Transcript of A.J. McLean - Yahoo! Chat - 3.17.00

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Date: Mar 22, 2000
Submitted By: Mary Ann Dagg

A.J. McLean - Yahoo! Chat - 3.17.00

The following is a transcription of an online chat that occured with A.J.McLean March 17th, 2000.

A.J. McLean: Hello

ElenaCarter: Will Johnny No Name make a solo album?

A.J. McLean: Well, I dunno. possible. It's been a thought. But it would have to be something discussed amongst myself and the rest of the fellas and it coudldnt conflict with our new album. It would also depend on the response i get from Johnny's fans, and to see what the people want to hear. If Johnny works, and they want to hear more. then yeah. I have been working on some originals with gusy in the Johnny No Name band, aso maybe...we could do it. If i had the time, also.

i_luv_johnny_no_name : HI AJ.......OOOh this is sooo exciting.....Um...Will You be coming to canada with the Johnny No Name tour?? Thanks a Bunch!!!

A.J. McLean: More than likely yeah. I want to gho up to Canada as well as Europe. CLubs, theaters, if we do do Canada, i'd like to start in the vancouver area and work my way east. We've been out there before, and i defeinitely want to go there, Germany, Austria, Switzerland again. At least one of us should try to keep our face in the public eye while we wont be seen in the snext five - 6t molnths. Hopefully, we'll be off screen working on our best album yet.

backstreet78_millennium : What is your top priority at the moment?

A.J. McLean: At this moment... honestly, putting together the best possible new Backstreet Boys album we can. We've alotted ourselves a good 5 months. WE're going to try something different this time, which is to go to the Bahamas in a remote studio inside a house...and we're going to live there for about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks, with JUST us, and just drink as much as we can of any kind of music, and then throw up and see what comes out. That's definitely the top priority.

ana_and_bryan: How did the idea of Johnny No Name came out?

A.J. McLean: Well, originally, the name was Johnny Suede, and it stemmed from back in May, in Nashville, rehearsing for the world tour...our old drummer Tim took me to a clothing store cause there was a jacket he wanted me to get. I went in and got the coat, and we're all trying to find new code names for when we check into hotels. When we'd go to a bar or a club,k they'd always make fun of me if i was acting more unusual than normal, they'd say "Ooo, Johnny Suede came out to play!" I was thinking of doing a solo show for charity, and needed a name. On my 22nd birthday in Orlando, my first show, we used the name, and found out...afterward...that it belong to a Brad Pitt film! It was a couple years ago, (1987), and the director is now still a strugglign artist in California, but...he wouldnt let me have the name. We then had to go with Johnny something else, and... well...between myself, Louis my bass player, Andre our photographer, and the drummer, one of the msuggested "Johnny No Name" We all said it was kind of stupid, but the more i thoguht about it...the more we realized that...Johnny No Name could work...the fans could yell back "Suede", and it'd be fine. I just cant call it that, officially.

lmv_1130: Of all the songs that you cover on this tour which one is your favorite and why?

A.J. McLean: WE're actually adding a ocuple new song. Chanigng the intro, took out a couple.My favorite from my first show would probably be BAD TO THE BONE, cause it was perfect for that evening. Johnny was singing to AJ, and it was great. Now, in the new set, even though i havent learned the words yet, PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY by Wild Cherry, or KILLING IN THE NAME OF by Rage against the Machine is gonna be fun. There's not really any words,'s the first one to learn.

tapanga34: I love your tattoos!! Are you thinking about getting any new tattoos? If you are what are you going to get? We love you!!

A.J. McLean: ACtually, i'm due for two actually. I will be prolly going in tyhe next couple of days for rehearsals (mom kicks him), and i'm going to put a sun on my top right shoudler...and then somehow, someway.. I've got to figure out a symbol for Johnny Suede. I'll need some symbol for Johnny Suede (sorry, Johnny No Name) Send in some cool ideas for Johnny SUede or Johnny No Name! Something that symbolizes it . Come on, send it in! :) Well...

dmscmtrue: AJ who are some of the acts going on tour with you ?

