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Date: Nov 12, 2099
Source: The Ottawa Citizen
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Fans will be looking for Backstreet Boys, but may not spot them

Zev Singer

The Ottawa Citizen

One thing is certain, the Backstreet Boys play the Corel Centre tonight.

Shrouded in mystery, the Backstreet Boys will roll into town some time today for their Corel Centre concert tonight. To the extreme consternation of the city's teen girls, plans on when they'll arrive and where they'll hang out are strictly hush hush.

On the other hand, how inconspicuous can you be when your entourage has 12 buses and 14 trucks? That's what it takes to move the 120 technicians, roadies, chefs, wardrobe people and other crew, not to mention the mountains of equipment it takes to put on the group's Into the Millennium show.

When a band sells as many million albums as the Boys, and when they have as many screaming fans, their whereabouts become as secret as those of the Pope or the U.S. president.

But if the group goes by their expected routine, they will likely travel by night, arriving early this morning. If Howie, Nick, A.J., Kevin and Brian have plans for spending the day anywhere other than the Corel Centre or their luxurious, home-like buses, they aren't talking. "The boys need some quiet time," said one of their publicists from last night's show in Toronto.

A select 75 fans spent some time with the heart-throbs at a fan "press conference" in Toronto yesterday. Some were contest winners, some were special needs children.

If the opportunity comes for some of their Ottawa fans to scream and wave, even at a passing limousine, it will be random unless they are willing to stake out the Corel Centre all day.

Ottawa concert promoter Ken Craig, who booked the band, said he's never received as many calls about a show from people desperate for tickets.

"And that includes the Rolling Stones." It also includes Britney Spears, to put things on a more level playing field.

This will be the Boys' third Ottawa show. And the word is they might be back again before the tour is over.

Mr. Craig said the show is "full of pyro." And there are a lot of costume changes. However, Mr. Craig said he did not want to give away the details of the show's very big opening.

"But it's amazing," he said.

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