The Boys are back in town

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Date: Feb 25, 2001
Source: East Side Journal - Tacoma
Submitted By: Carolyn

by Sue Kidd

Journal Reporter

Journal Correspondent Jane Yuan will do a review of the Backstreet Boys show from a fan's perspective to appear in Wednesday's Journal.

The Lowdown: Backstreet Boys, 7:30 p.m., Sunday Feb. 25 and Monday Feb. 26. Tickets: $49.50-$58.50. Call Ticketmaster at 206-628-0888 Where: Tacoma Dome.

``Tell me why........ I never wanna hear you say.... I want it that way.''

Once heard, it could take days (and days and days) to get that pop tune out of your head. I have this theory that that's why people are so gaga over the Backstreet Boys. They pull that subtle brainwashing thing with those catchy tunes. It's almost as bad as Hanson I tell you (Mmmmmmmmm Bop, err).

Prepare to hear the high-pitched squeals of total adolescence as far as Kirkland when A.J., Nick, Howie D., Brian and Kevin take the stage at the Tacoma Dome Sunday and Monday. They'll play shows at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 25 and 26. As of press time, seats were still available for both shows, although tickets for Sunday's concert were going fast.

In case you have been away from the planet for the last few years, the Backstreet Boys are the ultimate boy band (besides `NSYNC of course). Just do a quick Internet search and a kazillion (OK, thousands) websites pop up. The all-boy band also is known for those acrobatic groin-pulling dance moves and a smooth R&B sound.

It's amazing that some music industry insiders were disappointed that their latest CD, ``Black and Blue,'' sold 1.6 million in its debut week. Why the disappointment? Because boy band rival group `NSYNC beat those numbers with last year's ``No Strings Attached.'' Their CD sold 2.4 million copies its debut week, which set an industry record. Yikes. Are these impossible standards or what?

Despite the record-selling war with `NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys did enjoy superstardom when their other albums, ``Millennium'' and the self titled ``Backstreet Boys,'' blasted the Top 40 chart.

This time around, the Backstreet Boys will be touring with Krystal, a self-described Super Girl pianist from Indiana.

Tickets don't come cheap for this concert. They start out at $49.50, which just about equals a cable bill for most people. If you can't afford those prices, just tune into ``Total Request Live'' because the Backstreet Boys' ``The Call'' has been one of the top requested videos on the MTV show. Or, check out the Backstreet Boys on their official website,


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