2 Day Black & Blue World Promo Tour

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NOV 15

6:30PM Press Conference at the Sheraton Hotel with international media. There will be a short question and answer session. The BSB will make their way to a second smaller room to set up for “one on one” interviews with official trip TV crew, a Japanese crew, and print journalist to talk about the amazing trip.

8:45PM BSB Break

11:00PM BSB return to interview room for MSN web chat.

NOV 16 MTV Europe Music Awards

NOV 17


Leave for airport – Grand Start to the World Release Trip. There will a banner / markings on tarmac showing the start of the trip. TV crews will be set up on the roof of the airport to capture the departure.

3:30PM Leave Stockholm Mika, from Mini-Moni, a popular girls group, will conduct onboard interviews for several TV shows


NOV 18

9:00AM - 10:00AM Arrive in Tokyo Inter FM will follow the boys on the bus, boat, and back to the airport, broadcasting the boy’s trip live on radio so that fans outside Tokyo who are not able to attend the events can still participate via live radio reporting.

10:45AM Depart via ground transportation from Narita airport A double-decker bus has been booked NHK “Pop Jam” TV Interview with Ms. Junko Kubo on the bus Interviews and photo for Seventeen on the bus.

12:00PM Arrive at discreet Tokyo Bay boat dock. Board boat. Two female celebrities from TBS “Wonderful” (National TV) will chat with the boys and give flowers on the boat and this will be filmed. DJ Snoopy (Japan’s most notorious DJ) will say hello to the boys on the boat. *The boat ride will last approx. 20 minutes.

12:30PM Arrival at “Odaiba” Bay – “Welcome Event” Thousands of fans will be awaiting the boys’ arrival at the landing place wearing black and blue T-shirts, black and blue balloons, etc. The boat will anchor in the water in front of the beach and the boys will be asked to greet the fans and sing “Shape of My Heart” a cappella from the boat. We expect a massive turnout on the bay for this – creating a beautiful scene of the boys on the boat singing to their thousands of fans lined up on the beach! After the greeting, the boat will go to the deck closest to Hotel Nikko Tokyo. Presents will be given to the boys from BSB Japanese official fun club and photographed on the boat.

3:30PM Proceed to “Venus Fort” (The Bay’s Megamall). Venus Fort” is a brand new shopping mall in Odaiba that has become one of Tokyo’s biggest attractions. Before London’s Mega Ferris Wheel, Venus Fort had the world’s largest Ferris Wheel. The entire ceiling of the mall is painted as a sky that changes from blue to red as the sun sets.

3:45PM Event begins The event will start with the appearance of a Sumo wrestler and Japanese traditional flower-arrangement artist. 2 huge flags with “Black” and “Blue” artistically painted in Japanese calligraphy will be hanging on the stage – these flags were made by a very famous Japanese calligrapher. The flower artist will then decorate the stage with black and blue flowers in the spectacular style of Japanese art flower arrangement! Chris Pepller, the number one DJ on J Wave, and Mika from Mini-moni will enter the stage and call for the boys. Dry ice will be used for the boys’ appearance.

3:50PM Boys arrive and enter stage: On-stage interview with Chris and Mika

4:00PM Introduce “Pop Jam” MC to the stage and chat with the boys.

4:05PM Performance of “Shape of My Heart”

4:10PM Boys exit stage

4:15 - 4:35PM Press Conference

4:40 - 4:50PM Photo Call Three sets. The first is with Sumo wrestler. The second one is with Japanese calligraphy of “Black” and “Blue”. The third one is with the tour logo.

4:50PM Return to the hotel.

5:20PM Casual photos at hotel balcony This balcony has a GREAT view of the world famous Rainbow Bridge! A once in a life time shot! The Japanese people are very proud of this bridge and it will be heavily circulated in all press the following day. Moreover, the boys will never forget this amazing view from the balcony in the evening.

5:30 – 7:00PM Hotel Interviews in a suite room

5:30 - 5:50PM TV interview “Love Love Aishiteru” Fuji TV

5:50 - 6:10PM TV interview “King’s Brunch” TBS

6:10 - 6:25PM Magazine interview “anan” (+ photo)

6:25 - 6:40PM National newspaper “Asahi Shinbun” (+ photo)

6:40 - 6:50PM Magazine interview “SPA” (+ photo)

7:00PM Return to Narita Airport

9:00PM Leave Tokyo to Sydney


NOV 19

8:30AM Arrive in Sydney - Boys presented with gifts (Acubra hats and Drizabone Jackets) by Sunday Telegraph (newspaper) competition winners.

- Intl and Local News media including Reuters will be held within an enclosure on the tarmac in front of the plane to capture arrival. Fans should go to the International terminal for arrival to greet the boys.

9:45AM Bondi Beach media opportunity – celebrity BBQ – North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club - BSB to be presented with surfboards (Trip logo)/speedos (VJ Tori and competition winners from Pepsi Chart – will do one link with the boys for show) - Photo opportunity with local lifeguards and celebrities – Ian Thorpe, Michael Klim, possibly even John Howard, Prime Minister.

