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Submitted by Ainz from USA
Date: Mon Nov 27 23:06:40 2023

Happy Birthday, Baylee Littrell! 🎉 Wishing him a day filled with joy and laughter. May he continue to shine and inherit the incredible talents of his daddy and adopted uncles! 🎂✨ |

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Submitted by jj from Canada
Date: Fri Sep 21 01:30:11 2012

I Heart BSB

Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from Grafton North Dakota United States
Date: Wed Jun 13 17:51:59 2007

Well, this is kind of old news, really, and I hate to pull a Nick Carter and be the last one to do a comment (like he was the last one to do a 'thank you' in one of there albums) but I just have to say that thus far I am really proud of Brian and Leighanne. It must take a strong man to be able to hold a family together, AND be in the music business at the same time. I hope Brian and Leigh have good luck for years to come, that Baylee grows up to be as healthy and happy as possible, and I wish Brian and the BSB good luck on their up-coming album!

lots and lots of love to my favorite Boys (BSB that is), Ashley.

Submitted by corylover from pa
Date: Sat Mar 10 22:52:07 2007

backstreet boys are awsome. Their my idols when I sing on stage for my peers. Good luck and do well.

Submitted by Akerlala from Spain
Date: Sun Feb 4 23:32:02 2007

AJ, first, I want to tell you how much I LOVE you and your band. Second, Kevin is adroableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! AWWWH! AJ YOU ARE HOT! OMGOMGOMG SO HOT! NICK, YOU ARE AMAAZING!!! (I love your show, House of Carters too!). My fave song is Incomplete, you guys are amazing. LUV YA!


(Pronounced Ah-Ker-Lah-Lah)

Submitted by Salheh from fowler California USA
Date: Tue Jan 23 00:36:16 2007

HI Back Street Boys I love you guys. You have the best albums ever. I love your new album. You guys are the best out of all the other groups. I wish you good luck Nick,Kevin,Brian,AJ, and Howie.

From your Fan,

P.S. my name is pronounced this way (sal-ha)

Submitted by ericsgirl93 from sc United States
Date: Sat Jan 6 15:30:40 2007

kevin is sssssooooo cccccuuuuuttttteeeee! aj is ssssssoooooo hhhhooootttt!

(All caps detected. Message converted to lowercase)

Submitted by Kaily from la grange ill united states
Date: Wed Jan 3 17:02:54 2007

omg i love the backstreet boys SOOOO favorite backstreet boy is a.j. OMG I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! i have you as my wall paper 4 my computer!!! lol i love the song is amazing! good luck with your new album and i cant wait to hear it!! love ya!!!!

Submitted by tara from carrollton missouri usa
Date: Sun Dec 10 00:24:17 2006

ok this goes to the group member i have liked since i was 10 i am 15 now. this goes to aj. you r so cute but that is not the only thing i like bout you i like your heart.and you r sweet. the whole band can sing and dance. i have liked you all for along time. about 6 years on jan 10 my birthday. i love you all alot please try to respond ik u r busuy but i want 2 hear from u . thank you
tara charlene wentland

Submitted by Shania from Pakistan
Date: Sun Nov 26 03:37:08 2006

Nick i just want u 2 9o then even u r far far away 4m me ilol always be there 4 u coz its all i had 2 give n im sure ull nebver braek my heart? Luv u. same goes 4 alex, kevin, brian n howie.. If i have 1 dream its prformin wid u guyz||||||||||||

Submitted by Rebecca from Elyria ohio Lorian
Date: Sat Nov 18 16:52:59 2006

oh my god i love you guy's i would sure hope you a.j. WILL e-mail me back(i am not crazy bout you i just think you are so hott and i want to talk IF you believe in talking to you fan's i will NOT go crazy for you!!!!

Submitted by Cierra from belle chasse louisiana united states
Date: Fri Sep 29 22:00:49 2006

OMG!!!!! i love the backstreet boys!!! sssssoooooo much!!!

Submitted by Katalina Powell from NY NY USA
Date: Thu Jun 1 23:41:00 2006

I Didn't say you had to love each one of them Equally, my point was to not exclude each one so much! its like Nick Carter and the backstreet boys they are all different in thier own ways as well as their fans, but fans seem now that they are more obsessed with vanity than they are with the music... read between the lines before you speak my name!!

Submitted by stephanie m from weaverville california usa
Date: Sun Apr 9 00:32:15 2006

backstreet boys look like they have fun in there video's an they put there whole heart an there feelings in there songs they sing an they care about there fans and they look like they be fun to be around an i hope that they all stay together for a long long long time, cause i hate to see them fall apart it will make me cry and sick inside to see 5 wonderful guys like them who are like best friends actually more like brothers to break up, but from years to come i hope nothing will never stop these nice men from useing their voices that god gave them.

keep up the fun your fan
an god bless stephanie moore

Submitted by C.J Bone from cincinnati OH usa
Date: Fri Feb 24 22:14:49 2006

Hey Brian and Leighanne congrats on having the first backstreet boy I know Baylee Littrell is goin to grow up in a loving enviroment and be surrounded by ppl who loves him. My best wishes goes out to u guys.

Submitted by Ariel from Quebec
Date: Thu Feb 16 18:06:52 2006

About Katalina Powell Comment... Each Backstreet boy have is own style and voice. That's impossible to love every boys "equal". There's so many different fans and different style.

Submitted by Katalina Powell from NY USa
Date: Sat Feb 4 01:15:33 2006

I love BSB too i just hate when ppl exclude them i mean Nick is my favorite too but there is really no need to seperate them so much they are a group and even though we tend to pick our favorites there is no reason why we shouldn't love them as a whole... if each backstreet boys was UGLY, and i mean butt crack ugly, would you still love them?... a true fan would, sometimes we get so wrapped up in vanity that we fail to realize the reason they are here, it's about the music, i love thier music, i mean in my opinion Nick is my favorite because he's the cutest but vocally A.J. really hits the spot!! sometimes we just have to stop and think, Nick is the cutest but i feel he has a hard time finding his self as a person, and he conforms to society a bit; but as a group they really do so much better.

* and one more note: the Backstreet Boys, the incomplete video was great but i was extremely dissapointed by the"just want you to know" video.. i expected so much mmore from them, these are very talented men, they all should have used their creativity more. Much more!

Submitted by Lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Wed Nov 23 22:01:00 2005

I want to wish little Baylee Littrell a Happy Birthday on Nov 26! I hope he grows up to be as talented as his daddy and his adopted uncles(Howie,AJ,Nick,and Kevin)! He is a gorgeous kid!

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