Name The New Album 2002

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Submitted by Ainz from United States
Date: Tue Aug 8 00:22:49 2023

Have they considered "Retrospective Rhythms: A Journey Back to 2002"? |

Submitted by Melliissaa from USA USa USA
Date: Thu Dec 22 10:45:00 2022

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Submitted by Katie Bolt from Flushing Michigan USA
Date: Fri Apr 18 21:15:06 2008

The album that came out is 2002 is Black and Blue.

Submitted by mehak from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Tue Jul 31 18:17:08 2007

haha well i have the dame horoscop as Howie D. so :P lol .... i was readin their bios n yah i was like one of the Boys has to be a leo or aries cuz no band is incomplete without them !!! so yah i think they should name it:
!!!!"The Incomplete 4" !!!!

cuz thr missing Kevin lol

buut yah thats wat i think

Submitted by sapphire from dearborn heights mi u.s
Date: Mon May 14 21:45:00 2007

memories.. thatd be nice title for an album

Submitted by surbhi ratan from USA
Date: Wed Feb 14 15:58:33 2007

Well, the album that was done in 2005 was : NEVER GONE.

Submitted by Amber from Paterson Nj Usa
Date: Thu Apr 20 07:45:23 2006


Submitted by Ste from England
Date: Sun Oct 30 20:10:54 2005

I think the new backstreet boys album should be called:


Submitted by kevinR.12 from Indianalpolis (Representin') Indiana (Representin' again) USA
Date: Wed Oct 16 07:57:52 2002

Hi everybody.I'm back.YYYYYYes they redid .Isn't it cool.I can't tell what the picture is because I have web tv..well n-e-wayz i want bsb's album now now hear that boys now.what probably seems like early 2003 is december in 2010.I'm just playing.They're not that stupid.I have the same horoscope as AC(Just incase you don't know who ac is it's nick's little brother aaron carter.duh?)Well I'm leavin because I have to get ready to go to school.Bye bye.
Album name:2 compeditors,one winner

ps:I've changed my name now not officially but just for this site.I'm clairessa but my new name is: kevinR.12.I'll explain later.

Submitted by Christine from Oceanside CA USA
Date: Tue Oct 15 19:47:58 2002

Well how about Backstreet, that's a good one

Submitted by Anita from Guelph Ontario Canada
Date: Tue Oct 15 18:45:50 2002

how about Diversion

Submitted by 16bsb from USA
Date: Tue Oct 15 18:23:33 2002

ah!!!!!!! they redid!!!!!

Submitted by lana from ny USA
Date: Tue Oct 15 16:28:07 2002

the title that i think sounds good for the next BACKSTREET album is revolution or BACKSTREETS back again.i dunno these are the only things that will come to mind right now.
everyone vote for NICK on trl he has been #6 or 7 or 5 for a while now.we need to get him back to #1 especally(did i spell dat right?lol)on october29 since thats when his cd comes out and hes gonna be on trl (imma go see him i cant wait!).keep voteing guys!
anyways i cant wait for the next BACKSTREET album.its probaly gonna kick ass since all the other cd's they had did!i hope it will come out REALLY soon!
well i gotta go do my hw before i get my ass kicked.(lol)
buh bye !~*~BACKSTREETBOYS 4 EVER!~*~!

Submitted by nicksgurl from boston ma USA
Date: Tue Oct 15 14:40:00 2002

Album should be titled "Backstreet Boys - Now, Forever and Always"


Submitted by Clairessa(kevinr12) from USA
Date: Tue Oct 15 07:56:19 2002

Since the person on this site is not putting up any news I've gone to .Where is she/he.There's alot of news she's missed.I don't want he/she to becom e like those other sites where they just quit on the spot.Well on sunday nick was number #2 and justin was number #3.Who won that turnmament about favorite videos since carson daily will get crazy if he saw them on there.I want to beat him up with his leg.He's a freak.Bye.
Oh yeah namer:incredible

Submitted by anna from vancity Canada
Date: Tue Oct 15 01:13:24 2002

umm how bout

now and then ( ino its a movie)

ive always loved..RAW


5 and only (like 1 and only)lol...

YOU DILDO (LMAO sorry that was the funniest ...)

kiss ass nsync...

oh you guys gotta go and vote 4 aj mclean on ok?
thanx oh and oct.13-19 is bsb pride weeks so blast those speakers (with bsb tunes) and wear those shirts (lol) and SHOW DA PRIDE...WE KNOW YOU GOT IT IN YA.

