Larger then "Live"

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Date: Oct 29, 2099
Source: Eagle Rock High School newspaper
Submitted By: Kenny

This article will be puplished in the Eagle Rock High School newspaper this week. The article is written by me and you can contact me if you have any questions or just want to write as a penpal by emailing @

Those "I'll Never Break Your Heart" fellas- The Backstreet Boys, played four show in early October for all the die-hard fans who snatched tickets for the sold out Into The Millennium Tour. The show packed in dance moves, vocals, music, and Versace outfits all in two hours only to leave those who attended breathless and screaming for more.

At 8:30, the arena went dark and fluorescent lights lit the stage. The fans jumped out of their seats and screamed with the adrenaline of seeing Howie, Kevin, Aj, Brian, and Nick. White smoke appeared out of a gigantic black box near the end of the bottom arena. Out came the boys flying on air boards while they were hooked up to hanging wires. The Stars Wars theme played while they flew to the pentagon shaped stage. As soon as they landed and marched around the stage with their dancers they kicked off the night with their current single, "Larger Than Life".

They played all their hits and almost all of the songs from the eight platinum album Millennium. But it wasn't so much the songs that saved the show, it was the ability to work with them. They re-did their music videos like "All I Have To Give" by wearing pink mafia looking suits to complete the commonly used yet slick hat routine to pump up the crowd.

Other ways the Backstreet Boys used their music to entertain their fans was randomly choosing mothers and daughter to go on stage during "The Perfect Fan". The song, which was written by member Brian Littrell, was dedicated to his mom and this time was dedicated to all the mothers in the audience. The daughters got to walk around the stage during the sweet but mommas-boyish song and soon became the envy of almost every fan.

BSB sang songs like "That's The Way I Like It","Spanish Eyes", and even the teary "Back To Your Heart". But time was running out for those Backstreet fans and the boys halted and encored with "It's Gotta Be You". The song took an eternity to end because they introduced every dancer and band member on stage. Besides performing music and dance solos, the crowd went extremely crazy when latin member Howie D put on a black-hooded sweatshirt and rapped the intros of two dancers. That ten second highlight showed the humorous side of The Backstreet Boys and left Howie feeling like Rocky Balboa on stage.

As soon as the group ended the night with "I Want It That Way", Aj McLean made the audience hyper when he said that we were the best audience ever. Only to break the spirits of fans when he repeated it on the following LA shows. But hey, those Backstreet Boys know how to put on a show for their fans. Whether you are a fan or are not, you would have been impressed by their efforts. They makes songs that stick in your head, but now, they make amazing memories with them!

kenny 6th Backstreet Boy!

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