A.J. McLean: we have Nobody's Angel. And we're trying to get three acts. We have Mindi Abeair, our saxophone player. She's also a solo artist, and plays for our band, as well as Johnny No Name.

Denise McLean: I think the agent is looking for local acts as we go along.

QTPIE8780: okay, aj, please help me out. I have heard from people that you guys chat online anonymously and that you don't. Which is it? Do you guys ever venture online for an anonymous chat with fans?

A.J. McLean: I dont. But my girlfriend will sometimes, using my username. She'll go on and talk to all of the fans, and lots of them ask about me and how i'm doing. And sometimes if i'm here, i'll pop on and talk too. It takes me soemtimes 20 questions to convince them it's me, but.... eventually we get into some great discussions They ask some crazy questions, like "what color was the shirt at the motown awards" (LOL)

i_luv_howiebsb: Do the other guys help out any with the Johnny No Name concerts and stuff?

A.J. McLean: they're all supportive, cause it is for charity, and each of us has set up a different charity foundation.

bsb_maxmartin_cheiron_rocks: Johnny what happened with "Suede"? (cuz it's Johnny No Name now...?)

A.J. McLean: Brian has the Heart FOundation. I've been trying to get a Diabetes Foundation. VH1 SAVE The MUSIC is really influenced alot by guys in my posiotion, and i really beleive that keeping music in the schools is a very important thing to do. The govt. is cutitng back on all kinds of financing for the schools, and they're cutting music. And they lose how important it is to the world, and to kids. Without the kids listening to and buyign the music, we'd all be out of the job. I know all the guys are very into it. Brian wanted to come up, during one of my charity shows, and sang with me. The crowd went nuts and loved it. Howie may join me for one of the shows in LA, and i'm trying to convince him to come up. I dunno. We'll see.

dabonesgrls: aj, this is the most important question to all the fans, were only asking it cuz we REALLY care about u, do u still smoke? please give us an honest answer,

Denise McLean: Yes, he should stop.

A.J. McLean: Great. My mom is now involved. I actually quit at the beginning at the beginning leg of the world tour. The same thing that happened to me last time i quit happened again. When i quite in EUrope about a year ago, i lost my voice about the 2nd week of our tour. It wasnt a good thing. When i started smoking again, my voice came back. Now that we have so much downtime, and i'm not under any pressure or stress....i think it'll be easy to quit. I dont want to go onto any supplements, and have any sideeffects, and i think... it'll make me a stronger person if you quit cold turkey. My cousin quit. My chief of secuirty quit. His wife quit. Everyone is quitting, and it's a lot harder than people think. Especially if you know that you have an addictive personality (like me), if you get hooked on stuff easily, then dont even try it. Dont go near it. DOnt be around it. If your friends smoke, tell them to not do it around you. It's going to be really difficult to quit, and if you ever do, quit. It doesnt make you cool. Lots of fans have told me, "We think you're cool even if you dont smoke, so dont do it." And i say that back to you.

latinhuny69: hey this ? is for denise;-)~ How do you feel about your son's success like do you go to the supermarket and see a mag with him on the cover and be like that's my baby?

A.J. McLean: Remember, i'm in the room. be nice.

Denise McLean: I'm very proud of hi. I don't even think he realizes how proud i am. It's amazing to me what he's accomplished at a young age. I used to think he was an alien because no onewas as outgoing as him in the family. My reaction when I see things out and about how him, I see caricatures at Kiosks. My friends will get them. When I'm out I'll say"that's a good picture of my son." They don't belive me. It's definitely a weird thing. You expect your kids to go to school and be successful in their 20's and 30's.

A.J. McLean: i still want to go to college, but you know...i'll be thirty before that happens.

