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Date: Mar 06, 2001
Source: The New Jersey Star Ledger, February 25, 2001--Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith
Submitted By: Elyse

What's it like being wed to a Backstreet Boy? Well, if you're beautiful Leighanne Littrell, bride of Brian Littrell, it's all to busy at the moment.

"It's really hard. These past two weeks our phone conversations were like our dates," says the actress, who stresses her husband has her absolute trust.

"I guess we have an understanding that not many people get to share the kind of love we share, and we know that to have an ongoing relationship you have to work for it."

Adds Leighanne, who met Brian as an extra back on the Backstreet Boys' 1997 "As Long as You Love Me" video, "We have a luxury because I'm not this huge, big acting star yet, and when I"m not working on somehing I go on the road with him."

She's certainly working right now. This week, Leighanne's "Olive Juice" romantic comedy begins its limited release in Orlando, Fla.,--with a roll-out to Baltimore, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other cities. She and Brian co-produced the soundtrack for the movie, which also starts James Berlau--and features cameos by Brian (as a horse-and-carraige driver) and his Backstreet Boys, A.J. McLean (as a nightclub D.J.).

Meanwhile, she's preparing to start shooting a thriller called "Megalodon." She's flown from Orlando to Los Angeles to New Jersey and back to Orlando this week to fulfill work demands, while Brian and his bandmates continue the tour that'll keep them on the road all year. Leighanne tells us Brian plans to fly to New Jersey to see her during "Megalodoon" production, then she'll join him on the road.

Touring, she says, "is special. This year the guys each have their own buses, so it's Brian and me and our puppies--two Chiuahuas--traveling together...I guess they're sort of like our practice children."

(Sorry this took me so long to send it!)

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