10:20AM Depart for Bondi for Press Conference venue

10:30AM Arrive at Kinkoppel School (has fantastic views of Sydney landmarks)

11:10AM Press Conference - Press Conference will include a Q&A with media and fans

11:35AM Press Conference ends

11:50AM A Current Affair “one on one” TV interview Half-hour special to run nationally Monday, Nov 20th

12:10PM 2DAY FM / Austereo one on one interview For one hour special to air nationally Monday 20th Nov.

12:30PM Depart Rose Bay wharf by boat Scenic slow cruise with lunch served on board, passing opera house and bridge Will pass Darling Harbour where fans can wait on shore to get a glimpse and a wave from the boys.


11:00AM Authorized Special Package CD goes on sale at Pitt Street Mall in Sanity and HMV flagship stores.

3:30PM Fan Event at Pitt Street Mall commences – Presented by the Hot 30.com - BSB video presentation/competitions / 2 time celebrity MCs (Kyle and Jackie O)

5:00PM BSB arrive at Pitt St Mall - MC to introduce BSB to crowd as they appear

5:15PM Questions to BSB from fans onstage

5:25PM A cappella performance of “Shape In My Heart”

5:30PM Say “Good bye” & depart for hotel in black & blue cars

9:45PM Depart Sydney to Perth


NOV 19 6:30AM Arrive in Cape Town A group of traditional cape dancers will be performing a welcoming song and dance for the BSB on the tarmac too.

8:00AM Press Conference to be hosted by DJ

8:45AM Exclusive Interview with national radio

9:00AM Photo Opportunity with views of Table Mountain as the backdrop

9:10AM Depart to airport

11:30AM Depart Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro


NOV 20 4:00PM Arrive in Rio de Janeiro Welcoming to Latin America We will run contests in each territory called “Personally Welcome the Backstreet Boys to South America” and offer a single winner from each country the opportunity to greet the act as they come off the airplane to give the regional outlook of their visit. One Contest winner from each territory (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela) will greet the Backstreet Boys as them come down from the airplane and will offer the act a cultural gift from their respective territory.

4:45PM Transportation We will take the most scenic route from the airport to the hotel. On route we will be able to capture distant images of the Corcovado (the Christ on the mountain top), a closer look of the Pan do Azucar (Sugar Loaf mountain tops), and the beaches. We will inform the fan club of the route that the BSB will take and therefore we expect fans to gather along the way to get a glimpse of them.

6:15PM Face to face interviews (95 min) – Hotel Rooftop We will have a single camera crew, 2 camera shot, set up on the hotel rooftop, where we will circulate the media who will be coming in for the face to face interviews. The rooftop offers an incredible views of Rio de Janeiro. The background will be the Rio mountain tops and the Corcovado (Christ on the Mountain Top) will be in the distance.

8:00PM Press conference We will bring media in from all of Latin American to cover this press conference.

8:45PM Break

8:55PM Contest Winners Meet and Greet

10:00PM Outdoors – Farewell Gathering (20 min) *Pool Balcony overlooking Copacabana Beach and Atlantica Avenue

The event will be scheduled as follows:

9:00 PM Playback of “Black & Blue” Album
10:00 PM Introduction by local celebrity
10:05 PM BSB go on stage and say some words
10:10PM BSB sing “Shape of My Heart”
10:20PM End

NOV 21

2:00AM Leave to airport

3:00AM Depart Rio de Janeiro to New York City


10:00AM Arrive Newark

11:00AM Photo Opportunity 100 Fans from all over the United States will be present for welcoming as a result of a radio promotion along with other fans.

11:30AM Depart to New York City Live coverage of BSB traveling to Times Square. 100 Fans will be driven to Virgin Megastore at Times Square.

12:30PM (Expected Time) Arrival to small theater (TBA) near Times Square for press conference

2:30PM Transfer to Virgin Megastore at Times Square for autograph signing session. Includes a cappella performance of “Shape of My Heart.” 100 Winners from radio will be the first to receive autographs.

7:30PM Depart to Venue (TBA)

8:00PM Arrive at Venue for Very Private Event to commemorate the release of the album. MTV (TBC) will have exclusive access to the first 2 hours of the party and afterwards the work is done.

Date City Event
Nov 17 Stockholm, Sweden to Tokyo,Japan Arrive Tokyo, Nov 18
12 hrs on the ground in Tokyo
Nov 18 Tokyo, Japan to Sydney, Australia Arrive Sydney, Nov 19 13.3 hrs on the ground in Sydney
Nov 19 Sydney, Australia to Perth, Australia Arrive Perth, Nov 19
1 hr on the ground for re-fueling only
Nov 20 Perth, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa Arrive Cape Town, South Africa Nov 20
5 hrs on the ground in Cape Town
Nov 20 Cape Town, South Africa to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Arrive Rio De Janiero, Brazil Nov 20
11 hrs on the ground in Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Nov 21 Rio De Janiero, Brazil to NYC, USA Arrive NYC, Nov 21
Rest of the day in city

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