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Weird Al Yankovic In his latest release, "Running With Scissors", Al subjects us to a polka medley which includes among other ditties, Everybody (Backstreet's Back). Here's the clip:

Check out Al's site at or click here to see how to order a copy from CDNOW.

Where's Nick? Lots of people have emailed us to complain that we got one of our questions wrong on the interactive quiz. It was the one which read "Nick does not perform on the song "Perfect Fan" from the album "Millennium", True or False? According to many, his voice can be clearly heard at the end of the song but according to Tommy Smith Nick was sick the day they recorded that song. Here's the clip:

We all know that Nick sings when they Boys perform live. It's the Millennium cut that is in question. What do you think?

No One Else Comes Close Or do they? Many thanks to Eda for sending in this clip. It's a version of NOECC done by an artist called "Joe". He's even credited in the Millennium CD jacket. It's from his CD called "All That I Am".

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