Shoeboxes for Lupus

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Date: Nov 17, 2002
Source: Fan Friends for BSB
Submitted By: Kriss

Fan Friends for BSB presents:

Gift Boxes for the DLF Support Group for the Holidays!

Hello everyone!

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough, we are back again! Kinda like Backstreet themselves! We are on to our next Christmas project and are looking for people who may want to contribute. We are putting together "Shoeboxes for Lupus". And just what is a "Shoebox for Lupus"?

Well, you find a shoe box, and you put all kinds of things in it that would make life a little more enjoyable and comfy for someone who may be suffering. Like some nice shower gel, or a Hershey's chocolate bar, or maybe a nice pair of thick, comfy socks. Use your imagination....if someone gave you a box, what would you like to find in it? (We have a little list below if you need some ideas) You will have to mark on the outside of the box somewhere if it is for a man, woman, or younger person. We are not asking that you go into debt with your box, just do what you can.

The boxes are to be sent to The Dorough Lupus Foundation and they will be distributed to lupus patients through the Dorough Lupus Foundation Support Group, which is a support group for teens living with lupus.

You will need to include our little letter from Fanfriends, so when your box is ready to go, please email one of us on the committee so we can send you the letter.

You will have to print it out and put it in your box, and you will also have to be willing to pay the postage to mail your box.

On the outside, just put:

"Shoeboxes for Lupus"

The Dorough Lupus Foundation

4690 Lipscomb St. N.E. #5

Palm Bay, FL 32905

Gift for: (Fill in Man, Woman, young adult male or female)

The last day to mail your boxes off will be December 10, 2002.

The support group will be meeting on December 17th, so we want to have them all to the DLF by then. So, let's get out there and help some people feel the love from us during the Holidays!!

Idea List:

~Word puzzle books and pencils



~Toiletry Items

~Chocolate (yummmm)



~Tea, Hot chocolate, Instant coffee drinks

~A nice mug (for above)


~reading books

~Instant chicken soup (like a Cup of Soup)

~a magazine

~2003 calendar

~a special christmas ornament

~a small size picture frame

~a disposable camera

etc etc etc...

Thanks for all your support!

Janet, Peggy, Debbie, Cathy, Adel, Kim and Kriss

FanFriends for BSB

**Permission granted for this project by the Dorough Lupus Foundation.

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