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Submitted by Julius from USA
Date: Mon Oct 30 23:43:47 2023

It's a blast from the past that still resonates with music and pop culture enthusiasts today. |

Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Wed Nov 23 22:19:13 2005

I can remember how great Howie looked in that black shirt! I love that shirt!!!!! I watched the awards, but wasn't impressed! The Backstreet Boys should've performed that night! They gave an award to Outkast!

Submitted by hanan from dearborn MI aribic but knows alot of english more
Date: Mon Nov 14 20:36:24 2005

i love you nick and i think your sooooo sexy older or younger and i dont care if people say your drunk i dont belive it and i want the bsb to come back please i know every thing about you and i have ever thiing for you !!!! nick i love you and do you still go with paris i started to hate her lol write back please come back every one wants you back please and i love nick in the video for i want it that way your so god dame sexy and i love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Angel from West Virginia USA
Date: Sat Sep 21 02:41:21 2002

~*~RoCk On BsB~*~
peace out


Submitted by krissy kay from Liestal BL Switzerland
Date: Wed Aug 14 06:33:26 2002

I think the backstreet boys are the absolute best and I support them in any and every way I can.
But i think we need to wake up they aint gonna be around forever..There getting to old for this..Three are married and I'm sure there evintually want kids.DO you really think there the kind of guys you are gonna want to have kids on the road 24/7?Because i dont-there better then that.N'sync dont have the talent to last.What are they playing at?-you cant mix a rapper like nelly with sqeeky vouiced pop stars like n'sync.They dont have the right stuff-the right fomula to keep there fans like bsb.I know a lot of girls that liked n'sync when they where 12 but we've grown up and there music hasent.Backstreet will always be number 1 at least in our hearts they will.

Submitted by christine from Oceanside CA USA
Date: Thu Aug 1 00:04:38 2002

Hi everyone I'm soo happy that i'm not the only 1 in the world who has brains and KNOWS that BSB is better in EVEEERY way.But just don't pay attention to stupid rumors because we all know.And soon the rest of the world will thath BSB is the best and will always.Just because they don't try so freakin hard to be better than everyone else and are original they get dissed but don't get mad.NSTINK will be "Gone" I mean they even know it because they wrote a song LOL

Submitted by Alex from L.A. California USA
Date: Mon Jul 22 18:16:30 2002

I totally agree w/ everyone's comments that I've read. BSB did pave the way for so many other groups that are similar enough to them to be considered imitations. I don't understand why people call them a boyband. We didn't see a phenomenon like the Backstreet Boys since The Beatles, and no one would dare disrespect The Beatles by calling them a boyband. Now, I'm not trying to say one is better than the other; Backstreet and The Beatles are different in many ways. I don't understand how NSYNC can win or even be nominated for the awards that BSB deserves and have deserved since before NSYNC was even around. People are very biased and can't recognize talent. It was so horrible that NSYNC won after the Michael Jackson performance. A truly talented group doesn't need any assistance to win an award. MTV, despite how much they've supported BSB before, shouldn't have put NSYNC on before the award was presented. But spite doesn't get BSB or the fans anywhere. Instead of focusing on injustices BSB has to face, lets remember they're accomplishments and keep supporting them while they keep those accomplishments coming. Sorry it was so long. KTBSPA!!

Submitted by Rosa from Crescent City FL USA
Date: Sat Jul 20 13:41:58 2002

I agree with all of you in here. MTV is like in love with NSTINK! I really don't understand what people see in them. They have zero talent and have the most horrible looks in the world. Really! The VMA's are coming up again and hopefully BSB will win something. But I wouldn't count on it. All of these awards shows are soooo rigged! I really wish that BSB win a Grammy maybe then they'll show everyone what they're really about! KTBSPA!

Submitted by lexi from binghamton new york USA
Date: Wed Jul 3 17:01:49 2002

COME ON PEOPLE!! i love bsb, what jamie fox did was terrible, but thats besides my point! listen to yourselves!!!!!! you support them, say their music is superior [which it is] but then you end with nick/aj/brain/howie/kevin is so friggin hot! NONONONONONONONO! everybody is so focused on material things. sure, i say theyre hot often enough, but theyre a music group and thats what counts her, and respect, which youre really not giving them by doing that!

