Ever met a Backstreet Boy?

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Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Mon Oct 8 19:36:09 2012

I was visiting someone In new jersey they worked in NYC, had to work so I went sightseeing

Anyways was near times square when I see tons of girls in front of the double tree hotel, walked up
To one girl and ask what is going on? She answered me like I was from mars " Can't believe I have
Just met someone who dosn't know who Bsb is?"looked at her and said oh I've been a fan for3 yrs
But I"m not from here, oh sorry. Anyway turned out Bsb was doing an appearances on some show
How lucky can a girl get, there were. About 30 fans .bodyguard came out and said"if you don't calm
Down they will go out another way." one girl standing next to me was going crazy I was so sure she
Was going to ruin it for the rest of us, so took her aside and said " listen. I know it hard to stay calm
But I've met them before stand next to me and hold my hand ok after 20 mins we saw the guard
Holding the walkie-talkie to his ear and someone said"they are coming down is it safe in the front
She was about to scream when I said "if you scream you won't just ruin it for us but yourself to
Before we knew it out come mrCarter looking so fine, snapped a cool photo, 10 mins later was the
One the only HOwie d said a quick hi and took a quick photo now right behind Howie is A.J. Could
Only get a photo as so my girls, 15 later along comes my 2 kute Kentucky Kousins oh I am just
About to die, 2 more great pics cause they were being mobbed, after they left grabbed the girl and
Said you can scream all you want, she kept saying over and over thank you , told her Us Bsb girls
Stick together. Still in NYC this is may20th the Day after I met Bsb., walking around times square
Near the same hotel see a taxi pull up to let someone out you just won't believe this it was HOWIE
Walked up to him said "hi could I please have a photo with you?" he was so sweet smiled and answered " I would love to but so sorry but I am. In a rush but was really great meet you, stood
And though even if I didn't get a photo still luck enough to have met him, next I know another taxi
Pulls up "OMG " NICK he stopped to say a quick hi to us as there were some more girls there what
A sweetie bye nick(sob) A.J came 10 later but did not stop but did weave hi and said as he was
Leaving sorry girls can't stop but love Ya. Keven came next stopped and asked him "Kevinwould
You do something for me but if you can but if you can't I understand," smiled look at me and said
So what can I do for you? Could I have a hug? That's all? Before I new what was happing I was in

Keven's arms ok I could just die right now, finally felt a tap on my shoulder turned to see who is
Was well to my surprise it was brian, with a killer smile said " sorry sweetly but gotta take Kevin with me, we talked for a few minutes he ask where I was from " Montreal " cool before I knew
It they were one there way back to the hotel, was looking for something I.N My purse when to my
Shock B -roc was back and he said " hey babe don't need to look so sad" sad? He then calles keven
Back and said "come on cousin group hug" here I was sandwiched in between my 2 Kentucky kuties
Man talk about weak the knees, finally they really had to go , can't believe I was able to stand let
Alone talk, waved goodby and said "thank you both so much" after they went shook /and cried for
So long still though how lucky can a girl get. So what's left to say but that all Bsb girls.

Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Mon Oct 8 16:54:17 2012

Here's my story of the first time I met BSB,My pal from ontario called me and said "would you like
To come to NYC for BSB'S cd release and meet them? I answered do you have any idea how many
Fans will be there, she said "just a sec my other line" waited about 5mins ,sorry about that but that
Was my pal Stef guess where she is right now in NYC and told me she was able to get all of us passes for the autograph session for BSB, so are you sure you won't change your mind? I could
Hardly talk finally was able to say "call you back in 1 hour or so getting a plane ticket for NYC!!!!!!
We are finally in NYC,went to check out Virgin megastore where it would all take place on aug 12
Aug 11 did the shopping ect but at the same time kept eyes open for you know who,2 of our pals
Stayed in the room phoning every hotel near times squire hoping to find where they were staying.
We got back to our hotel hoping to rest, when we got a call saying " GET YOURSELVES TO TIMES
SQUIRE AS THIS IS A BSB EMERGENCY!!!! Would you believe they had found the HOTEL but no
Luck(rats) ended up going to have pizza in times squire ,we said let's try the hotel one more time
But can't stay long because we had to get ready for autograph session. On leaving the restaurant
My friend says " go left " at the corner of my eye I see this guy and turned look at him, I Gasps
Backstreet girls it was A.J? He looked so cool, we said " hi a.j what's up?" he looked at us and replayed just check out NYC, then asked him if we could Have photos with Him,sure no problem
My friend April went first as A.J. Was her fave, he was talking to my pals when stops and says did
You lose something? NO forget my pal b-day card wanted to get you guys to sign it cause she could
Not come,asked me if I was coming on the 12 th yes well don't forget to give it to me and I'll get the others to sign it. My pal said " deb go take a pix with A.J I stood in front of him put my arms
Around his neck and started to cry, he said "why are you crying?" I just can't believe I your in front
Of me now , he smiled saying hey babe it's just me little old A.J. Nobody special. Finally time to go
Hardly slept, aug 12 we got in front of vergin megastore at 4:30 a.m. Bsb would be there at 2!!!
Finally in got our cd's and bracelets , we made a meeting place outside as there was a zillion fans
Up stairs what bsb was below doing a sound check (scream )!! Saw concert then lined up for auto
Graphs feet were so so score as been on them for at least 10 hrs.waited about 1 hr to be near them
FINALLY there 2 girls before me, shaking started to cry, guard says you next first one was Brian wow what a cutie he said "hey sweetie how are you?" fine told him been waiting 10 hrs to met him
WHAT gave him my gift and in his amazing Kenuckey accent "wow a gift for little old me thanks dar
Ling singed my cd , next was Howie looking just so awesome gave him a b-day card with 66names
On it as sent it round the world, singed my cd the b- roc says just a minute what darling give me
Your hand "hey look Howie she got sparkles on. A.j was up next hi A.J nice to see you again , gave
Him my card and he slided it over to Howie and tell him to sign it ,tell Brian to do the same. Nick
Was next signed my cd said really nice to meet you,oh I'm from montreal wow thanks last but not
Least is my sweetie Kevin though for sure I was going to die he as so handsome he looked at me
And said" sweet don't be so nerveice then ask if I was ok said " my feet are sore As my pals and
I been out there since 4:30a'm he took my hand and placed it in between his and says" thank you
So much for you love a support it's fans like you who make it worth while " then OH MY GOD he
Stands up and give me a peck on the CHEEK!!(SCREAM HEART ATTACT) finally it was over will
Never forget for as long as I live . Hope you enjoyed it. Love ya debra

Submitted by Debra from Montreal Quebec Canada
Date: Sun Oct 7 23:50:47 2012

It was funny how I had met Bsb 4 times in NYC but no matter how hard I tried or where I went no
Luck (sob) sept 13,05 off to my 9th show all morning had a funny feeling so off I went to hopefully
Find them? Now going towards the OMNI hotel look there are fans asked a fan if they were in? Said
Kevin/ Howie left, suddenly I see Brian holding Baylee ,asked him if it's ok to take a photo looks at
Me smiles and says "sure" he was so nice.still shaking when I see A.J. Looking so awesome the
Bodyguard was near him but let us get close to him.showed A.J. "our" photo from. 97 and said A.j.
I need another hug since it's been8 years he smiled and said " well sweetie come on over" I was
Almost having heart failure by now,he stayed talked for about 15 mins he was making us laugh but
Finally he said"ladies would love to stay, but gotta go to work" by this time my heart rate I'm sure
Was billion beats per minutes, Still shaking went last but not least I see NICK walked right up to
Him and said " hi nice to see you again" his bodyguard let us near NIck and we took photos some
Got autographs, oh why did I not get autographs because had them already NICK was so nice well
Finally nick was gone couldn't stop shaking!!!! That night at the show kept looking at them on stage still couldn't believe I met them !!!!well so much for 13 being bad luck, well backstreet girls be sure
To tell you about NYC soon. Remember keep the Bsb pride alive they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so this is Debra signing off till next time ,
Love ya Debra

Submitted by elizbeth from las vegas nv usa
Date: Wed Jul 16 18:49:04 2008

i have seen the backstreet boys over 61 times an still have not met them yet! HOPEFULLY SOON..ONEDAY
for sure.

god bless u all have a wonderfull day

pray i get to meet them!

