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Submitted by Ashley Grabowski from United States
Date: Tue Jul 10 14:21:53 2007

I like Suzanne's idea about the top 50 songs deal. Also what I think would be a neat idea is if we could have a link on here to listen to old, new, and unreleased bsb songs. that would make this site even more fun, I think. Well, songs to listen to while we're browsing around on this site anyway.

Submitted by Juliet from nb md USA
Date: Sun Jul 28 15:08:07 2002

hey, i think there should be a section for people JUST interested in buying bsb stuff alone, and they can say the things they want. I know that that's what the classifieds are for, but, there should be another for JUST buyers. thanks.

Submitted by Suzanne from Vancouver USA
Date: Wed May 15 17:19:22 2002

An idea for this site would be. Why don't we generate our own Top 50 BSB songs list Everyone could submit their list and then we could tally it up. It would give us hard core fans something to do until they get some new music out there. Love Peace and Geese

Submitted by bsbbbbbbb from USA
Date: Tue Jan 15 19:40:05 2002

hey guys.. listen im here to tell you all that i'm gonna be doing a scrap book for the backstreet boys . this scrap book is going to be made in honor of our appreciation towards them!!!. and to show them that they are and will always be no 1 in our hearts. this book will be given straight to their hands so what im trying to get at here is that if you would like to be in the book please e-mail at the addy below which is or at Howies N Nicks but preferably at the first addy mentioned!!!!. thanx in advanced . o and just so u ppl know this book will be consisted of bsb concert expriences,bsb encounters,poems,letters,songs,small messages,drawlings,pics ,etc..... so agian if you would like to be in it please e-mail me with one of the following things mentioned previously . thanx agian in advanced ... please do this for them please show them that they are and always be no 1 in our hearts and to thank them for everything and show them just how much they mean to us. if you have any Questions or comments Feel free to e-mail me . bye o and one more thing in the e-mail please be sure 2 include ur name where u are from age and favorite backstreet boys name. thanx a bunch toodles!

Submitted by Amanda from Peoria IL USA
Date: Sun Dec 30 01:08:32 2001

Whoa, the background just changed! *lol* Anyways, this is my fave BSB site ever! I visit it at least once a day. Keep up the awesome work, and as always- KTBSPA! Cya!

Submitted by hailey+danielle from LA CA USA
Date: Sun Dec 2 06:30:18 2001

we just wanted to say that bsb will not break up 4 a long time 4 any reason! and everyone who is spreading rumors about them breaking up WE HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

P.S. n'stink sucks!!!

Submitted by Mimi from Sydney NSW Australia
Date: Sun Dec 2 05:15:09 2001

Bring back Fanbits! and PLEASE do not close this site again! without this site i feel empty when i come online!

Submitted by El from Australia
Date: Fri Nov 2 07:16:51 2001

This quote from Howie is what influenced me to write this- "There's always a BSB tribute band wherever we go! It doesn't matter if we're in Asia, Canada, Spain --they must buy every magazine and see all our interviews 'cause they're always complete replicas of us."
I donno if its the length of years theyve been around, the undeserved (what human does) admiration or just sheer ego that encouraged him to say such a thing, but someone needs to pull the bsb off their pedestals.
Yes they have worked hard, yes they deserve their success- but complete replicas? Excuse me?!!- So I guess he's concluding such a generalisation from the number of guys in the other bands, etc and their 'sure sign youre a boy band groupies'. But music is faster now, the lyrics are more raw and that 'lets follow the rules and lie to our fans' shiit is wearing/has worn itself out.
Hence the opposite attitude in all areas of other boy bands, that Howie is calling his replicas.
It's an insult to the other bands and it shouldnt be directed at the members themselves anyway.
Afterall, if it wasnt them in the bsb, it would be five other guys and the backstreet boys as we know them would be either still trying to make it or in another boy band being the ones getting labelled 'replicas.' So why he has to say it like something he has created is getting it's credit recognised elsewhere isnt really just.
"-they must buy every magazine and see all our interviews-"
I doubt many 20 something yr old men get up in the morning and idolise posters of the backstreet boys. Then demand that their producers give them the same style and sound. (laugh my ass off)
It's just clearly displayed arrogance and is an unattractive flaw in the backstreet boys that is, unfortunately with time, becoming more and more common.
Its funny coz Ive heard AJ once say "Theres no defintion of what sound we have, its just the backstreet boy sound.." but then Howie says other bands are basically doubles of them. But if the bsb have their own unlike-anyone-else style, how could this be?
Its understandable to feel copied when youre claiming to be the original but a more closer look into other bands rather than judging them on their first impressions might help make more obvious their individuality because, despite what Howie claims, it always exists.

Submitted by Batgirl from Gotham NY USA
Date: Mon Jul 30 02:19:04 2001

If you could take time to visit I would really appreciate it!
If you sign the guestbook I'll sign yours! KTBSPA!

Submitted by Batgirl from Gotham NY USA
Date: Mon Jul 30 02:19:03 2001

If you could take time to visit I would really appreciate it!
If you sign the guestbook I'll sign yours! KTBSPA!

Submitted by Anna from Orlando FL USA
Date: Wed Jul 25 21:05:59 2001

This is the greatest BSB site out there. Simply cause it is put together by the fans. I was so bummed when it was closed. I didn't want to go search for another BSB site. This has all the old stuff new stuff and extra stuff. It is also the best place to vent.

But will someone please put the TRL where Nick Brian Kevin and Howie are on about AJ? I don't have cable and didnt' see it. Also the Nick radio interview does't work on my computer will someone put it one here so I can hear it?

Submitted by smash from NSW Australia
Date: Thu Jul 19 21:22:36 2001

Overall, I think this site is the BEST!!!
It is certainly the most comprehensive BSB site on the web and it is gazillion times better than the Official site. ( and

I visit this site on a daily basis - reading FanBits. What I want to ask is....Where did it go? That was the main reason I went on this site.

I also think that it would be a good idea if you post more information on BSB about stuff that is NOT happening in the USA - I'm sure a lot of us don't live in the US!

Oh well....that's all

Submitted by Ellen from USA
Date: Wed Jul 11 15:39:38 2001

What happened to the fanbits? They were the main reason I visited this site.

Submitted by rebecca from Manchester United Kingdom
Date: Sat Jun 30 15:58:24 2001

i think the site needs to give ppl who don't live in the US a bit more info on the boys. All we ever see is things that are happening in the US and every1 else is just forgot about, things like chart info and tour info, and tv shows they r gonna be on.

Submitted by Carly Carter from USA
Date: Thu Jun 28 17:19:53 2001

Hi! Umm, I think BSB would never break up and so do million other people so let's not even think about that!PLEASE!!It's very sad to think about. Anyway, my suggestion is that you can add a section where fans that go to this website can submit a question and either the makers of this site answer them or other fans that go on line! That would be cool!!!That way fans can know answers to any questions they may have doubts about!!

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