Brian and Nick look-a-likes?

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Date: Oct 23, 2099
Source: Cosmopolitan magazine
Submitted By:
Kate Samms

Hey...I thought fellow BSB fans would be interested in this...

Do you think Brian and Nick look alike? Come on I'm sure ya mix them up now and again. No? Well, Cosmopolitan magazine sure did. In the Novemeber '99 issue there is a section on "Inside Hollywood," (pg. 271) and they mentioned three men who had "...Tuggable Tresses...The hair we most want to run our fingers through." Backstreet boy Brian's picture was displayed along with Scott Speedman and Edward Furlong. Nice compliment for Brian except according to Cosmo his name is --you guessed it-- Nick Carter (they got the group name right.) Wow! Pretty tacky! Doesn't this magazine do research before printing articles and pictures?

However, to give Cosmo a little credit they did have a picture of Kevin and A.J. with Ex NKOTB Joey and they got those BSB names right!

If this bothers anyone he or she can let Cosmo know about their 'oversite' at I'm sure they'd love to hear from you :)

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