Submitted by tomwellingfan from U.S.A
Date: Sun Dec 17 21:25:32 2006

I Met AJ 16 months ago. He waz very cool, sweet and down to earth. I got 4 hugz and 4 kisses from him he also kept calling me 'sweetheart'.Not to mention the fact that he liked my tattoooz. I also met the other 4 but aj waz the kewlest and the sweetest of em all. he even wrote 'love aj' on my bsb tee that and he waved at me 2 timez at the concert =). Okay thatz my encounter.

I Alzo met the other 4.

Submitted by Tamara from Sydney new south wales Australia
Date: Sun Apr 30 00:35:53 2006

I personally have never met the backstreet boys, but i hope one day i will get to meet them, especially nick. I would cry if i met nick, i love him sooooo much and that would definately be my one wish. Even to see them in concert would be so exiting for me as i have never been to see them live. When they came here to australia, in sydney i was going to go to the never gone concert but i missed out, and i really hope when they bring out a new album, they will come to australia again, if they do i definately won't miss out a second time, i love them to much. P.S to all you other backstreet boys fans, keep the backstreet pride alive, and feel free to email any time, my email adress is tamara_boreham@yahoo.com and nick if you're reading this, i want to say i know i have never met you but i absolutely adore you soooo much, please can the backstreet boys come to australia, so i can see all of you, especially you nick, you are the best and you are so sexy. LOVE always tamara. xxxx oooo

Submitted by C.J Bone from Cincinnati oh usa
Date: Fri Mar 3 18:09:02 2006

Yes I had an encounter wit an Backstreet Boy
Brian back in 2001 on the Black And Blue Tour
he was on his way on the bus when I saw a glimpse
of him I had to leave after that cause my mom came
to get me or probably would have seen the rest of the
guys as well


Submitted by lisa from West Virginia USA
Date: Fri Oct 7 17:32:41 2005

Have I Ever Met a Backstreet Boy? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have met A.J. Mclean!!!!!!!!! I got to meet him in a food court in Raleigh, NC!!!!!!!!!!! I got two great hugs and exchange a few words with him! It was great, because there was no other fans around and I kept myself composed and didn't make a scene! It was a chance meeting that will probably never happen like that again, because it was perfect! I thought he had a very gorgeous face and a hot little body! WOW!

Submitted by Mariam from West Virginia USA
Date: Tue Sep 17 20:49:49 2002

peace out



Submitted by Antoinette from Chicago Illinois USA
Date: Fri Aug 2 17:01:05 2002

Now I've never meet or spoken with the guys but this was something for me. I was at a concert back in 98(I think) in Wisconsin. It was my first concert and my friend Bree went with me. We were in like the 19th row and during the transition of songs I was standing up with my arms folded across my chest just staring at the guys. Anyway I happened to look over at AJ and he was looking at ME! And to let me know he was looking at me he immitated my stance and frowned and then began to move his shoulders from side to side as if to say what's wrong? Of course I left my trance and started laughing cause I couldn't believe he saw me! My friend started yelling at the top of her lungs at me! OMG he saw you look he's laughing!
Anyway I figure that will probably be the closest I get to having an encounter!