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON, Canada
Date: Sun Jun 30 01:28:51 2002

I really didn't care for all of the jokes at AJ's expense. In particular I didn't care that Jamie Foxx was waving an opened and fizzing bottle of champagne right in front of AJ. In short I thought that the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards were a complete and total joke.

Submitted by emily from chicopee MA USA
Date: Sat May 11 14:58:45 2002

I think what Jamie Foxx said was wrong no matter if some people thought it was humorous.
When that was filmed aj was only out of rehab for 2 and a half weeks!! have some heart.

Submitted by amanda from Canada
Date: Sun Apr 14 16:00:34 2002

alright melissa,your father knows whut he's talkin bout and so do u!!!
KTBSPA ya'll

Submitted by F.N from pissedvill Australia
Date: Mon Apr 1 02:51:46 2002

People are Bias esp Mtv They love Nsync(Dont know why)BSB come up with an idea its booed but when nsync come up with an idea praise for example nsync are now sayin they want to mature their sound bsb have always said that!Nstink are now also saying they want their tours to have "intimacy" Bsb came out before nsync.when Bsb first came out the other boybands were Light and fluffy and could rot your teeth.BsB sounded different.Now when nsync came out their songs were BSB ripp offs (they should have the priledge
OF being Called Bsb ripoiffs)Bsb proved they were more than a boyband and shouldnt be The B Side of nsync

Submitted by Melissa from K.C. Missouri USA
Date: Sun Feb 17 04:46:18 2002

well the award shows are predictable. Watch the heavy rotation on MTV and that's who'll win. Anyway I agree that BSB don't usually get the credibility they deserve. I mean my dads ABSOLUTELY HATES award shows and doesn't really like pop music either BUT when he came into the living room to talk to me NSync had won an award or NSync was singing (I can't remember wich) but my dad actually uttered the words "Those guys would have never made it this far if it weren't for the Backstreet Boys." I was stunned to say the least. But my dad was right. When someone says boyband the first thing that a person thinks of is usually BSB. And when we're all in our 50's we'll be telling our grand children about the phenomenon that was the Backstreet Boys.

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON Canada
Date: Mon Feb 4 16:00:42 2002

I think that Backstreet Boys are suppierior vocally. They seem to bring out the best in everyone and their songs mean something to some people.
I can't say that about NSync because when they sing their songs are about girls and niave romance.

Submitted by Frann from Indianapolis IN USA
Date: Sat Feb 2 20:09:30 2002

Seems like to me that the media, other artists and some DJ's are making it harder and harder for our beloved Pop acts. NSYNC and O-Town are great bands, but Backstreet Boys are the very best. Their music is pop without being sugary bubblegummish. Although these people are trying to make it tough on them...let's take a look at who is #1,2, and 3 always on TRL. Its nearly always one of our great "boybands". Tells something huh? And just for the record...Pop is loved by us older 30 something people too.

Submitted by Lana from Terre Haute Indiana USA
Date: Sat Feb 2 01:26:42 2002

I just wanna say that i think BSB kik AZZ!!! they were the first concert that i have ever went to and i plan to go back, but this time imma b up front, I like all the guys, but Nick is the HOTTEST!! and ill always b a big BSB fan! Backstreet rulez Nstink droolz!!

Submitted by Nicole honeywell from Merritt BC Canada
Date: Tue Jan 22 12:18:31 2002

hey i just wanna say that BSB kick A$$ and Nsuck can kiss my a$$!! bsb 4 ever
peace out
Nick is soooo fricken hot!!!!!

Submitted by bill from los angeles california USA
Date: Sat Jan 19 17:25:52 2002

hey bsb fans,

Submitted by Kelly from LA California USA
Date: Fri Jan 18 07:35:50 2002

We still can vote on MTV Asia so make your vote now

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