San Diego 93.3 Phone Interview with Howie

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Date: Mar 21, 2001
Source: San Diego's Channel 933
Submitted By: Mary

On Thursday, March 8th, San Diego's Channel 933 interviewed HOWIE on the phone! Here is what I could muster from my recorded interview on the tape! There are some parts I was not too sure about (like the "grizzly adams" -- I mostly likely heard wrong), but I wanted to get this out and it's the general idea! CHA CHA is interviewing him and brings in BACKSTREET JOHN (another DJ that she thinks COULD be a Backstreet Boy)... enjoy!


CHA CHA: You're the Backstreet Boys, but are you really still Boys?

HOWIE: I'm 27 years old-- I'm a Boy, yes I am a Boy, but I'm a grown man.

CC: Ah, okay now, I have some Boy Toys that help out with the show.

H: You have some Boy Toys??

CC: You gotta say hi to Backstreet John... It's a girl thing.

H: Really?

CC: Say hi to Backstreet John, he's your biggest fan. He thinks he's the sixth member of the Backstreet Boys.

H: Oh yeah?


H: Hi Backstreet John, how are you doing?

BJ: How are you doing, Howie?

H: You can be the sixth member as long as you don't cut into my pay, okay?

BJ: Look, I can get the dance moves down, I swear, please.

H: There's already too many hands in the pot already.

BJ: (laughs) I work cheap, believe me! Okay.

CC: Okay, he's got a question for you.

BJ: Okay, Cha Cha's always buggine me about how long it takes for me to shave... basically about 42 minutes, okay.

H: Wow...

BJ: And I'm just wondering, you guys have some crazy facial hair yourselves, how long does exactly does it take for you to shave. I just want to prove to her that I'm not the only one that takes this long.

CC: 42 minutes, c'mon!

H: Well...

BJ: I gotta look good!

H: AJ has been... you know, now that I don't really like groom it up so much, you know, just kinda like get a little greaser, you know, just go with my grizzly adams. I just get my whole body all in one shave.

CC & BJ: (laughs)

CC: Yeah baby!

H: My back part, up to my knees, I have it done once in a while...

CC & BJ: Ha ha...

H: No, um... Just joking! My beard takes me actually 5 minutes, believe it or not. I probably put the rest of the time into my hair. I've got htis new hairdo thing... you know, the down straight. And I'm frickin' sorta a girl, like I'm having to learn how to use a blow dryer and a flat iron and all this stuff. The things you do to make yourself look, you know, presentable.

BJ: Now what about the other guys? Do they take a little bit longer than 5 minutes---

CC: Just face it: 5 minutes! That's what it's gonna take you from now on!

BJ: What?! No, c'mon!

H: Beard AND hair!

CC: I'm gonna get you a Sharpie.

BJ: Thanks.

CC: Here you go. John, sing a few bars and see if he thinks you could make the group.

BJ: I can't sing!!! All right...

H: Oh, don't worry, there's a lot of group out there that can't sing either.

BJ: What?! C'mon!

CC: Like who, for instance?

BJ: Yeah, anybody you wanna mention?

H: No names...

BJ: Oh, are you sure?

H: Of course not.

BJ: (sings from "The Call"-- not bad, but not the greatest ;o) "Let me tell you the story 'bout the call that changed my destiny. Me and my boys went out, just to end up in misery..." Thanks Cha Cha!!

(some silence)

CC: Oh, that static's coming on again! (makes static noise)

H: The battery's gettin' low again!

BJ: Oh.

H: That was pretty good there, buddy.

BJ: I don't think we have to worry about me dipping into your funds!

H: No, it's cool. That was pretty good. You know, if you go to Orlando, I'm sure you'll probably be able to find a group that's being ready-to-be-made and you could probably jump into it!

CC & BJ: Oh! Ooooh! (laughs) Okay!

H: Just joking! Just joking!


And then he got cut off... guess the battery WAS low! ;o)

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