Submitted by alex from las vegas nevada USA
Date: Tue Jul 23 07:30:14 2002

Hey everyone i really havent had a backstreet boys encounter but brian looked at me .i know its not exciting as everone elses but i was excited.i was at bsb black and blue tour. my dad got my sister my two friends and i 8 row tickets.i was so excited to be there . it was at the part of the concert when they walk on the cat walk and thats when everone started to throw all the things they brought for the backstreet boys.some one threw a doll to nick but it landed by my feet .so being the nice person that i am j/k.i tried to throw the doll to nick but it flew straight to brian .he tried to cecht it but missed (thank god because it had nicks name all over it)he did see where it came from so he turned his head and smiled at me like he was saying thankyou also my friend thinks kevin waved at her.thankyou for reading my story.goooodbye

Submitted by Alex from L.A. California USA
Date: Mon Jul 15 22:31:44 2002

OK. Gonna try and make this short. Well, I was at a San Diego concert and I didn't meet a Backstreet Boy, but this is as close as I can get to a close encounter. Sadly, Howie doesn't have a lot of fans in San Diego; there's plenty in L.A. The sports arena wasn't very big, and I was sitting in a pretty good seat. Well, I can be loud when I wanna be and I was screaming my head off to try and get Howie's attention while he was on this ramp only a level below me. I didn't give up and people were starting to look at me. Finally he looked up also. I was the only person that high up in my section screaming specifically to him. Well, he looked up, smiled and waved. Now, he might've been waving to the whole section, but the whole section wasn't screaming for him. I was. His hand was held high up, so I know he waved in my direction, at me. I will never ever forget that for one second, one of the nicest, most talented people waved to me. I will always be grateful for that. That's the kind of guys BSB are, and that's why so many people, including myself, love them so much.

Submitted by Amy from Calgary Alberta Canada
Date: Sun May 26 10:18:55 2002

Hi my name is Amy I did not ever meet the boys but i would say i had a close encouter ok here how it's go. It was september 26th 2001 In calgary. Before the show we're very top you could'nt really see then some guy came up and asked if we would like to sit closer. When we moved we were like four rows away from the guys. About in the middle of the show nick decidce to get's all wet by his water bottle then he threw his water bottle into your section. The guy sitting next to me caught it. My Friend Jennifer asked him if i could have it and he was nice enough to give to me. Then nick winked at him and I and he mouted awwww he thought Him & I were a couple
I wish we were he was really cute too!!!

Submitted by BSB RuleZZZZZZ from USA
Date: Fri May 3 17:29:40 2002

hey guys. i just got this thing in my mailbox saying that brian and leighanne are expecting a baby sometime before the year is over .They Also said that this DJ in Toronto Canada the same DJ that comfirmed Ajs Engagment confirmed the fact that Lieghanne is pregnant hes also a personal friend of the fellas .but i dunno if its true or not. does anybody know wether it is or isent true . im not spreading any rumors i just want 2 know wether what i read was true or not sooooooooooooooooooo if u know wether it is or isent could u be the kind bsb fans u are and e-mail me at kaos1Angel@aol.com. thankies

Submitted by Jenna from Ontario Canada
Date: Thu Apr 11 21:47:11 2002

When my friend and I seen Nick in Toronto Ontario, on September 14th, 2001 he was very unpleasent to the fans. His smile drop everytime he stepped out of the elevator and he made it a chore to sign about 15 autographs(he even refused to sign one girls), he initiated it by saying in a snotty tone, "I'm gonna sign." We met a mother and her daughter, we had asked her if she had met any of the guys, and she said she met nick 9 times, she also added he was such a sweetheart, we replied "The Nick Carter in the lobby?"....We were standing in the lobby with a girl we met down there who gave him a present, He took it ans didnt even say thanks or acknowlegde her, he just stood there laughing with some of the dancers(i dont think he was being rude). He came back all three evenings at around 5:00-6:00am drunk.I over heard his body gaurd ask the hotle manager to tell the fans to stop taking pictures of him, and the manager replied, "Why their not hurting him." I just want to say to people who havent met any of them yet, that just keep an eye open to the truth, and that is that they are normal people and they do have bad days, so just hope for the best and prepare for the wosrt. I just want it clear i dont think any less of him in anyway!....PS A.J look very healthy, "Way to go Alex!"

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