The Lucky Number Eight (Shawn meets the BSB)

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Date: Oct 19, 2098
Source: Shawn Li
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Don't ask me WHY "eight" is a lucky number. It just is! I met the Backstreet Boys on 8/8/1998, along with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lacey Chabert (Lost In Space, Party of Five), and Henry Winkler (The Fonz) for a total of EIGHT megastars. Freaky, huh?

It all began two days after I went to the Atlanta, Georgia BSB Concert. I had flown to California for a camp. I'd be there for about a month. Anyway, on that trip, I met my best bud. She's also a BSB Obsessee. She had managed to get four free Backstreet Tickets from Clive Calder to their Los Angeles concert on the 8th at Universal Ampitheatre (think MTV VMAs...). Along with Passes, which we would pick up at the concert.

So.... The day of the concert. The two of us, and 2 of her other friends came along. We had gone through the "Artist Entrance," meaning we didn't have to get there four hours early to get in line. In fact,we got there LATE...we had missed Aaron's performance.

You walk in the entrance, and to your left is the greenroom, where no one is permitted unless they have All Access Passes or Guest, we couldn't get in there. My friend whispered to me, "Oh My God, turn around!" My back was faced TOWARDS the greenroom. So, I turned around, and there was Howie, signing autographs. He looked great. I quickly snapped a picture, but the guards still yelled at me!

Well, you all know how the concert goes...blahblahblah, same old junk. The four of us left before the last song ended so we could get backstage early. By the time we pushed through all the crowds, there was already enough people back there. We saw the entire band, especially Obie. He was walking around alot!! He scared my other friend half to death when she asked for his autograph, but it was all fun. Anyway, we couldn't get into the greenroom, where the boys were. REALLY disappointed, I'm sure you can imagine. We saw Love Hewitt, AND Aaron Carter; they weren't in the GreenRoom yet. Aaron was walking outside, and my friend managed to get his autograph. He was soo cute! He was holding a teddy bear, and a guard was holding him buy the shoulders. Then, my friend saw Henry Winkler, and she walked to him. Her family is friends with him. We said hi to him, but didn't talk to him then (my friend's parents were chatting with him), we talked to his daughter. She was allowed back there...she said that she'd walk us there, except we didn't have passes. So, we walked over to the bar to get some water. Anyway, while we were just standing there, Henry came up to us, and told us to take his hand, he'd walk us back there. We HAD to take his hand, the guards needed some way to know WHICH four girls were going into the greenroom.

We got back there! Henry walked straight up to AJ, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, "You were great up there AJ." AJ said thanks, and Henry proceeded to introduce us 4 to him. We shook his hand and got a few things signed, as well as a picture. **Note**AJ has a VERY weak handshake! We didn't really talk to the rest of the boys, but we did meet them. Howie is no taller than me, about 5'6. He looked really good. Kevin and I made eye contact. I was waiting for his autograph, and a girl cut in front of me. I had a look on my face like, "OK, I'll wait!" Kevin said, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere!" The picture with him was pretty bad...we weren't ready...he looks like he's stoned or something in it!

When Nick came out, it was hilarious. Love Hewitt and Lacey just about cried; they had to be excused. JLH said to us, "I'm going to make him do the pelvic thing!", even though her and AJ were flirting like crazy the entire time. When we took the picture with Nick, he didn't realize there were there 4 of us. So we all squished in, and he goes, "WHOA!" In the picture, he's making a face (so did Brian). It's really funny.

No one noticed when Brian came out because he came out the other way. He was outside. The other four were inside, so you can imagine the crowd. My friend's dad told us he was out there, but some others much for a conversation!! He's got the cutest southern accent that I've ever heard. I live in the South, so I should know. It's different from when you hear it in an interview or something. It's just a sweet, soft voice that he has. I was so excited when I found out that his arm was around me in the picture!!

I've left out several details that happened, and some about JLH, Henry, and Lacey. But hey, this is a BACKSTREET page, right? If you have any questions, email me at

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