Denise McLean: But he's known he's wanted to this since he was 6, it's amazing what he accomplished. I was lucky I could pay my rent when I was his age.

sweetie_31_2001: Denise, how did you react to a.j.'s tattoos?

A.J. McLean: (laughing) I'll answer that one.

Denise McLean: The first one he got, he was scared to tell me. He snuck out of the hotel with Brian and security and someone who knew who the tatoo guy was. Nobody told me, but I found out.

A.J. McLean: and now i have 12. Hahah! :)

Denise McLean: It takes getting used to. I've never had one, and I've never known anyone who had them.

A.J. McLean: I'm still trying to get her to get one with me, but she wont do it.

Denise McLean: It's an unusual thing for me, but I'm just gonna have to accept that this is how he expresses himself as an artist. There are worse things he can get into it by far. And he's never got into any of the bad things that some people in his position get into.

A.J. McLean: you know what's really funny? I can go and get a tatoo just about anywhere on my body, and it's one needle hitting your body 3ooo times a minute, but you have to DRAG me to the doctor to get a shot. When we had our shots to go to Asia, i was the only one that had to lay down and hold my mom's hand .I just freak out. But with my tatoos, it's diffent. I havent gotten one since May, so i know the new one will hurt. It's that initial adrenaline rush at the beginning...cause you dont know how it's going to feel. But right now, on my stomach and back, i've got them in places that would hurt the most. Howie right now, is the only one who doesnt have one yet. We're doing to drag him in. :)

Denise McLean: (LOL) It took Howie four years just to get his ear pierced.

A.J. McLean: we almost got Howie in the chair to get the parlor, but... he did a little too much partying that night, and we had to take him out and back to the hotel so he could get sick.

Denise McLean: I don't ever want to see that. Thank you.

A.J. McLean: He got all nervous and sick, and .... i still kick myself. We should have forced one on him, knocked him out, and got it to say I LOVE MOM! :)

Linz_Littrell: Denise, does AJ's success bring you guys closer together or farther apart??

A.J. McLean: Well, i mean, at first it was like one time she was working solely for us, and now she kind of works outside the group. I kind of didnt want her to work with us, not because i didnt want her around, but because it was too stressful for her. I didnt want to see her get sick, or any more gray hairs. At first, it was cool, cause the guys envied me cause my mom was on the band with us. Maybe on a day off, i'd go shopping with the guys or to a bar, but it kind of got wierd when i got back from the last tour. I had a christmas here at her house, and i gave her my old house as a christmas present. I was living here with her and my girlfriend. We always saw each other here in the house, and now that i've moved out, i live ten minuts down the road. And it's the wierd seperation thing. Now we're in 2 different places, and i'm finally growing up. It was wierd...and i just think she's more like my best friend than my Mom. She doesnt act...47.... I mean...HER AGE....oops. It's like a Mom-son-best friend realtionship. It's fun! SHe comes outand has fun with us, she still visits us all. She was like the Tour Mom.RA She'd come out for all the guys, cause none of them had family with them. It was great for all of us that she was there.

Denise McLean: It was quite stressful in the beggining because I was on a different bus a lot of the time, at first I ws on the crew bus. A lot of people don't know that the crew doesn't stay inthe hotel, they go to the new city. I was part of that set-up with their wardrobe. One of the hard thing I had to put up with in the beginning was seeing them drive off and I had to stay at work.

A.J. McLean: werent working! You were messin' around! :)

Denise McLean: But we had days off and we could get togeterh adn talk to each other. It brought us closer together. I feel blessed that we could spend so much together going all over the world,me and the other boys, being part of the success and watching all of them grown into men. Now, I think it's time for me to stay home a bit more, stop living out of a suitcase which I done for 7 years. Now that he has his place and I have my place it's better, now that we have the income. When he's o ntour, he;ll call me. When he went on the Milennium tour, it was the first time I didn't leave with them. He called me up and said "I just realized something, you're not getting on the plane with us." I said yeah, but it's not like you'll be alone, you have 50 people with you. You get what they call separation anxiety... But I'm easing into it because he's only a few minutes away.

