec 02, 2002
Submitted By: Dena

This is to Stephanie:

So Chelsea and Dorough Family called Nick a jerk for not attending? Really? All I heard them say was that Nick had a family emergency and would try to join the cruise later on. The fact that they said he would try to make it, and that he wasn't just cancelling, made me think that he really did have some family matter to attend to. But let me ask you, did you go on this cruise to support the Lupus Foundation or to stalk Nick? Let me remind you that Nick was the one BSB that usually went to all Howie's after concert Lupus Foundation events so don't make it sound like he always bails out on Howie. The Lupus cruise was Howie's event and he and his family did a great job and we had a great time. Sorry to vent, but I can't deal with "true" fans like you.

Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive and Happy New Year.


Date: Dec 02, 2002
Submitted By: Annie

It sounds like some had fun and others obviously didn't. I have to say, however, I cannot believe how incredibly naive some of you were to think you'd be spending "all of your time" with Howie. Get real, people. Did you really think that he could spend all his time with over 300 people? It was never meant to be that. The meet & greet did sound cheesy. I think maybe they should limit the number of cruisers to a manageable number next year, maybe 150, that way those who go can have more time during that aspect.

As for Nick not showing, that's a bummer and I can understand the disappointment, but life goes on. Some of you probably would be complaining there wasn't enough time to spend with him either, even if he had been there. They probably should'nt have advertised his appearance, especially if he backs out alot - then, if he had come, it would've been a nice surprise. - although in fairness, we have no idea why he didn't show, so try not to judge.

Please remember, they are people just like you. They've just come off a long, long tour that lasted most of the year, numerous tv/radio appearances and most recently come from Japan, they dealt with AJs problems and their emotions as well this year. On top of this, how would you like to be perpetually followed, pulled and tugged, repeatedly asked for autographs/pictures AT ALL TIMES - whether it's a good time or not - most of your life? Yes, they asked for some of it by doing what they do, but there is a limit.

Regarding the disorganization, that is sad and hopefully if this is done again, they will learn from these issues. Again, limiting the number of attendees would be a good start. If you didn't like it, don't go again. It would've been nice if all the money had gone to the charity, but it isn't so. Everything has a flip side.

Everyone have a great New Year, try to be happy!

Howie's cruise for DLF

Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: Daffanie

I would just like to say I had a great time on the cruise !! Sure there were some little glitches ,but if you are a fun loving person( which I am) you try to just make the best of it ,after all we went to some beautiful places and being over 21 I was able to see Howie alittle more !! I got to dance with him and he was so sweet , his whole family was nothing but nice and I will be on the next trip for Sure !!!!!!!!!

Other reviews with CWH

Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: Trigger

I just got done reading some of the reviews of the people that wrote them, and I'm sorry, but that is so rude. You were supposed to go on the cruise to support Howie's charity, and not to see Nicks ass. Yea, I love them all, but, you can't diss D like that. I would have died and gone to heaven to go on that ship with him. You don't realise how fortunate you are! I am such a true fan, I remind myself everyday why I love them. And to think that there are decieving fans out there, is wicked sad.

DLF Cruise 2001

Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

I was on the DLF Cruise, and I did have a very good time, although I was VERY disappointed that Nick didnt show up it was okay. I got to know Howie and his family very well. Howie is a very nice guy and I partied with him and his brother and bodyguards a few of the nights. I got to meet some really cool people. I dont regret going. Nick if you are reading this I am very disappointed in you. I wouldnt be so disappointed but the way Chelsea and everybody else talked about you it made you sound like a real jerk, they said that you always cancelled out. Well either way, I had a pretty good time, and although everybody is complaining on how unorganized everything was remember guys this was for a charity and it was only the 2nd year, nothing is going to run perfectly.

lupus 2001 cruise

Date: Dec 31, 2001
Submitted By: Stephanie

The lupus Cruise was perfect and I could not ask for more. All of you people who are complaining about it need to get a life. You should of paid the money to suuport a cause not because you thought Nick was going or to win a scavenger hunt. If you are complaining about the minor mishaps I would like to see you put together all the events. you the complainers are nothing but immature spoiled brats.I went on the cruise not expecting anything but my seconds with Howie D in the meet in great and got way more. Howie and his intire family are all great paople and a bunch of sweethearts. You should consider yourself lucky to have even gotten that opportunity, so many others would kill to have gone!

