The crusade continues -The Backstreet Boys are still fighting for love and respect

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Date: Feb 25, 2001
Source: The Oregonian
Submitted By: madameraz

By Marty Hughley of The Oregonian staff

Once upon a time in Orlando, Fla., five young men came together, joining forces in a grand quest. Though but humble boys of the back streets, they were fair of voice and features, and in them burned a desire to spread joy among the fair young maidens of lands near and far, and through this noble endeavor to win themselves great fortune and the favours of posterity.

And so, fresh and fearless, this band of knights -- Kevin, Brian, A.J., Howie and young Nick -- did set out into the cold, hard world, carrying with them just one thing that would serve them as fuel and weapon and gift. Their music. (Cue swelling soundtrack.) Dance tunes of the utmost gaiety and vigor. Sweet ballads pledging chivalrous romantic fealty.

Eventually the Backstreet Boys, as they came to be known, would ride triumphantly across the land. And upon their march into the Rose Garden of our fair city this Tuesday evening surely the maidens there assembled shall greet them as the conquering heroes of ever-millions more hearts.

But just as surely it was not always thus. And well must they remember their early travails, and maintain diligence in all their labours, lest rivals overtake them upon the platinum road.

For in the early days of the quest, the grail of fame must have appeared to our heroes as merely a distant hope. After all, not since the ancient clan called New Kids on the Block had such a handsome band won such great fortune. Few had rallied to the flags of Shai or Color Me Badd. At first, these five could do their vocal jousting only at local schools or amid the amusements at Sea World.

These campaigns continued -- the Backstreet Boys' "Millennium" ruled the land in 1999, only to be surpassed in the next year by 'N Sync's "No Strings Attached." Our heroes forged an alliance with the Burger King, who spread their visages in the form of figurines given to his hungry subjects. And favor shines now upon the latest Backstreets offering, "Black & Blue," yet still they do not stand alone atop the mountain.

Surely, they possess riches, but their quest also has been for undying love and respect. Their story is not over. Fair maidens, you must write the next chapter.

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