Boys Reach Out To Fans

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Date: Feb 26, 2001
Source: The Vancouver Province
Submitted By: Lindsay

If there’s a Backstreet Boys credo besides “wear baggies and sport stylin’ touques,” it’s gotta be fans über alles. The five pin-up hunks give their all to the people who make them millionaires.

Say what you will about pre-fab boy bands’ musical merits, few performers in any genre go out of their way to get close to their adoring crowd. Reaching out to touch, blow kisses and bring as many people as possible into the experience, Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie D. and Kevin worked every square foot of the high-tech chrome runway stage.

Folks way up in the balcony enjoyed crystal clear Jumbotron zoom-ins of their fave Boy toys.

Even the delay in kicking off the gig didn’t sully the audience’s excitement.

Here’s what some fans had to say:

“We’re all first-timers,” says Geneen Georgiev, 18. “We loved them when, so right before we get too old for them, we came to the show.”

“What’s too old, my mom is at this show,” says Angela Brough, 18. “The only thing we’re upset about is that Destiny’s Child didn’t come.” “(Krystal’s) voice is really, really good, I liked her,” says Elisa nightengale, 17.

The girls’ No.1 tune: “The Call.”

Fave members: AJ (“wickedest voice”), Brian (“super nice features”), Nick (cute but not really hot), and -- best of all -- Angela’s take on Kevin: “He’s like a white version of Snoop Dogg.”

Asked if she was excited attending her very first concert, Loraya Hrynkiw, 6, was too pumped to do anything but nod vigorously. She did speak up about who her top Boy was: “All of them.”

One rare commodity in the house: male fans. A.J. Davda, 22, from Calgary offered his opinion as to why.

“You write it down, I’m a fan,” he says. “And I really think if Backstreet Boys were black, 50 per cent of guys would be making up this audience.”

Got that, music moguls? Next up: Backstreet Boys 2 Men.

-Stuart Derdeyn

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