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Date: Feb 23, 2001
Source: The Province
Submitted By: Gina

The Backstreet Boys, who play a sold-out show tonight at GM Place, are a hit wherever they go

Mike Roberts The Province

The Backstreet Boys are, like, so awesome and gorgeous and just, like so totally amazing!!! And their shows are so off the hook and they're just so nice and so, like, excellent to their fans and support the environment and heart research and stuff it's just so awesomely amazing!!!

So say all the breathlessly fanatic young female fans of the "boy" band that plays Vancouver tonight. (Cue hysterical screaming.)

Weaned on teen mags and Internet bulletin boards, those same fans know that when the Backstreet Boys put on a show, "WOW!, it's so totally cool!" just like Juli said on

The costumes and lights, the hydraulics and pyrotechnics, not to mention the five dancing boys themselves (sporting rougher, tougher looks this tour out), all add to the overall effect -- a glitzy, fast-paced music video come to life.

The Boys' fleet of 26 trucks and three buses is bringing quite a spectacle to GM Place. The theme for the Black & Blue tour is sort of Starship Troopers meets Armageddon.

The stage is styled after a devastated, asteroid-thrashed planet that the Boys come to rescue. Some fans say it looks like a great "space eye," others describe it as a "banana."

An extra-large Jumbotron and several costume changes will supply some additional razzle to the dazzle.

Here's what the critics had to say about other stops on the Black & Blue tour, which began in Florida Jan. 22:

Toronto (Feb. 7)

"They rose up from beneath the stage on smoking white columns which elevated them high above the audience. Clad in long, shiny black leather duster coats, matching pants and either black or blue T-shirts -- their new album is called Black & Blue after all -- they stood at attention with their hands at their foreheads in a serious salute."

-- Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun

Pittsburgh (Feb. 8)

"The 'boys' sang, danced, strutted, sweated and horsed around amid pyrotechnics and decibel levels that surely exceeded the limits of auditory health. It really wouldn't have mattered to the crowd of mostly young girls if the five really cute guys had sung the ABC song."

-- Monica L. Haynes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chicago (Feb. 12)

"In the first few minutes . . . enough money went up in smoke to bail a small Third World country out of debt. It set the tone for a night of illusion that left the audience giddy.

"The teen and preteen fans . . . out-screamed even the Boys' bomb squad."

-- Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

Pontiac, Mich. (Feb. 15)

"An air of weariness hung over the stage at times and this tour is only four weeks old . . . How long can five grown men inhabit a world of stuffed teddy bears, piercing prepubescent screams and oceans of blue glow sticks?

"Not that the task isn't handled with utmost professionalism: Thursday night the Boys smiled, creased their brows or wiggled their hips at all the right moments."

-- Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press


The unofficial set list for the Boys' Black & Blue Tour:

7:30 p.m.: Opening act Krystal Harris, a teen singer recently signed to the Backstreet Boys label, takes the stage for approximately 30 mins.

8:00 p.m.: Intermission

8:30 p.m.: Backstreet Boys rises to the stage on smoking, white columns. Order of the songs:

- "Everyone"

- "Larger Than Life"

- "Shining Star"

- "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"

- "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)"

- "Yes I Will"

- "More Than That"

- "I Want It That Way"

- "Not For Me"

- "Quit Playing Games With My Heart"

- "I'll Never Break Your Heart"

- "I Promise You"

- "How Did I Fall in Love With You"

- "Time"

- "The Answer to Our Lives"

- "All I Have to Give"

- "If You Stay"

- "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

- "Get Another Boyfriend"

- "The Call"

- "Shape of My Heart"


Total concert time: Approx. 1:40. Compiled from fan reviews on the Internet.

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