Close Encounters of the BSB Kind

[Note from Caitlin: I saw this article on Katherine's site and asked her if I could publish it here because I thought it was great. She kindly gave me permission to do so. BTW... Katherine is the brunette and her friend Nicky is in the red hat]

My friend Nicky and I sat down in our 3'rd row seats. We were there to see the Backstreet Boys at their homecoming concert. Being in Orlando and with our great seats, we knew we would see some family members and possibly some BSB girlfriend's. About 15 minutes after we sat down, Nicky grabbed my arm and told me that Tommy Smith from the Backstreet Boys Band Band was 5 feet away. I shouted out his name and he came over. I asked him about Guido and his webpage and Nicky gave him a present for the band.

Tommy Smith, Keyboardist (13464 bytes)

Nicky was so excited and we just couldn't wait to see who else would appear from the backstage/VIP area. Then, all of a sudden, Tim the BSB Drummer walked out. I yelled out to him and he walked right up to us. He's so nice! He posed for a picture with us.

Tim the drummer (10982 bytes)

We also met Kevin's brother, Tim, but only from a distance. He didn't want to pose for any pics.

Then we got another surprise... Lou Pearlman, the owner of Trans Con Records, aka Big Poppa! We had to wait forever to meet him but we did manage to get a pic with him. I thanked him for helping create the BSB. He laughed.

Big Poppa, Lou Perlman (13865 bytes)

The opening act, Lyte Funkie Ones, came out and they were slammin! I love their music! During one of their songs, I saw a couple of girls standing about 2 feet away.  I didn't recognize one of them, I assumed she's from Innosense, but I did recognize Amanda Latona (aka AJ's girlfriend).

I walked up to her to ask her to pose for a pic with us. It was difficult trying to communicate above all the loud music. She smiled and happily obliged! She is so cool! She's very approachable and friendly!

Amanda Latona (12097 bytes)

After LFO, there was an intermission. Nicky left to stand in line for the restrooms. I'm was sitting there minding my own business when I saw a blonde walk by. Not just any blonde... Leighanne Wallace (aka Brian's girlfriend) She walked over to Brian's Mom and about 5 minutes later, she walked towards me. I got up and she saw me and stopped. I asked her for a pic and she said "Sure!" I could tell she was in a hurry, but I really appreciated her taking the time to pose with me. She told me to enjoy the show and then wondered off.

Leighanne Wallace (11416 bytes)

After Nicky came back, I told her who I had just met. She wanted to see her as well. While we were looking at the backstage area trying to get a glimpse of Leighanne we saw a woman in a blue velvet dress. It was Howie's sister Pollyanna. I called out her name and she waved and walked over to us. I couldn't believe it! She hugged us, gaves us a kiss and then posed for a picture. Later, her Mom walked by and I got to shake her hand.

Pollyanna (11820 bytes)

I also got to meet Angie Lehman, the BSB make-up artist. She came over to us after we called out her name. I thanked her for making Brian look so good and she laughed and said "I try."

This was such an awesome experience! To top it all off I got to see an amazing BSB concert as well!

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