Submitted by keani d. from Philippines
Date: Tue Oct 15 00:23:41 2002

hi everyone. this is the 3rd time i wote on this site. here's my suggestions:

New Road taken


Into the Next Bout

Diversify Me

Change in Paces

042093 (as in april 20, '93)

Fast Forward

and Return of the Comeback.

Well the last one is stupid right? but it can be intriguing and this title made a movie here in the philippines a blockbuster one. it's so funny and entertaining. well that's all. bsbye. gotta go!

Submitted by Christine from Oceanside CA USA
Date: Mon Oct 14 23:22:10 2002

Hey i got one how about "Phat to Death" haha sorry I'm being stupid. But "Glory" and "Raw" i like those to. I know no's gonna listen but hey

Submitted by fan from USA
Date: Mon Oct 14 21:59:40 2002

nick would u be my date for homecoming?

Submitted by Laura from United Kingdom
Date: Mon Oct 14 14:46:49 2002

I think the new album should be called
'we still got it going on '
Coz it so true
bsb rocks don't stop doing ur thang

Submitted by Naeem from Lahore Punjab Pakistan
Date: Mon Oct 14 12:02:01 2002

Hello i am Naeem From Pakistan .
I have been hearing all the news from BSB & Nick
Carter.I Suppose their new album will be called
More Than That.I really like BsB .Can any one told me when their new album is coming.and in my opinion the Nick is doing great but still there is one thing missing and that is other guys i mean to say the all five BSB.I want them back .I Have been hearing them from 5 years.i pray to God that they will be back soon.No matter how old they are .i still like them .ok bye and did u people heard " My Confession " its really Good.
May God Unite them as before.Cauz i don't want to heard thier break up.Bye

Submitted by joojooba from USA
Date: Mon Oct 14 11:12:30 2002

I think whatever the BAckstreet Boys name the cd will be absolutley perfect. I somehow think there was a hidden meaning behind "Black and Blue" but the CD was awesome.I was reading some entries and I saw dat sum1 listed "REvolution" and that's funny cuz my soccer team is Revolution, sry Im bored. Some titles Ive suggested earlier on:
After All is Said and Done
Many More Miles to Go
Time and Time Again
I still like these titles. hmmmmmmm, lemme think, also I like
Mixed Emotions
I've benn a HUGE backstreet fan for almost 6 yrs and I absolutley love them. If the guys are actually reading this ( like they get time) I just want to say that they are the strongest human beings I know ( even though I've neva met them)their music makes me happy and always helps me through everything ( helps me ..... that reminds me that I LUV help me NIck)I will always luv da bsb and I know that they'll stick 2gether no matter what the media puts against them. I also ahve to say that each member of the backstreet boys has more talent then all of Nsync put 2gether. Sry, but that's my honest opinion. My fave holiday is coming ^ ... Halloween and I tried to get 4 friends to dress up w/ me as the BSB for a party but they were against dressing up as guys for sum reason. LOL K i gotta go do my h/w, darn it. Hope I dont jam my fingers in my locker tomorrow.
Joojooba aka ~* a BSB Fan 4 life*~

Submitted by ANONYMOUS from Argentina
Date: Mon Oct 14 02:03:02 2002


"Insert Title Here"

"It Can Only Get Better From Here"


Submitted by Angiemarie from ORLANDO FL USA
Date: Sun Oct 13 23:41:45 2002

"and you thought we were gone"
"out of our way, we're here"
"here to rock ya again"
"we're here, everybody bow" (mmmmm....nah)
"breaking walls"
"here to win again"
"winners never quit"
"REAL winners never quit"

again....this are just random thoughts im not even thinking twice its whatever comes to my mind lol yeah

P.S. this NSYNC vs BSB is funny to read keep it up! lol

Submitted by Angiemarie from ORLANDO FL USA
Date: Sun Oct 13 23:29:26 2002

alright some of u forgot this is to NAME THE ALBUM LOL but is ok lol heres some stuff i just came up with yeah i was bored lol




Backstreet Revolution

Renassaince [spelled it right?lol]

A New Era

The Birth of a new phenomenon
(wait but BSB is ALREADY A phenomenon)

The REBIRTH* of a new phenomenon
(thats more i like it)

and whenever i feel like it ill put some more
even though i think these are kinda corny o well lol


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