A.J. McLean: honest answers....

cole_2004_99: did you ever take n e voice lessons to get that really pretty voice of your's

A.J. McLean: none i for lack of a btter word, trained myself. i never had a true voice coach. i'd go out if there was a group or artist, i'd go out and buy their CD and try to mimic their voice. that's basically how i developed my own style. I'd take whatever riffs or sound they had, and then adapt it to my sound, combining them...and create my own. I didnt have any voice training, or do scales iwth a piano. I primarily did it all myself. I wasnt one growing up that was easy to take direction. I was always really hard headed... to the pont where i'd say "I'll learn the hard way" It worked out for me. It definitely paid off.

Denise McLean: He was in chours in school though and did a lot of musical theater which I think helped immensely when he was a child.

A.J. McLean: (nodding in agreement) ...

Denise McLean: Heavy question (lol)

Peanutbutter101: Is there one thing you truly belive in?

A.J. McLean: (thinking) God I mean... when you think about it, beyond anything beyond family, friends, beyond whoever....who welse do you have to turn to for forgiveness, for thought... To reach out for anything and everything, who do you ahve to talk to? If you cant talk to your family, or dont have family or can always talk to God. You can always find peace of mind. Peace. Tranquility. Sense of mind. I really believe God has given us a great big kick in the butt for the past 8 years that we've been together. He's kept us togetgher, and made us tighter as ateam. Because of our belief and because we've always been so close to Him, that... we're going to be around for a VERY long time. You know...j I'm looking at some of the names in there..."AJis YUMMYinmyTummy?"

amuznet_live: AJ and Denise are viewing the chat with all of you.....

A.J. McLean: that's a cool name. Wierd one...."I'm Swelly in my Belly"

jenn_marie156: AJ, as Johnny No-Name, who are your musical influences?

A.J. McLean: Rock. more or less. Rock and punk. trip hop. acid jazz. That whole kind of vibe., I can go and name tons of groups, but there's too many. Led ZEppelin, Skynard, Etc...the list can go on for days. Johnny No Name is...someone who is a combination of every type of music genre with the exception of country and classical...though...

sweet_505: Will you ever sing a duet with someone? If so, it would be great if you waited for me! :o)

A.J. McLean: As Johnny? I've already talked with Fred Durst with Limp Bizket. We talked about it at teh Grammys. There's a possibily there. It'd be kinda cool. A.J. McLean: As a group, or myself, we'd love to work with...again....Shania Twain, Elton John....and Lionel Ritchie actually came up on stage with us in San Antonio He got on the piano and he played easy, and we sang with him.

Denise McLean: He's going on tour with Tina Turner

A.J. McLean: He's going on tour with TINA TURNER, and he wanted to come up and do BRICKHOUSE with Johnny.

music_lover_kayla: Denise please tell us a secret only a mother would know about AJ?

A.J. McLean: (very quiet)

Denise McLean: LOL.... I would say.... he has a very cute habit of twirling his clothing when he's nervous.

A.J. McLean: What does that mean anyway?

Denise McLean: He takes the edge of his shirt or his pants, and rubs it between his thumb and index finger. That' his nervous habit that he does.

A.J. McLean: (laughing here)

neoal: Who is your favorite female artist of all time?

A.J. McLean: I actually have three. 1. Etta James. She's my fav female blues singer. I've got every single album 2. Pat Benetar. I was a big fan in the 80's of her stuff. 3. It's a tie between Jewel and Sarah McGlaughin. I love their vibe....and i'd have to be biased and say...

Denise McLean: How about Paula Abdul

A.J. McLean: My girlfriend. She's got a beautiful voice. Ok.....Paula Abdul. I used to be soooooo in love with her. And I met her at the Tonight Show, and she was little.

