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Date: Oct 22, 2099
Source: readers
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From: Tanisha
Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 12:47 PM

I went to the Backstreet Boys show in Anaheim on Friday, October 15. And unlike the lucky ducks that I seem to only see reviews from, I didn't have good seats. I wasn't on the floor, or on the 2nd level, or on the 3rd level. I was on the 4th level, all the way up on the terrace. If I stood up, I could reach and touch the ceiling. So I was pretty far away. And though, like they say, you can see the stage from everywhere, it pretty hard to see who's who with the naked eye. (Except for when AJ's wearing one of his hats) I was a little upset about being so far yet still grateful to just be there. Now if you too have nosebleed seats, there are a few things you should be aware of before you head out to the show.

1)Binoculars are a must - There are monitors up so those who are far can see what's going on. But of course the images change as the cameras focus on different things going on around the stage. If you want to focus on your fave boy, it's kinda hard by just watching the monitor. It may be easier for Nick fans because they do tend to stay on him a lot since he does most of the singing and talking. But I know if I didn't have have my binoculars I would've missed the many good views I had of Kevy shaking his cute little butt and his wonderful pelvic thrusts. You also miss little interactions with the Boys like Kevin and Brian giving each other a high five or Nick and AJ goofing off. So if you want to see as much as possible, you need binoculars. They do sell them at the venue but it's best to bring your own.

2)Gifts are pointless - Unless you have a date with Brian after the show, there's no point in bringing a gift to give him. You're too far to throw it on stage. It's never going to make it there and will just end up falling on some fan's head and now some stranger has your furry basketball. Save your money and just bring yourself. That's all the guys want anyway.

3)Send reviews - I'm so sick of reading reviews from people in the 4th row or the 10th row or on the 2nd level. I'm tired of hearing about how great it was to look into AJ's eyes or catch Howie's teddy bear. Come on fellow nosebleeders. Represent for us. I wanna hear about how to hold your binoculars at just the right angle for a great view of Nick's butt. Or if you focus in right you can look right into Kevin's green eyes. It's those close-up reviews that make us feel bad that we're so far. It hurts that they're so close but at the same time for us still no closer than they usually are on the TV screen. So take notes so you can send Caitlin some reviews that make people feel better for having not-so-great seats.

4)Enjoy yourself - I'll admit that I was really bummed out about not having good seats. And when you get there and you see the Boys' interaction with the crowd, you can't help but wish you were down there. They're not gonna fly over your head. You're not going to get one of the stuffed animals that they throw. And you're not going to get to touch their hand or get their attention when you wave to them. But you are there. You are breathing the same air as Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ... and KEVIN!! And after a while, I won't say that you'll get over it, 'cause you may not. I didn 't. But after a while, you just get this energy, from the Boys, from the crowd, from the music, from the fact that this night is finally here. And you do have a good time.


P.S. - Before I get hatemail for this, understand that I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to go to a BSB show. I realize how many people were not able to go at all. And even the most selfless person cannot deny that while it is better to have something as oppose to nothing at all, you can't help but want the best.

From: Kristine Feeherty
Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 6:05 PM

I recently read Jessica's advice for concertgoers, and thought she gave some good information. As I work at a concert venue (but unfortunately not one where the boys are performing!), I thought I could add a few more things to her list:

(1) WEAR EARPLUGS!! I cannot stress this enough. You know that ringing sound you hear in your ears after a concert or other loud event? That means you've done some damage to your hearing. Of course one concert won't make you go deaf, but a show like this where everyone will be screaming like mad could put you on the road to some serious damage later in life. I worked the N' Sync concert last summer, and all I can say about that is thank heaven for earplugs.

(2) Security usually looks the other way when you use cameras at a show like this, but like Jessica said your pictures probably won't turn out well. But don't try to bring in a fancy, expensive camera with a telephoto lens--it will look too professional, and you will probably get it taken away.

(3) And lastly, please cooperate with ushers and security. If they tell you not to stand on your seat, don't do it (this is dangerous, anyway). If they tell you not to bring in signs, they're looking out for the other fans who might not be able to see around them. They are there to help you have a good concert experience and make sure that no one is hurt or inconvenienced too much. Their job is tough--trying to keep some semblance of order among 20,000 screaming fans can be really hard! But if you guys cooperate then hopefully everyone will be happy.

From: Jen W []
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 1999 8:20 PM

I just want to warn people about something who are going to a BSB show. In an article submitted by someone, the girl mentioned the offer where you can send $2 to get a brochure and then order pics from your specific concert:

Pictures - As in most venues cameras are not allowed but everyone, including myself, take them anyway. I am warning you that most of the pictures will not come out very well. The manager at the photo shop kindly explained this to me. The small flash carried on most cameras is simply not enough to light up the entire arena or coliseum. I tried to take a lot of pictures of the screens but none of those came out. I would recommend taking some pictures but don't spend too much time trying to get pictures rather than enjoying the show. Our venue offered a brochure containing 50 free pictures from the specific concert which can be ordered with $2 shipping and handling. I would take advantage of this if you can. >>

Don't send the money! I went to see BSB in Toronto last summer, and got the brochure also, and of course I sent it away. Then I went to another show the week after that in Syrcacuse, NY, and got the brochure. So I sent it away again. The deal was, when you send $2, they'll send you a brochure with the pictures from your concert, plus an actual free picture. I did in fact get a free picture from both concerts, but they were the exact same one. It's a HUGE rip-off. The brochures were exactly the same too, same pictures and everything, but it was claiming they were the pictures taken from the shows I was at. For one thing, I was at the afternoon show in Toronto, but the pictures were in the dark. And they couldn't have been from the night show in Toronto, cos AJ was in the pictures, and he wasn't at the night show since he hurt himself in the afternoon shows. So please don't waste your money!

From: Jessica []
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 1999 12:53 PM

Thank you for posting my previous article, Advise for concert goers. in response to all of the emails I got I would appreciate it if you could please post this as well   First of all thanks to everyone who read my article, advise for concert goers, and everyone who responded.  I have received a lot of questions especially about the picture brochure.  Some one brought to my attention that not everyone was clear on how that whole process worked.  Let me clarify: At some venues, not all, there is a pamphlet given which tells you that for two dollars you can get a BROCHURE containing 50 free pictures.  Keep in mind this is only a brochure.  Once you receive that brochure, I think you can order the individual pictures from the brochure but it does cost more money.  I am not absolutely positive about this but that is how it looked to me when I was reading the pamphlet.  Hopefully this clarifies everything. 

One more thing, a lot of people have asked me to send them the address of the company that gives out the pictures.  I am sorry but I can't do this because for one, I don't have the address, and two, I don't think you can just send them the money.  There was a little form that came with the pamphlet that you had to fill out and I think you have to have that form in order to get the pictures.  The company doing this is probably getting tons of mail and it would make things really difficult if everyone could just send in money in an envelope along with a piece of paper containing their mailing address and which concert they attended. 

Hopefully once I get my picture brochure and order the ones I want, I will be able to scan mine on the Internet and possibly have them posted on  I don't know when this will be so please don't email me asking.  (My parents are a little annoyed with all the email but I told them it was for a good cause:) )

Thanks again to everyone who responded and remember KTBSPA!!!!!!!!

Jessica, NC

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