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Date: Feb 18, 2001
Source: TV Hits Magazine
Submitted By: Sol Carter Thorpedo

Q What would you call your autobiography?

A To be honest, I think it's way too early to even thing about writing one. Even though I guess I've done a heck of a lot in my 21 years, I still reckon I've got a lot more life to live first - and hopefully a lot more stories to tell!

Q What's the weirdest thing a fan's ever said to you?

A A fan in South Africa once asked me what i'd do if she took a bullet for me... We were all truly shocked with that one, but i guess in a country like that bullets and guns are a fact of life. It was very distressing all the same.

Q Have you ever said "Don't you know who I am?"

A No way! I generally get so much attention all the time, I try to stay as low key as possible. Besides, that's just arrogant isn't it? And that's not what I'm about.

Q Do you prefer a bath or a shower?

A A shower - and a really, really loooooong one at that! The guys are always saying I'm the 'funky smellingest' (sic) Backstreet Boy, I gotta stay clean!

Q Which BSB song would you like to never shave to sing again?

A There honestly aren't any that I dislike that much. They've all got their place and have been important to me in some way. Sorry!

Q Fav aftershave?

A I don't use it. I guess we're back to that funky smell thing aren't we?!

Q Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

A I don't really have a preference. I've dated both, Not at the same time though, heh heh!

Q Have you ever denied being Nick Carter?

A Yes. Sometimes there's been times when it's the only thing to do. If there's going to be a problem with security or something. It's either that, or move really fast! There really are times when being recognised in public would cause mayhem!

Q What's the worst gossip you've ever read about yourself?

A Hmmmm, we've been quite lucky, we've never really had that much bad stuff printed About us. I guess it'd have to be all the rumours about us splitting up as a group. Of course it's not true - well we're still here aren't we, heh heh?! But it keep son coming up!

Q Fizzy drinks or freshly squeezed juice?

A Juice, unless I really need a sugar boost!

Q What do you sleep in?

A Not a lot! If I'm at home I dont' wear anything, I like the freedom, but if I'm staying in a hotel or something, I'll sleep in my underwear. I mean, can you imagine if there was a fire alarm or something, or you just forgot and got up to open the door for room service in the morning ... that'd be a good picture for the press!

Q Which rock star would you have in your solo band?

A Steve Perry from Journey, he's an absolutely amazing singer!

Q The Simpsons or South Park?

A both! I absolutely love those cartoons, it's the first thing I do when I get to a hotel room, check out all the channels to see if there are any on. But if I really had to choose, I guess I'd go with South Park!

Q Have you ever had any bit of you shaved or waxed?

A Are you being naughty? No I haven't had anything like that done! I did have some wax pput in my hair to make it all stand up once, just for fun during a photo session, but that's about it, I'm afraid! Oh, and I do shave my face every now and then!

Q What's yer fave Playstation game?

A I love any of them that are anything to do with sports - football, basketball, whatever!

Q What's the nicest thing a celeb could say About you?

A That I'm a great singer, or a great entertainer. That's be really neat!

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