Denise McLean: He was speechless.

A.J. McLean: Great. But little.

amuznet_live: So far, you've all asked over 35,000 questions for AJ and Denise......THANK YOU!

A.J. McLean: Oh, and just for all of your interest...YES...i'm back with AMANDA. :) And things couldnt be more wonderful.

ksgirl15: Do you ever sing in the shower?

A.J. McLean: Sure.

Denise McLean: LOL... He sings everywhere.

A.J. McLean: I do. I sing everywhere. Tha'ts my problem. I could probably make it through the mall everyday without getting recognized, but i end up signing everywhere i go. I kind of set myself up.

alb1525: Do you have the chance to answer the mail that comes via the FunClub?

A.J. McLean: no, i actually dont. I dont get a chance to very often. Sometimes when i log in, and my girlfriend does, it's just to talk. I'll talk to random fans, random anyone, but i've never actually checked into the FunClub. I would if i had time, but i dont.

Denise McLean: WE usually take those letters and incorporate them into the newsletters. We get a lot of the same questions. The Fun Club Webpage will be the same way. We want t make it very fan interactive. WE can get the rumor mill squelched so fans don't get freaked out when they hear things. We can nip that in the bud shall we say.

A.J. McLean: Southside 12....AJ says hello, and "what's up", and that i'll be the first of us 5 to say "Hello and How Are you?"

Mengy86: What do ya love the most about touring??

A.J. McLean: i think just travelling. Getting to see different people, different cultures. Everything is different. (great, now everyone wants me to say hi. Shhhh) It's great ot be on tour. You can do anything you want. Kinda like going to a pep rally. You're always in a nonstop adrenaline rush. It's a fun time.

siyalater_2000bsb: How do you go without getting recognized everywhere?

A.J. McLean: everywher i go i get recognized. But i think i bring it on myself. I walk aroun in sleeveless shirts, or in a cowboy hat. I had a girl today who didnt recognize me, but knew my voice just how i talked! They probably know what type of blood i have. it's amazing to see how much those fans know about us. To me, it's the most amazing thing in the world. For someone to be that intrigued with some person they may never even talk to, let alone's so cool. So flattering, yet's intriguing more to me to see what goes on in a fan's head for a day. To see what htye're thinking when we're up on stage. It's just

amuznet_live: Now we're over 40,000 questions asked for AJ and his mom Denise.........WOW!


A.J. McLean: i think i do a lot of nice things. I wont walk out of a hotel and just get on the bus.I always try to =make time for the fans. we've said it a billion times, buit i'll say it again....Without you guys, we wouldnt be here. If it wasnt for them, buying our records, coming to our shows,m seeing us, loving us....this wouldnt have ever happened.

Denise McLean: Rememberthat girl you gave a towel too, the handicapped girl, it was right at the end of the show. She was right outside the pit area. She had a sign that said "throw me your towel" With all this going on the arena, thousands of people, he made sure that this girl got a towel.

amuznet_live: Don't forget to enter the contest for tickets to 'Johnny's' upcoming shows after the chat at

A.J. McLean: I wore khakis, glasses with no lenses, and carried a BRIEFCASe to school! I was a dork!

Denise McLean: AJ never wore jeans until he was 12.

A.J. McLean: (talking about how he dressed in school...)

shaggy_riky: Do you still have time to play pool?

A.J. McLean: yes. i have a pool table in my house , and at my mom's house. i've gotten better and better and better...i can kick just about anybody's butt these long as there's no money involved.

groovy_baby145: AJ, what is the nicest thing you have done for your mother?

A.J. McLean: Probably give her my house, cause she stole my car from me.

Denise McLean: LOL...

A.J. McLean: Get this... i'm on the road...jsut bought a new Mercedes convert...been waiting to get one for years... she doesnt wanna drive my truck cause she's a little person and cant reach the she tells me when i'm coming home... My mom, the one person in the world that is trying to keep me from spending money on frivolous things.....keeps the car and tells me to "Go buy another one!" Now we have matching cars, except mine's better. Heh.

