StarShine Magazine Interview With Aaron and Nick Carter

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Date: Jun 07, 2002
Source: StarShine Magazine
Submitted By: Sandy Lo Grasso

Taken from Part 3 of StarShine Magazine's Zootopia 2002 issue.

Aaron & Nick Carter are both established artists in their own right. Nick has been with the Backstreet Boys for almost ten years now and is ready to venture out on his own, but he assures us that he is not leaving his "boys" behind. Nick is now on a mini-tour with his younger brother Aaron hitting Clear Channel radio stations across America and even making a stop at CBS' Early Show.

Don't think Aaron is just along for the ride, he's taking full control with Nick as back-up! That's right, it was clear who was front and center at Zootopia that night. Aaron hit the stage with "Bounce", a dance track off his sophomore album Aaron's Party (Come Get It). Afterwards Aaron introduced a "Brand new solo artist" who happened to be Nick Carter. The brothers performed "Not Too Young, Not Too Old" off of Aaron's latest album, Oh Aaron before Nick exited the stage. Aaron then performed "Baby It's You" with flying backflips to get the crowd hyped.

If critics and older audiences have yet to accept the 14 year old prince of pop, well I think his performance may have changed their minds. Prior to their performance, Nick & Aaron made an appearance in the press room and we took full advantage by asking everything you want to know!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Nick, when's your solo album coming out?

Nick Carter: When's the solo album coming out? When's it coming out Aaron?

Aaron Carter: Shut up. (pushes Nick) Uh, I don't know. (bangs into the microphone) Oww. When is your solo album coming out?

Nick Carter: When is it coming out? Now you're asking the questions--no uh, well I've been in the studio. I've got like over thirty songs recorded and we're thinking about a single in a couple of months and the album later this year, maybe like late September.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Aaron, do you have any advice for Nick as a solo artist?

((Nick's mouth drops and Aaron grins. Everyone laughs.))

Aaron Carter: Uh, now that you're not in a boy group...(laughs) No, the best advice for him would be--I don't know, I mean he knows what he's doing.

Nick Carter: No, I need advice!

Aaron Carter: Well the best advice to be a solo artist would be to stay focused on what you're doing. Don't let other distractions you know take you off of what you're doing.

Nick Carter: Wow. He's serious.

Aaron Carter: Like when you're onstage...girls...girls, they can be a big distraction...

Nick Carter: Girls? ((laughs))

Aaron Carter: Just take your's a lot harder being solo because when you're in a boy group, you know you get to take turns with lines and stuff, but I have to sing the whole song and I mean I have to sing the whole song and dance at the same time and keep on doing it over and over and over again. So that's why technically it's easier for you on tour than it is for me...

Nick Carter: Okay. ((smirks)) Words of wisdom from my little brother.

Aaron Carter: But you can open up for me on tour. ((grabs Nick's shoulder as he turns away and everyone laughs)) I'm just messing with you.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Nick, can I clear up any rumors about the Backstret Boys breaking up?

Nick: Clear up? We're not breaking up...

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay.

Nick: So I mean everybody's all worried 'oh Nick's doing this and the Backstreet Boys are over'. You know I've been in the group for ten years you know, since I was tweleve so I mean I'm twenty-two now and I really want to try something new and that's basically what I'm doing. You know sometimes you can't make everybody happy, that's one thing I've learned in life. You know the guys are supporting me, so that's good.

Later on Nick said this to add to the question...

Nick: One thing I forgot to know basically, I've been recording for a while now and that's why it's more further along and now the Boys' album is further along, so I'm recording both and that's what we're doing.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So Aaron, tell us about your upcoming album? ((at the same time Nick was answering another question))

Aaron: Oh it's going good... ((Nick looks over and we all laugh and Aaron decides to wait until Nick finishes his question))

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Aaron, are you going to do more ballads because "I'm All About You" was a real hit so...

Aaron: Yeah, actually we just did a song for the album called "Do You Remember?" and it was originally an up-tempo song, but they uh, they slowed it down and we've been working on a lot of songs. We've got... ((looks at Nick who is taking off his socks and shoes to feel the astroturf beneath his feet))

Nick: Keep going.

Aaron: He's crazy ((laughs)) We have almost ten songs for the album...

Nick: ((rubs his feet against the astroturf)) Ahh...

Aaron: ((laughs)) And uh it's basically like the old one, but it's just like a little more rock-y.

Nick: ((looks in our direction as he still rubs his feet on the astroturf)) This feels good.

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Any tentative names for both of your albums?

Nick: Ummmm...

Aaron: For yours?

Nick: No yours.

Aaron: No yours. ((Nick points back at Aaron)) I don't know, what would I name mine? Um, know what we should do? Like put it in a magazine and see what the fans think...

Nick: Yeah, that would be cool.

Aaron: Let the fans decide.

Nick: If there's a...

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Take our card.

Nick: What?

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Take our card.

Nick: Okay.

Another reporter asked Aaron about any acting in the future...Aaron has been cast in the role of Peter Pan for a movie, but he chose to go on tour this summer instead and put the movie off until next year...Tiffany followed that question.

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): How did you like performing in "Seussical"?

Aaron: It was cool. I really loved it. Seussical was really cool, but it was, it like got kind of hard being away from home and not like ever seeing my family for like two months and it was just...but it was really cool. I met a lot of new people out there and it was really fun.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Now that you're on mainstream radio, how do you think the older audience is responding?

Aaron: How do I think they respond? Um--

Nick: ((looks in our direction and in a deep voice says)) Ask me.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): ((laughs)) Nick?

Aaron: ((looks at Nick)) What do you mean?

Nick: I'm your older audience. ((laughs))

Aaron: What?

Nick: All right, I'll tell you...

Aaron: She's not asking about you, she's asking about MY older audience. ((they continue to bicker)) Well I think the older audience--Nick what do you think?

Nick: What do I think? ((in a deep voice)) Well as the older audience...

Aaron: Anyway...Nick, what do you think?

We never did get a resonse because they only had time for one more question...but I think we all know the answer, older audiences are already starting to take notice of the younger Carter brother!

For pictures and live audio clips of Nick & Aaron, go to the magazine's website: Go to the "Star Archives" Section and scroll down to "Zootopia 2002". Also check out the Aaron Carter section as well!

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