Any ways let me start from the first day

All the Howie D participants met in the Hospitality room until Chelsea and the dlf crew came to pass out our credentials which included the schedule for the week and our lupus cruise badges we had to ware in events.Then they gave us goody bags with some neat stuff, that was really thoughtful of them. Rick howie's camera man recognized me and my twin sister from the lupus event down in Orlando. He knew us as the crazy fans he was filming. My sister and me had also gone up to pollyanna and spoke to her and took photos with her, we were both a little emotional. then later on we went back to the hospitality room when all the fans had left to ask for chelsea's photo. She is really nice despite the fact that alot of people didnt like her because she was the one who directed it all and was a bit stressed when a event was going on.

After that we met in the club rio lounge and went over all the rules of the week and the rules of the meet ang greet. Then Howie came out and everyone got in a line for there turn to speak and take a picture with him. EVERYBODT HE IS GORGEOUS. I sat in the table in front of Howie and he was joking around how his mouth was dry from smiling and that the small scar under his eye was because he fell. He was telling us that he needs to put a life size poster to take the pictures with the rest of the fans. when the ship would rock he would salsa dance from side to side, it was the cutest thing. I could go on forever on all the cute things he said but I dont have all day.

At night we would always see howie in the casino and in the club.The man could dance. Alot of the girls would surround him. There was blessed moments when I would dance with Mr D.

The auction was great especially when howie cam out and all the items went for thousands of dollars. Howie is really funny and would say the cutest things. Dinner with him went as high as $9,000.

When we went to conzumel Mexico We(me, my sister, and my mom) ran into Howie and his crew . By this time we knew them all and they recognized us. We took a picture with Rick, the cameraman and Marlene his wife and told howie it was all about rick( a continued inside joke from the first night) then howie said no it isnt watch you want to take a picture with me ( cute smile) and of course we did. later that night he went to a place called carlos and charley's but he had a reseved section.

I skipped that the day before we ran into pollyanna and she told us to go the venezia lounge where she would be singing. Howie and his crew and a couple other fans besides us were there. She sang all her demo songs and it was funny the way she made JR a jive records dude dance along. when it finished we gave her a present we had for her and she told to go to the club where they were heading to next.

When they had the information desk up we sopke to chlesea, angie and pat for a very long time. They are such great paople.

The scavenger hunt was a blast I dont think I have ever ran so much in my life. So what if a wrong clue was given out it was a game. My team made it to the obstacle course and we were tied in fisrt place to the very last game in which we lost. it's ok I was happy Howie himself came out and demonstrated the last game in which you put a big needle like stick on your butt and have to pop the ballons on a board your other teamate was holding. He said cute commentslike back that ass up and I'm not use to going this way.The winners were given awards given to them by Howie and a group picture with him.

Later on the week Pollyanna sang and everyone attended, it was great, when she finished her songs everyone participated in singing Christmas songs(Howie was there showing his support)

I saw him in Jamiaca in his bathing suit and tank top climbing dunns river falls. He climbed with his family including his little nieces kassidy and Samantha( he is such a cute uncle). Me and my sister were along side him and he told us" How you ladies doing, are you doing alright, then he winked and said good". I never imagined that one day I would be climbing dunns river falls next to howie.

Kareoke was a blast. Howie pollyanna and Chelsea were the judges. Howie did a suprise performence of all I have to give with his whole crew who happen not to be the best singers not even his brother it was funny.Chelsea and pollyanna sang and each of them did great and I'm not just saying that becase its his sister and niece.In the end howie sang fly to heaven and of course we cried. I said bye to everyone and got a bit teary eyed again.

That last night Howie was a guest DJ it was to cute he didnt know what he was doing but sometimes he would sing in the Backstreet Boy songs.

I was really sad when I had to leave. I didnt want to leave Howie and his whole family and crew. I never thought I would get to know all of them and that they would recognize us around the ship. Howie was not hiding the whole time so it gave the fans lots of opportunities to have great memories with him. I'm thankful that they all were nice to us and gave us the best experience of ur lives.