Denise McLean: Oh my goodness.

A.J. McLean: I'm just an all around great son, even thought i'm a pain in the ass.

Denise McLean: I don't have this grey hair for no reason.

blue_daisy2000: What futre goals and ambitions do you have?

A.J. McLean: Governer for the state of Florida.

Denise McLean: Scary..

A.J. McLean: For the group to have longevity and put out the most incredible album we've ever done. To totally blow everybody away. To make everybody go wow. Ambition. To be an all around better person; quit smoking, work out more. Eat better. Shave my head.

Denise McLean: He's got an ugly head... YOu have a flat spot in the back.

A.J. McLean: She did drop me on my head once!

Denise McLean: I did not

A.J. McLean: Kicked me in the head. THUMP

Denise McLean: Untrue! LOL!

A.J. McLean: (laughing hysterically now)

Denise McLean: Maybe i didn't. That was the problem. A kick in the head might have straightened you out.

amuznet_live: over 46,000 questions..

kinseyla98: What is the wierdest thing a fan has done to show their love for you?

A.J. McLean: You want the PG version, or the X version?

Denise McLean: That girl with the ring in Germany.

A.J. McLean: Met a fan in Germany, and we became friends...and she was, i guess, have you seen the movie MISERY? She didnt use plywood and a sledgehammer...but... She gave me two gold rings with diamons in them, and i didnt think they were real. I go to Mayer's Jewelers just for fun and get them appraised. The guy behind the counter..."Where did you get these?" He offered to buy them off me, for.... get this... $15,000 Both of the rings were her parents wedding rings! She stole them, and gave them to me! So now i have like half the german army after me. But the funny thing is, i still have them. She ACTUALLY snuck onto our bus, and was hiding in our manahger's bunk. She was probabloy trying to get to me, but...we had to put her in a cab and send her home.

amuznet_live: there's two things to do after the chat, enter the contest at and stop by

bone_this_aj: What do u think u r doing in about 10 years?

A.J. McLean: Well, hopefully... hopefully we'll be together, well the group will DEFINITELY be together....but...i hope to be doing some film and TV work, solo projects. I'd like to get into some film writing. WRite and produce for other artists. It'd be fun to do stuff like that. i'll still be in the business, keeping preoccupied. I want to say hello to MISSY, DAVID, and SUE...!!!!!!! Thanks to your help with Johnny No Name.

Denise McLean: Thanks for all the help with Johnny No Name.

A.J. McLean: I also want to say hello to my LITTLE SILLY DILLY!!!!!

amuznet_live: Thank you everybody! Stop by / and also the BSB Fun Club! at

A.J. McLean: I should let y'all know...March 27...i will be in Los Angeles, at the Wiltern Theater. March 28...Las the Joint, at the Hard Rock.

amuznet_live: over 50,000 questions................Thank you all!

A.J. McLean: Then we've got a couple days off, then APril 1, Milwaukee, at the MODJASKA Theater. April 2.... Minneapolis, at The QUEST. April 4th, Chicago. On a mission from God, at the ROSEMONT THEATER.++

amuznet_live: All these shows are listed at the BSB FUN CLUB!

A.J. McLean: APril 5th, Detroit Rock City, at the STATE THEATER...and that show is almost sold out.

Denise McLean: Get your tickets fast because that show is almost sold out. They went on sale today.

A.J. McLean: April 7th, Washington DC... at the 9:30 Club.

Denise McLean: That's a cool place. I've been there.

A.J. McLean: April 8th...Atlantic City...keep an ear out! And the last show on APril 9th is in New YOrk City, in the Urban Plaza. Johnny just wants to say... this is his new catch phrase...ready ? BE COOL BE REAL And BEHAVE, Baby!

amuznet_live: That's it everyone......Thanks

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