How do you feel about the tour postponment?

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Submitted by Angel from Germany
Date: Sun Feb 4 23:39:18 2007

Well, I think the tour being postponed was a bit disappointing, but I knew it would still be on in the near future, and I would be able to see my 2 hot guys, Brian and Kevin! And it gave them a chance to practise they could be better! Not that they have anything to improve on! They are the perfect band! Their songs are so addicting, I've got 20 pictures of each on my wall (25 of Kevin and Brian - tee hee!) and I'm almost always blasting their music through my house... Love you guys so much!

Infinite hugs and kisses,


p.s. Nick! I have the same name as your sister! Cool, eh?

Submitted by Celeste from Cobourg, ON, Canada
Date: Tue Jun 25 19:19:59 2002

I think that for all concerned it was the best decision that they could have made.
I'd rather see a happy A.J. than a sickly A.J. :)

Submitted by nicky from USA
Date: Fri Jun 21 14:55:07 2002

I do not know what the big deal was postponing there tour. It was the only and best thing to do.They had to take time to settle.Backstreet boys
are number 1 4-ever. I can not wait until Nicks solo album.

Submitted by Krystal from Elk Grove ca USA
Date: Sun Jun 9 23:05:38 2002

it was definitely the best thing for them to do. keeping everyone at tip top condition is what they do. so postponing the tour was a way for aj to clear his problems away. after the postpnement of the tour they got back on stage with aj ready to go. that was the best thing that happened for the group. as a whole the group came together and made aj was okay.

Submitted by JUSTINE from anaheim ca USA
Date: Wed May 8 18:59:42 2002

i def. think it was the right thing to do. it would have just been wrong to leave aj alone.
i hope aj feels beta.

Submitted by micha from montreal canada Canada
Date: Mon Jan 21 17:08:19 2002

i think it was the right thing 2 do. b-cuz now that u all c a.j is much more happy n healthy then b-4!! n i'm also happy they did so b-cuz i was suppsoe 2 go on july or juno (4-got) 26th but it was purponed 2 sept 17, n i think i enjoyed it better cuz i wanted 2 c them just when i started school so i would have a gr8 start! n i did so thanx 2 bsb! god they r beautiful! n i luv them!!!! (L)(K)(L) xoxoox

Submitted by Liz from Georgia USA
Date: Sat Jan 19 20:25:13 2002

I think they did the right thing I mean AJ needed helped and he seeked it I think that is awesome and either way they would of had to postpone anyway so I mean it was coming for them to cancel part of the tour and I think any other band would of done the same thing if a problem accoured within the group or the person so I dont see the big deal out of it all be glad that AJ got help and that he is still here today.


Submitted by bsb fan aka howies girl from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:09:32 2002

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Submitted by whitney from sherman tx USA
Date: Tue Jan 1 01:46:04 2002

they had to that for there heath and to be on top of thig im glad thy areback

Submitted by Amanda from Peoria IL USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 00:06:57 2001

It was a pretty wise decision to say the least. Their health and happiness matter much more to me than going to another concert. I'm so proud of them for being so honest with us- they don't sweep anything under the rug- no other group loves its fans more. It's scary to think what would've happened if A.J. didn't decide to get help- let's just say I'm real glad he did- I 'don't wanna lose them now'. No matter what happens, they always come out tighter and stronger as both a group and freinds- even the haters gotta respect them for that. KTBSPA!

Submitted by Kodi from Brush P. WA USA
Date: Sat Dec 29 03:05:06 2001

I think that they made a good choice because it was all for a great cause, and everyone has to love Aj and have love for him so it didnt really matter, but everyone im sure was excited when they started doing shows again, includeing me!!! When i went to the concert, it was Aj's 90th day of not drinking and i am sooo proud of him!! Love to all! Peace and Love ya'll!

Submitted by A.j from Mooresville indiana USA
Date: Tue Dec 11 13:30:03 2001

I think the tour being postponed was a good idea. It shows that they other guys really care about A.J. So, A.J get better! Stay that way. And I think it's really cool that you had the guts to admit that you had a problem and get help for it! Take that all you A.J bashers! HA! ;)

Submitted by Kate from NY USA
Date: Sun Oct 28 15:29:35 2001

Well, I won't lie. I cried. I almost screamed at AJ's picture! Then I caught myself, don't worry! I was wanting this for SO long, and so I got all freaked. . .. but, I DID still see them in concert, so it was all good (LOL)!!!! PS- To any BSB member that MIGHT end up reading this: I love ya! (What? I couldn't think of anything else to say!) ~Kate~

Submitted by Heather from Kingston new york USA
Date: Tue Sep 25 15:47:23 2001

I have a favior to ask all bsb fan's will you please email the pepsi arena so that we can see bsb again next year the arena is located in albany,ny and the address is and we can also email bsb at under feqwently asked questions the more people we get to do this the faster we will have them back you can email them to ask them other things to I hope that you will do this we need your help to make this work thankyou for your time.

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cinti Oh USA
Date: Wed Sep 12 23:59:35 2001

I felt that it was the right thing to do for the boys/a.j's safety cause if a.j didn't get the help then he would be dead somewhere or in jail and i know that as well as the fans that they needed that month so a.j can get well and be back on the tour clean.

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