How do you feel about Brian's marriage?

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Fri Aug 4 23:31:27 2023

Brian and Leighanne have been known to be very supportive of each other and have shared their love for their family in various interviews and public appearances. |

Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Wed Oct 10 20:52:17 2012

Just want to say I am very happy for Brian and Leighann also those who say this and that are not
Being fair, I remember another band that I liked and still do, anyways a bunch of us were waiting
For him near his house and one girl started saying that his girlfriend at the time was *^*^>
Anyway to her surprise he heard everything she said and as you could well image he was not happy.
Ok let me ask this question let's say you meet the guys with your boyfriend and you were talking to
Let's say Howie , after awhile Howie. Leaves starts to talk to nick and says "nick see that guy over
There what a jerk, plus he thinks he so cool" you were able to here all this how would feel ? So my
Point is why is it ok for "us"to say stuff about famous people when we don' t know them also think
About it they are human to. So backstreet girls I. Am outta here. Ktbsbpal 4 ever and a day!!!!!!!!
Debra AKA brian's baby girl.

Submitted by kelly neuendorf from caloundra QLD australia
Date: Sun Mar 23 21:27:58 2008

it's great thats he is merried but it's sad for me and other people who also loved him i'm happy for him.

Submitted by Brian Littrell Love from usa
Date: Tue Apr 24 10:05:11 2007

Well I am happy for brian I personally think that he knows what is best for himself and if was not to be with leighanne then he would probably not be with her but he loves her and she loves him and they have the most adoreable son ever !!! now correct me if I am wrong but It seems that Brian is very happy in his relationship with his wife and no one should say things about leighanne or brian UNLESS they know for sure what leighanne is like and frankly everyone who leaves nasty comments about leighanne does not know her personally so they should just stop !!!!

Submitted by Amy from USA
Date: Sun Apr 15 02:29:58 2007

I think brian is way over his head and should get out while he can.

Submitted by lonettahpinky from Canada
Date: Fri Apr 13 17:23:02 2007

Okay, at first I used to have a crush on Backstreet Boy Brian because he was really good-looking (and still is, gosh!!) but since he got married to his wife I have been crushed because now I feel that he deserves a nice woman such as Leighanne (I think that's her name?). Now I admire him even more because he and his wife have a son named Baylee (now THAT'S a nice name) and that seems to make him shine even more as a married man AND as a Backstreet Boy. He's still one of my favorite Backstreet Boys and I also like it that he has a solo christian compact disc and that he tours to promote this solo christian album. Still, I can't resist saying this compliment about him: Brian has eyes that crinkle up and lighten up whenever he smiles at someone, which makes him really cute. So, I support Brian's marriage and the fact that he also has a son with his wife, it must reflect on the songs that he writes with the other three members of the Backstreet Boys.
So to those of you who think that he shouldn't be married, you are not the BSB fan that you claim you're supposed to be (sighs in disgust). Any real, true, dedicated BSB fan would accept Brian as a married man and as a proud father.

Take care BSB fans everywhere. Backstreet Boys Forever!

A HUGE BSB fan forever,


Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Mar 13 22:36:43 2007

I never really commented on their marriages/relationships, but I will always be happy for who they choose to spend their life with! congratulations will always go out to all of them! luv always

Submitted by hazelle from phillippines
Date: Fri Feb 9 02:41:04 2007

hey brian...i'm so happy that you have married already...because you already achieve the happiness that you have now..but..i'm a li'l bit sad co'z...i like you then...someone already get you...hehe..just joking..till hear!...congratulations!...regards to a.j., nick, howie, and to your couzin kevin..muawhh! you very much!...till death, i'm still your no.1 fan..!

Submitted by connie from BC kamloops
Date: Tue Jul 25 00:54:41 2006

Hey Brian I here that you got marred brian I.m happy for you brian and your wife is happy for you too brian you have a son named Baleey now he just lookes like his daddey brian you should put him on stage with you brian he is just happy for you brian I.m glade for you brian I will come and wuch you on stage brian you can sing me song on stage brian I want you to come to kamoops and sing me a song at my mom.s hourse brian I love you and miss you brian you have nice voise brian I.m your backstreetboyfan brian

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Sun Mar 5 15:30:29 2006

I don't know Leighanne personally but
I feel that Brian geting married
that means that the fans are going to
get mad o well thats life he can't be
single for long I feel thats its a beautiful
thing when two get married I feel that
god was right behind them 100% with
the marriage and having their fist child
I don't have a problem with Leihghanne
I think she a angle that just happen to walk
in Brian life a great moment in life



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