Lupus Cruise 2001

Date: Dec 30, 2001
Submitted By: Jenn Cocariu

WOW! all I can say about this past week. Sorry that this is so long, I just wanted to give a nice detailed review for people that wanted to know alllll about what happened! Let me start from the very begining. Friday December 14th was pretty much hell! haha. I was so clueless on what to pack and everything...I ended up going to bed at about 1:30. Saturday morning, the alarm clock went off at 3:00am...letting me have only about one and a half hours of sleep. I made sure I got all my stuff together, and my parents and I were off to the airport. It was a nice flight from Detroit down to Miami...such a nice change in weather! We arrived at the Port of Miami at about noon...went through all the LONG pain in the butt lines...and then got on the ship around 2:30. Of course running very late...we got all of our Lupus credentials and stuff...and then the ship left at around 5:30 (someone had to go to the hospital and we were late). We had dinner in the London dining room at 6:15 at table 125 (haha, i'm sure you want to know!). Since I was there with only my parents, I didn’t have many luckily we had two girls, Ally and Lynsie, sitting with us. Both girls were a lot older than me, Ally was 26 and Lynsie was 18 (I'm only 15)...which was actually pretty good, cause they could get me into places ;)! After dinner, Ally and I went to the Welcome Meeting where we learned all the rules for the Meet 'n Greet (no pictures...only 3min w/ Howie...ya know, stupid stuff), stuff about Karaoke, Howie Madness etc. and then we had the Meet 'n Greet at around 9 (of course late again because we were on "Howie Time"). At the Welcome Meeting, we also found out that Nick wasn’t going to make it because of “Family Problems”…which I don’t know if I quite believe because I heard differently, and the whole Dorough family was a bit disappointed…oh well! Before we went and met Howie, we met Pollyanna and took a picture with her. She made a funny comment when someone said how disappointed they were that Nick wasn’t there (which I don’t know why they said it to Pollyanna??)…but she goes “Oh well, Howie’s better!” After meeting her, we then got in line for our pic w/ Howie. He was too darn cute! He had on a white shirt that had his name on the front and said "Howie's Tiki Bar" on the back. Ally and I both went up and took individual pics w/ him...then watched everyone else. I don’t know why everyone complained about the $20 you had to pay for the professional picture taken of you and Howie? The money goes to a good cause…and it’s something that you will keep for a long time! I was kind of upset with the fact that we got a signed poster from a previous event in June that we hadn’t even attended…but oh well. Once he was done...we followed him up to his room and found out his and his parents room number! That night we only stayed up until 1 because we were both tired and needed to get our rest...only to find out that Howie was up all night in the casino and club!

Sunday at around noon I went over to the girls' room and we went out to lunch, and after lunch, we went to the celebrity auction at 3:15. The auction was fun, but it got real good once the good BSB stuff started going up for auction. They had a dinner with Howie and his family that sold for $7,500 to some friends of ours…those crazy girls! But the last auction item, spending a day with Howie and his family in Ochos Rios, Jamaica swimming with the dolphins and climbing a waterfall hand-in-hand with Howie, was the funnest to watch people go for. My friend Ally decided she’d be crazy and go for it, so in between taping Howie, Adam and Rick on stage, she’d be yelling out different bids trying to win. Me and my friend Annie were behind her yelling, “do it do it!” “goooo!!!” After all of the going back and forth with her and this one lady, she finally yelled out $7,000! Adam replied with, “going once—oh I just gotta give it to ya!” That night we got ready for our first formal night dinner. Dinner was pretty good and afterwards we got ready to go out and PARTY. Actually...I didn't end up going because it was pretty rough at sea that night and I was cooped up sick in my room :(. Of course, with my luck, that night Howie and Pollyanna did an out-of-the-blue show and everyone saw Howie out and about in the club.

Monday was our first day in at port in Cozumel, Mexico. I started the day off with going snorkeling with my dad and Lynsie at around 10 and then going shopping with my mom, Lynsie, Ally and some other girls. Throughout the city we saw all of Howie's family and chatted with them, but of course, no Howie! Some of girls got tired and Lynsie my mom and I there, and we continued shopping. At around 5:30 we got a horse buggy to take us back to Carlos and Charlies where we were meeting people for dinner...and on our way...I looked over at this big santa clause that we had taken a picture under earlier that day...and of course, under it was none other than...Howie and all of his friends! I just about wanted to jump out and go over to him, but I controlled myself. He was wearing a cute Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. Him and his friends/brother/dad were so cute taking a picture under that big thing! Dinner at Carlos and Charlies was a blast! I noticed that there we a really long table set up right behind us, and kind of had the idea that it might be Howie coming, but of course stupid me didn’t stay…and then I found out later that night him and his entire crew went and ate there right after we left! That night we partied at Fat Tuesdays and then boarded the ship at around 11:30pm. That night we saw Howie and friends around at the casino and dance club which was really fun for me considering it was my first night seeing him out and around. We didn’t go to bed until late that night, and it was a damn good night J!

