Going Backstage With The Backstreet Boys - A Dream Come True

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Date: Oct 29, 2099
Source: NBC News (Oct 26)
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On the NBC Tuesday news (Oct. 26), they had a clip of the Backstreet Boys with one of their fans. A 12 year old from Portland, Oregon, whose dreams of meeting the Boys came true. This was not just any fan, but a little girl who faced some health issues.

The 12 year old was originally featured in a past TV health report. A friend who either knew the Boys (or other person - a connection of some sort) happened to be watching the news that one night and learned the girl was a Backstreet fan. The special friend put his/her fingers to work and invited the girl to be a special guest to the Boys' concert. On Monday, October 25, 1999... the girl's dream came true.

There was a news clip of the Boys meeting the little girl. It showed Nick and Howie, Brian smiling, and Kevin kneeling next to the little girl (I'm sure AJ was there somewhere ;-)

The girl was asked what she wanted and she said, "Just one more kiss"... and then she gave Kevin a kiss. Kevin, of course, had a big smile on his face. It was very touching and very cute.

Afterwards, the news reporter made a comment regarding the Boys and said, "You gotta love them even more..."

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