How I Finally Got To See The Backstreet Boys

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Date: Nov 13, 2099
Source: Anna Pagliaro
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I know everyone has their own story of how they got tickets and the line-ups and phone calls they had to go through, but I thought it would be fun to share what I went through to get them.

They day the tickets went on sale, I started calling ticketmaster at 8:00 in the morning, I had 4 phone lines calling. I also had 3 computers trying to connect to the tickmaster website. Alas, tickets were not in my future that day. When I found out that the concert had sold out in a mere 20 minutes to the Toronto show, I didn't feel so bad, but it didn't keep the tears from flowing any harder.

My next job was to find ANY WAY to get the thousands of free tickets that were being given away on all the local radio stations in Toronto. Kiss 92 and CHUM 104.5 to name a couple. Kiss 92 had a couple of driving Backstreet Thursdays (before they got shut down) where you had to drive to get tickets. I took thursday afternoons off work to drive to the places, but as you might have guessed, no tickets came my way. Then, I had to go away to school. I had no way to listening to the radio stations from where I was. So, I went on the Kiss 92 web page and found out that you could CALL IN for tickets. This made me esatic because, of course, I had a phone at school. So for the 2 months before the concert, every Thursday between 4-5:32 I called and I called and I called. I was many differnt callers; #16, 47, 88, and yes, the dreaded 90th caller as well. Next was chum Fm. The only way you could win tickets was to call in after they had played a BSB song. So I randomlly called in between 4-6 hoping that I was right (you have to remember I COULDN'T hear the station) But, as you might have guessed it, that too failed. The weekend before the concert, I took the bus home and turned Kiss 92 on right away. I had that playing on one station and CHUM on the other. I called and I called to try to get tickets from Chum and of course I didn;t win the back-to-back trip to Florida from kiss 92.

So at this point, its Sunday night and I am DEPRESSED beyond beleif. Here at school, a make-shift backsteet boy band was playing and they were giving away tickets to the Toronto concert. Of course I went and only 50 people were there... THIS IS MY CHANCE... I thought, my odds are the best they have EVER been. But, yup, you guessed it, I walked with nothing again.

Next, my local news gave me a chance....they were showing a picture of a backsteet boy on the tv and you had to guess who it was (the picture was flashed...) I got 10 PEOPLE to e-mail for me... and yup.... you guess that one too, no tickets.

So, out of sheer desperation, my friend and I logged onto the net and simply typed in "BACKSTREET BOYS" tickets and after 3 hours of searching, she found someone offering 500 level seats for $35. We e-mailed her back and said we'd give her $50 each. She said yes, tickets and money were purolatored to one another and Wednesday afternoon I had tickets to the Backstreet Boys Concert in Toronto.

But, alas, it does not end here... it gets better. Once we arrived to the dome, we went up to our section and I was in COMPLETE shock when I was told that we were going to be given other seats because the ones we were given were obstructed by the stage set-up and the beams. WE WERE GIVEN 100 LEVEL SEATS!!! Can you believe it?!??!?!?!? I was screaming hysterically and could not believe my luck. We were in the THRID ROW!!!!!!

I have to say, I am still in shock, 24 hours after the concert. Only some, and I stress, some of my picture turned out, but I'll always have the the memory of last night in my head forever.

The highlights?

Do I beleive in fate? After what happend to me... what do you think?**

If you have any great BSB stories of how you finally got to see them, share them with me and all of the other awesome BSB fans who visit this page!

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