Tuesday was a fun day at sea. At around 2:00 we went down to the Oxford Bar to begin the “Howie Madness Scavenger Hunt.” Some people thought that this even was disorganized…but I thought that it was a ball! First of all…it was just supposed to be a fun game…and also, the Dorough family had so much other stuff that they had to plan out as well…I think they did a very good job. We were running around the boat like crazy! We got yelled at for running through the casino…and we also got made fun of for running through the marriage show, thinking we had found some clues there! Our team, the “Squigly Sea Snorklers” came in fourth place in the scavenger hunt, which meant that we got to participate in the Howie Madness Obstacle Room. The first obstacle, one member from the team had to stick their had into a bucket full of ice and clear marbles and pick out the most marbles you could. The second obstacle you had to spin around 10 times and then put a nickel on a tongue depressor and walk over to a little cup and put the nickel in the cup without dropping it…our team won this event J. The third obstacle you had to pass a balloon down a line just using your legs. For the fourth obstacle, Howie came out and demonstrated what you had to do for us. He placed this pie tin with a bit pointer coming out of the back of it on his butt, and then had to try and pop open these balloons on a piece of foam bored. Since he had to move his butt in a backwards motion, he mad the silly comment, “I’m not usually used to going this way,” which just about made everyone die of laughing. Unfortunately our team didn’t win L but we came close! That night we went out to the club and were up dancing all night. At one point of the night around 3am the song, “Dance With Me,” was on and my friend Annie got Howie to come over and dance with us, and he was so cute! He does this cute little thing when he dances with his hands…ahhhh that night was amazing!!

Wednesday we were in Grand Cayman. My dad and I went snorkeling with the sting ray which was a lot of fun. Wednesday night we went out again and saw Howie around at the casino and club.

Thursday was one of the best days in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. My dad and I first went and climbed Dunn's River Falls which was absolutely gorgeous, and then went to go swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. We were supposed to be back on the boat by about 3 that day…and all of a sudden around 3:45 we heard an announcement that came on saying, “Steven Chun please call the Purser’s office,” (Steven Chun was the guy who was with the whole Dream Cruise thing). Then at around 4 we heard the guy come back on the announcements and said, “we’ve got some people coming on the boat late, please go out on your balconies and yell for them to hurry up!” So my friend and me went out on her balcony and saw Pollyanna walking in front of Howie towards the entrance to the ship. Everyone was yelling and screaming at them, and then my friend yelled down to Howie, “Cute hat Howie!!” and he looked up and laughed and waved at us. Then he sped up and him and Pollyanna raced to the door…they’re so cute! We got to hear all about Ally’s day with Howie and his family…I was so jealous! That night after dinner we went to the “Music Trivia with Pollyanna,” which kind of turned into her just singing because her piano man was sick, so she just sang some songs for us, and then we sang some Christmas songs. We took a quick nap before going out, and then went to the club at around 11. That night at the club, my friend Ally (the one who spent the day with Howie) introduced me to Howie and I just about died! Haha, just hearing him say, “Hi Jennifer, how are you?” made my life J! We stayed up and partied for a bit that night and then I went to bed a very happy girl!!

