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Now or Never

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Cheryl

I got Nick's cd the day it came out...the first one in the store. Just as I expected, it shows that he is NOT just another pretty face. The boy can SING!!! All those critics out there who are giving bad reviews are just too blind and deaf to know good music when they hear it. KEEP ON ROCKING,NICK!!!!!! We love you!!

Admiration for Assertiveness

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Amanda

Now or Never has yet to stop its relentless spin in my CD Player since my purchase of it yesterday afternoon. Evidently, from previous posts that I have read, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

My pride as a fan of this young man (yes, I'm older than he is! *smile*) as a Backstreet Boy, and now, an individual performer, has only grown in conjunction with his unwavering courage and drive to do as he pleases with his career, despite what we have all seen to be the cloud of cynicism swirling above his head.

The various music tracks take the listener on a journey through what we are now finding to be the mind of a young man seeking to find his own way, to feel able to do, say, and think what he wants to, without the parameters of group thinking.

Nick Carter has already proven himself to the world as a strong vocal presence, wavering in and out between the likewise talented vocals of his fellow “Boys”, however, his solo works show his capability to carry all facets of the song on his own shoulders: background, those “ohh, ahhs”, chorus, composing, etc.

My personal favorite on the CD is 'Heart Without a Home (I'm Yours)'. In fact, it has been added to my playlist of songs for my wedding reception this coming year.

What with a strong song such as that, mixed in with the now TRL popular 'Help Me', as well as the American pride titles of Girls in the USA, and Miss America, Now of Never has something to satisfied the varyed tastes that one may find in the school/work carpool.

I am sure that immense courage is needed for one to break away from something that is already established, and look to recreate oneself on another level. To face the possibility of being rejected, as an individual performer must seem frightful, however, this seems to be one fear that Nick will not have to entertain. His light as a performer has only brightened, and may even bring a new sheen to the Backstreet Boys as a whole, which I do not feel they are in need of, but could possibly broaden the fan base they currently have.

On a personal note that I am sure all students, K-College can relate to, perhaps if text book companies worked with Nick to publish audio-texts, we would all do better in our studies, as I already know the lyrics front-to-back and in reverse, but am still having trouble grasping the concept of Corporate Governance in my college course of Business and Society!

Realistically, I am sure the likelihood of Nick Carter actually reading this post is minimal, if not impossible. However, I would be amiss of my personal need to put out there to his fellow fans, and, of course to him, my deep admiration for the talent that God put into him, and his desire to share that talent with the world, as 1/5 of a group of phenomenal artists, and now, as a seasoned artist who is looking for his own way of doing things, separately.

With great appreciation and admiration, a fan I remain,



(I welcome any insightful e-mail, however, I request that my address should NOT be added to any mailing lists!)

Nicks CD

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Christy

Oh yeah, I got Nicks CD yesterday (Oct.29).. Let me just say.. I'm super proud of Nick. His CD is incredible.. "A heart without a home(I'll be yours)".. That song makes me bawl.. it's so beautiful.. I love "Blow you Mind" great beat. I have to say Congrats Nick - - - on all the songs you wrote were AWESOME!.. Nickys all grown up :*) I hope he gets number 1 on nextweeks billboards..(but I wouldn't be surprised if Christina AguWHORE.. Hit number 1..cause OMG.. she is literally naked in her videos.. and on the cover of magazines.. She is awful).. Anyways Nick is number 1 in my heart 4eva.. since the day I saw them on Dick Clarks Rockin Eve 1997? I think it was.. I fell in love with there music. :).. Still, Nick belongs with his older brothers BSB 4EVER!!!!!!!

Nicks New Album

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Miranda

Well what to say the cd is great!! I knew he could do it again. I never have not had any faith in this sexy man! Good job KAOS :) Love you,

Keep the BSB pride alive!

NOw orNever review

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Abbi

Dude, what can I say? This album kicks butt! I love all the songs. This is definately a new sound for him, but it a good, slow change. Not like going from say, a gospel to something like Disturbed. I also like the fact tha he penned some of the songs. I think an album is definately more persnal when the artist writes some of the songs on it. I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Em

Dang! Nick's got a hot album all right! Justin ain't got NOTHING on my boy! Heheheheheheheheheh....

I was stuck between Christina Aguilera or Nick's album and I chose Nick of course.

In BSB, Nick's voice is shadowed by Brian's and AJ's, but he does good in this solo. He's definitely got a rocker voice.

Although I hope this does not mean the end of BSB, it better not!

It's Unbelievable

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Alise

Nick's new cd is so incredible!!! I have been listening to it on repeat since i bought it!!! I love every song on the cd...i can't even remember that last time i got my money's worth on a cd!!! I really hope Nick kicks ass with this cd!! He deserves it!!

NOw or NEver

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: LU!S@ GONZALEZ

I LOVE NICKS CD.... my fave song is miss america!! i just love the way he sings it... though i love the whole album!! and i also love nick!!!!!!

Nick Roxks!!!!

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Ashley

I think Nick's album rocks! I luv I Got You, he did an awesome job, way to go Nick! =D

Bsb rocks!!!

Date: Nov 01, 2002
Submitted By: Elizabeth

Well this is a little old but all I can think about was the last concert I went to which was the Backstreet Boys!!!!!! My mom came and picked up my friend, me and my sister from school and went to the arena. We ditched school!!! Of course anything for BSB!!! Well we were going to go to their hotel and try to meet them but we went to the arena first, to see what was going on!! But we ended up staying there the whole time. We werent originally going to go in the concert but we just did and it was awesome!!! The boys sung their butts off and we actually on the floor in the back!! So perfect for when they came out in the middle!! My mom got a great pic of Nick and Aj also!! After the concert we ran to the back where their buses were and we saw some of them leaving!!! It was so great!! Then we followed them home on the freeway but then had to turn because they were leaving the city!! We couldnt follow them though cos we had scool the next day!! So this has been a night I will NEVER forget!!!

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