Amelia puts AJ on the spot

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Date: Feb 26, 2001
Source: The Vancouver Province
Submitted By: Gina

Written by Stuart Derdeyn - The Province

Like most 11-year-olds, Amelia Tennant is a big Backstreet Boys fan. The courageous girl is also stricken with a debilitating brittle-bone condition.

Which is why the Sunshine Foundation, an association dedicated to making children's wishes come true, arranged for Amelia and her family front-row seats at the Boys' Friday afternoon fan Q&A.

A band minder laid out the rules:

"Form a single-file line and please only ask one question each to one of the members," says Tim. "Please don't ask them for a kiss or hug because, if that happens, I'll end it right there and then.

"Because if one person gets a hug or kiss, then everyone does and it ruins the whole thing for everybody."

Whew! Tough policy. But not for Amelia.

She hadn't come prepared with a question but by the time the mic came her way she had a doozie:

"AJ, how come you always dye your hair weird colours?"

The affable, tattooed singer's candid reply:

"I first went blond, for about four to six months. But I'm always trying new things. I'm 23, with a receding hairline I got from my dad. I figure have fun while I can, y'know."

Not to be outdone, Amelia's next question also put the guys on the spot:

"How come you chose robots and spaceships for the 'Larger Than Life' video?"

Once again, AJ answered:

"OK, it doesn't have a thing to do with the song. But it's a really cool video."

Now that's what I call honesty.

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