Friday was our last day at sea L. The sea was a bit rough that day…but luckily I was fine! We went over to Chelsea’s room so that Ally could pick up her picture from Chelsea…and I just wanted to say that anyone who was bashing Chelsea and stuff for being rude and disorganized, you don’t know what you’re talking about. That girl worked her ass off that week to try and make everyone happy, and I think she did a wonderful job. She was so sweet, and so was her boyfriend, Adam, too. During the day we saw Howie and his friends in the hot tub, which I have to admit was a nice sight J. We didn’t sit there and grope over him, video taping his every move in the hot tub and approach him for autographs while he was trying to relax…unlike some other people that were around. That night we just got room service because we had to make the Karaoke show which was at 7:00 in the Club Rio Lounge. Karaoke was a blast! Chelsea got up on stage and sang a couple songs. She was actually really good, she was so cute singing to her little girl who was sitting right up in front! There were some people who did really good when they sang their songs…but then there was on girl who sang IWITW and kind of messed up…and I’m sorry, but how can you mess up a BSB song in front of Howie?? Howie and all his friends/brother/dad…known as the “Crapstreet Boys” got up on stage and sang, “All I Have To Give,” which was soooooooo cute! Pollyanna also got up on stage and sang everyones favorite, “Wet!” Poor girl…she went over to steal JR’s hat and when she was walking back to the stage, she missed the step and fell flat on her face! She didn’t just lightly fall…we all heard a loud *THUMP*! She played it off very well though…making up a funny version of the song singing… “JR made me fall, he is so small,” which gave us a good laugh. Howie and Pollyanna sang everyone’s favorite, “Fly To Heaven,” which brought tears to my eyes. It was such a beautiful song, and just looking over at their mom and dad crying mad me cry even harder! After they were done singing I went over and bought the “Fly To Heaven,” cd and talked to Howie’s mom and Pollyanna for a bit. We hung out in the lounge for a while and saw Howie take some re-take pictures with people, and then headed to our room to get ready to go out. Howie was the “guest DJ” at the club that night and played a few BSB songs for us and sang along to some of them, which was really cute. At around 2 we went over to the craps table and stood right next to Howie as he played. He was telling us how the cruise people gave him and all his friends these big bottles of champagne and how he thought that they were sooooo ghetto! It was pretty funny seeing them all walk around with these huge bottles! JR came over and joked about how Howie hadn’t drank much of his, and how he was such a lightweight. After he was done gambling he headed over to the dance club and I got my pic taken w/ him and had him sign something for me. I actually felt kind of bad approaching him (even though he was doing it for a bunch of other people that were inline) and I said, “I’m really sorry, I know you’re probably so sick of this all,” and he was really nice about it and was just like, “no don’t worry about it, it’s all good, you’re one of the last ones anyways.” After the club we decided to head up to our rooms since there wasn’t much else to do, and as we were walking to the elevators we saw Howie’s brother Johnny walking through the halls with a big cart. We were like, “hey there Johnny, where ya goin w/ that cart?” and he goes, “I’m goin to a party! You guys wanna come??” So we followed him to where he was going into this little room called the Venezia Lounge and hung out with Howie’s friend Brian for a little. Then JR started being immature and since he didn’t know us, he had this girl that worked there come over and tell us and a bunch of other girls that we had to leave, which was kind of annoying. Then we went up to the Lido Deck where some of our other friends were hanging out, and then about 20min after we went up there, Howie and his whole gang came up because they had gotten kicked out of their little party room. I had gotten up to walk around for a bit and when I wanted to walk back to where we were sitting, I noticed they had locked the door so I had to go around and walk by Howie and his friends, which made me kinda nervous and uncomfortable. I was soooooo scared that I was going to slip and fall in front of them all because it was a little wet, but luckily I made it through. We ended up going to bed at around 5:30 which only gave us about an hour of sleep…we shouldn’t even have gone to bed at all!

Saturday morning we got all of or things together and then went to breakfast. We were called off the boat by the colors of our tags. I saw some of Howie’s friends and his mom picking up their luggage as we left. We said goodbye to all of our friends and then headed to the airport. I had a nice sleep on the plane ride home back to Michigan J.

If you haven’t noticed…I thought the trip was amazing! I don’t know why all of these people are complaining?? Yeah yeah, I was a bit disappointed that Nick didn’t show…but just because he didn’t go you shouldn’t regret going and skip all the DLF events! That’s what you were there for, a charity event, not just to see Nick Carter. I also kind of felt bad for Howie when people would approach him when he was in the hot tub, and just out with his family, but oh well…guess that’s how some people just are! And everyone that is complaining about Chelsea’s attitude and how disorganized things were…you try not getting an attitude with setting up a thing with 300 people, not having too much help. I’m so sick of hearing people put it down! I think that the DLF did a wonderful job with the whole thing, and I would totally recommend it to anyone thinking about going on it next year! I’m definitely going to be on that one…ESPECIALLY if it’s goin to Hawaii J!!!! If you’ve got any questions or anything…feel free to e-mail me: I also have pics if ya wanna see!!

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